Anime or Manga?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Warren1967, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Would you prefer to watch anime or read manga?
  2. johnorosco

    johnorosco New Member

    This is also my primary reason, I can consume much more manga than I can anime in one sitting. And more often that not, I find the art in manga to be in better quality. while this has changed in recent times, in general I still prefer the manga to it's anime counterpart. And density of information is another factor for me, I also find that in comparison, there is more to be gleaned off of on page of manga than there is in the equivalent 30 or so seconds of the same scene in manga. At least, it is made more obvious in manga than it is in anime.
  3. Thiagosouzacont

    Thiagosouzacont New Member

    ANIME. I don`t have patience to read a manga. However, the problem of watch a anime it´s the fillers out of history making the anime boring.
  4. jylemmm

    jylemmm New Member

    I tried reading manga and yes it was all worth it. I enjoyed reading those but the thing is, they spoil me the anime which is a lot cooler especially when there are battles which are very detailed when watching anime. After I stopped reading manga, I did enjoyed anime very much.
  5. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    i think manga because some anime have different storyline from the manga and its fun reading it.
  6. mrezaba

    mrezaba Member

    I would say I enjoy both but I definitely read more manga…
    The very first authentic anime I sat down to watch was Death Note. It was on Netflix; I was 15, and I wanted to get in on this subculture, which claimed to influence works I already grew to love like The Matrix and Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Now, I had caught episodes of Pokémon before, but I have never been interested in shōnen anime—that is, anime that pander to the young-boy-to-early-teen demographic, like Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z
  7. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    I prefer reading manga than watching it because not all that were written in the manga were shown in the movie, only selected scenes. Also reading manga is faster that watching it since the movie will on be based on the manga. So if you want to know what happened to an ongoing anime, reading the manga is way better and faster.
  8. Chubalina

    Chubalina New Member

    I honestly prefer reading manga more since there are no fillers or recap chapters in the manga. Plus, I also feel like my own imagination gets triggered more when I read manga. Like I imagine how their voices sound. Also, a lot of anime are only 12-26 episodes long. So if you want to know what happens next inn the story, you would need to read the manga.
    But I still enjoy watching anime a lot. There are also some times when I have less patience for the manga.
  9. royalinvidia

    royalinvidia New Member

    I enjoy reading manga more, but it's very gratifying to watch one of your favourite series be translated onto the screen. This might not always be the case, though- I stumbled across this cute little series called El Cazador de la Bruja on youtube and enjoyed it a lot. When I went to seek out the source material, though, the manga I found was, ah, uncomfortably lewd.

    @clairebalubal brings up a good point- just look at what happened with Fullmetal Alchemist... And speaking of animes that have had deviances from the manga, have any of you watched the latest season of Attack on Titan?
  10. MeepMop

    MeepMop New Member

    I prefer to read manga. It usually has a lot more story that the anime just doesn't have enough time to show to the audience. I also get to read manga at my own time and pace, as well as not really worry whether or not someone is looking over my shoulder at the wrong scene and time.
  11. Feng

    Feng New Member

    I prefer to read manga because it really helps me to widen my imagination. Anime is most of the time based from the manga. Almost all anime adaptations from manga are far from the original storyline. In my own experience, reading manga is easy than watching anime because there is no need for me to wait for another episode. Manga will only need your imagination and adding color to it is up to you.
  12. Celsojay

    Celsojay New Member

    I choose anime, i love to watch it when it's bed time give me some relaxing time and made me feel sle3
  13. bads05

    bads05 Member

    I like mangga but I prefer Anime, I want characters do some action, manga kept you from imagining on what is going on.
  14. Jahro05

    Jahro05 New Member

    Anime and manga have become immensely popular in the English-speaking world, and for good reason. These Japanese storytelling media convey rich stories filled with dynamic characters and vibrant settings that are enjoyable for both children and adults.

    You would not be alone, though, if you wondered what the difference is between anime and manga. Both forms originated in Japan, and they have similar visual styles. But, there is an important difference between these genres.

    Continue reading to learn whether the popular new series you keep hearing about is manga or anime.
  15. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    Defenitily anime. I just heard about animes 3 years ago and since than i can't stop! I started reading mangas too but for me it's not the same, i prefer to wait a week for the next episode, although it's hard sometimes.
  16. elaineeeeeey

    elaineeeeeey New Member

    I like reading MANGA but I Prefer watching ANIME because its more convenient, it has some action and sounds that you don't even need to use imagination to get excited in the videos. Even though I had to wait for the Update in Anime because its way slower than Manga still Anime is best for me.
  17. ikobaliko

    ikobaliko New Member

    Reading is not my favorite thing to do, so I would prefer to watch anime. It's very much entertaining and it's more relaxed. Manga's are more detailed though.
  18. Fatmasong

    Fatmasong Member

    I like mangas more. The depth in them is what I live the mist about them that's why I would go for mangas than anime's.
  19. rolanosita

    rolanosita New Member

    I prefer watching the anime version. I think reading a manga is boring and makes me sleepy. Although it can have the depth and complexity that the anime will not give to you. I still prefer to see the character move and be animated.
  20. Gerwazjusz3

    Gerwazjusz3 New Member

    I really like the dynamism of anime, but I can also read manga. Before delving into a new series, I will often look online for people's opinions, so I know if it's worth the effort to read a manga instead of just lazily watching an anime on a big screen.
  21. Ellalynn98

    Ellalynn98 New Member

    I absolutely admire anime more due to the fact that in motion picture, you can get the full effect of the characters and the stories that can really reach to heart. I like Manga, but I prefer to hear the overreacting in situations in a nome that make the stories so much better.
  22. Hunk12

    Hunk12 New Member

    I am a anime/manga addict but I usually prefer to read the manga because in the manga the chapters are complete compare to the anime sometimes the anime only take half the chapters of the manga but if you love to watch the anime then I recommend you to watch the anime first and then continue the story in manga
  23. GaryNewman

    GaryNewman Member

    I honestly do not partake in either. Haha! I do know many mates who are into both, and they prefer mangas just as how people prefer books over movies. They partake in more manga especially in free time because it is much more convenient and requires only vision and not audio.
  24. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I love doing both; reading and watching. Yet, for me, watching anime is much better than reading manga. Watching animes bring more life to the characters unlike when you just read them from mangas.
  25. arar0915

    arar0915 New Member

    both manga and anime for me, but in the first place when i watch a new anime and i bored to wait the new episode i try to look or read what next in that episode.
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  26. varavar123

    varavar123 New Member

    I personaly prefer watching anime, but quite a few times I found myself enjoying the manga more because the anime adaptation doesn't produce the same quality of images as the manga panels. What tips the scales in animes favour though is music, that just can't be matched by a manga.
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  27. karmanitah

    karmanitah New Member

    When an anime that I really like ended up with a cliffhanger, and I'm not satisfied with the ending, that's the time I resort to reading