Anime or Live Action

Discussion in 'Movies' started by hountanie, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    What do you prefer?
    Post it now I will put a like for best answer
  2. babyshelle

    babyshelle New Member

    I prefer anime because it is more detailed than live action. You will notice the difference in the flow of the story. Anime is much more convincing and will influence your mind and soul. It’s as if you we’re the character in the story. In terms of facial expressions, anime is good in reflecting the feelings of the character in their faces. My favorite part of their faces is their eyes. One more thing are the visual effects. It is very important to impress the viewers with the quality of the visual effects.
  3. kynnlyster

    kynnlyster New Member

    I'd still choose Anime over Live action over and over. The animation clearly affects viewers on how they convey the story. Also, some live-actions do not meet the standards or they don't portray fully whats on the anime they are portraying..
  4. TeejObsena

    TeejObsena New Member

    Anime is better. When they make a live action of an anime, They make the story fit in a just a few hours. But not only that. They change fragments of the storyline when they are making live action movies of it. It's better to watch the anime even if it doesn't exactly shows what is written in the manga than watching the live action version of it. And it's way awesome to watch the anime version because of the animated scenes that makes it look cool to watch.

    And for me, I only get hyped for the upcoming movie because it's nice to know that there is a live action version of it. But after a while, it's the same story. Nothing new.
  5. lokistar

    lokistar New Member

    Mixed between both. But would need a English live action and wouldn't want it to be ruined if they can't make it look as good as the anime version.
  6. gembanawa

    gembanawa New Member

    ANIME ALL THE WAY! Live actions just can't capture the essence of anime in my opinion. The emotions, the story and line delivery just can't be captured live. I also can't feel the intensity and drama when I watch a live action of the anime that I love. It just disappoints me further when the storyline is changed and the whole ending is different from what I watched in the anime.

    The action in live is also a disappointment. Like in The Last Airbender, the action there is a joke. A lot of movements just to raise a single stone is ridiculous. Not like in the anime where all movements corresponds to some action happening.

    All in all I think what is lacking in the live action is the special effects that could be done and portrayed in an anime and the story that could be slowly told over a lot of episodes. The live action just doesn't give it justice.
  7. garciairishm

    garciairishm New Member

    I am a fan of live actin movies. There is something with a human portraying it over an animated figure. No offense to those have chosen the likewise. I have a lot of friends who are a fan of animes I guess mainly because it offers more imaginations that cannot be translated to live action movies. However, the emotions for me are better in live action movies because those are actual humans that you are watching.
  8. himasrehasph15

    himasrehasph15 New Member

    I prefer anime, because anime is better than live action, anime has more details in the story than live action.
    Live action sucks in my opinion
  9. Scyllune

    Scyllune New Member

    Anime is a better medium in my opinion. At least, at the moment. CGI is costly, and it shows in the way that a lot of the live-action shows and movies appear to be clunky and unnatural. It just doesn't lend well to the continuity of a story if the audience has to suspend their disbelief just to accommodate poor effects and the like.

    The charm of animation is lost with the current level of directing and budgeting for live-action adaptations. There's often very little added to the stories, and often, the changed introduced tend to be bland or superficial. Or worse, the change alters the story in a manner that erases the point of the anime in the first place!

    Take for example the trainwreck that is the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. Not only was the casting choice deplorable, the way the bending was made to appear in the film was so laughably dull. The effects were subpar, the movements weren't in sync, and the choice of martial arts to represent the different elements just didn't fit.

    Another example, this time for an animated series which was chosen for live-action adaption, is Attack on Titan. The anime, while not my cup of tea, is visually stark. It's a great representation of the bleak world that the people behind the wall are living in. The live-action killed a lot of the tension, and the titans looked so laughable that it felt a little more like a comedy. This destroys the serious tone of the series, negatively affecting the story it's trying to convey.
  10. jobthecorques

    jobthecorques New Member

    I prefer anime. Anime can portray much more effectively than live-action due to the fact that anime requires only ink and paper. Besides being more effective in portraying what the director or writer requires, anime can also vary in the style it is drawn, so there is much more to choose from, regarding the preference of the viewer.

    Story-wise, anime also has more genres as compared to live-action. The strongest point why I chose anime over live-action because I have mostly heard of live-action adaptations of anime, but no anime adaptations of live-action. One might think of this as anime being superior to live-action as the latter attempts to imitate the former. The only disadvantage of anime against live-action for me is that it has been instilled to me that all or most of the characters in the anime is either Japanese or of Asian descent.
  11. nadebum

    nadebum New Member

    Anime for me is still the best. Although I've watched some good live action movies and really praiseworthy but still nothing beats anime. I think it's the childish part of me that really wants anime. One reason I chose anime over live action is that the action scenes are better portrayed in anime as well as the characters. For me, there's a limit to what a live action movie can do because of some challenges especially portraying the characters and the effects. I can also say that anime has more color to it compared to live action. I'm not saying that I don't like live action movies totally, there are live action that I really liked but anime is still the best choice for me.
  12. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Oh it's so hard to choose! The anime was the first anime I ever watched so I'll love it forever, but the live action is just so awesome. I can't decide.
  13. edcel

    edcel Member

    I prefer to anime i have i lot of time to watching anime i really love watching anime in my whole time eating and watching is the best way to enjoy for me i really like a horror fantasy comedy anime a prefer most i really love anime even my brothers is watching anime every time every time they free some time i watching with my family its fun to watch anime
  14. There is a lot of really good live action movies but I still prefer anime because I enjoy it more. I watch movies and tc shows for the entertainment, so I'll go with anime since I personally get more entertained by those.

    Some people might say live action movies got better stories and plot unlike anime. They probably haven't tried watching some well written anime. Your lie in april; Steins Gate; and Code Geass are some of the well written anime titles. I'll definitely recommend if your haven't watched them yet.
  15. DianeBorg

    DianeBorg New Member

    I prefer Anime over live action movies, it makes feel more the story, in anime the impossible can become possible. With real live you can feel that they are faking.
  16. Porps

    Porps New Member

    I prefer anime movies especially if the language is dub into my language. There are plenty Japanese anime movie I watched since I was kid but it's translated to my own language, so it fun and it makes me really feel happy and enjoy every scene. And even up to now at the age of 31 I still enjoy and love watching anime movies.

    But live action movies I also watch if I know it's not boring and I know the character playing the rule. Because I'm also a fan of UFC and nowadays there are live action movies which the person playing the rule came from the UFC. I'm a big fan here. Thanks...
  17. arlade

    arlade New Member

    Anime for me is much better,Because it's a cartoon
    Violence and gory stuff is in a cartoon state. It can be taken
    couldn't do that in live action.
  18. Derrickwafula

    Derrickwafula New Member

    Animation. This is because the characters developed by the script writer are well built to feet the characters to pass the intended message. Animation are funny plus engage directly with the viewer in knowledge being passed.
  19. Bantoot

    Bantoot New Member

    Anime for me its more complete and you can understand the story more.
  20. kakeramaru

    kakeramaru New Member

    I prefer Anime than Live action. In anime i can feel more the emotions that the characters are having and it is much more detailed than Live action. And most of the story line of Live action differs from the original Anime story line, maybe because of the time constraint of Live action in movies. So for me I would still prefer Anime than Live action, Anime has still the best emotion, detailed animation and story line.
  21. halsoriano

    halsoriano Member

    I like the original Anime than making it a Live action, because sometimes the essence of the character is not there and even the story line changes. So I prefer watching anime with The movies in it.
  22. OxyChan

    OxyChan New Member

    Anime ! Live action (especially American) can never capture real feeling writer had in mind :)
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  23. xRagnar

    xRagnar New Member

    This is really a hard question for me but I think anime is slightly better
  24. Vangelovin

    Vangelovin New Member

    Love live action but the Anime movies are dope, you can get carried away and spend all of your leisure time watching anime action-adventure. In anime the action seem more dramatic because you get to know more of the story of each character while in the action we mostly know the one side story (hero story) so not that exiting. :D
  25. bbon1125

    bbon1125 New Member

    I love anime because it seems like detailed and funny. But most of the time some anime adapted into Japan history and different mediums. Nowadays some live action are animated and some anime turned into a live action like Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin and etc. Both of them are good and it depends on how you gonna interpret it.
  26. azufugue

    azufugue New Member

    I think there is merit to both visual mediums. A lot of people just can't empathize with a drawing the same way they can empathize with a real human face, and for others it's the opposite. I personally love anime, but I also love a lot of live action as well. Anime has it's limitations though, it's very expensive. Need I remind everyone here about the end of Evangelion? lol! Anime can look absolutely beautiful, like the movie Your Name. I don't think it would have the same affect in live action, because although the story is touching.. the visual beauty of the movie is what really sells it in the end. Wolf Children, would look odd in live-action because the children would suffer from the kinda creepy look instead of being cute when they are in their wolf-form ala the beast from the live action Beauty and the Beast.
  27. azufugue

    azufugue New Member

    What were your thought of Netflix's live action remake of Death Note? I thought L was personally well done, his actor seemed to at least understand the character and his mannerism but they missed the mark so far on Light and Misa! They made Light the spineless little baby and Misa the evil mastermind?! LOL in what world!? I watched the movie with a couple of my friends who had seen the original anime and we were all so confused.
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  28. JNberry

    JNberry New Member

    Anime, of course. But when I watch anime, it is always on a 2x-faster pace on VLC media player. Anime is much more detailed, and I like it that way but I am also trying to save my time because I only have a limited leisure time since I finished college.

    Now that I became too busy being an adult and all, I got no time to binge watch like I supposed to when I was still studying. So, I that's when I watch the live action version. I get to know the gist of the story, anyways. After all, they won't do a live action of an anime if it wasn't successful or been liked by otaku people.

    Well, I guess I prefer anime but live action is also a good option as well.
  29. upvcbrand

    upvcbrand New Member

    Animation of course. There's so much story, emotion, and fantasy that can't possibly be put in a live action movie. I think anime being the unreal world is a good thing. It means the possibilities are endless and producers can bring almost anything they have in mid into anime and the audience is more likely to buy it and enjoy it. So if I was to choose one that I'm pretty sure anime it would be and not the live action.
  30. Niyo09

    Niyo09 New Member

    Definitely anime,from my perspective they are not even comparable.

    The story and the characters are always much better in the anime than in the live action. They are some anime that have amazing live action representations but most of the time, the live action film fails to excel as well as the anime.

    It mostly doesn't even come close to it.
    Anime wins any day of the week.

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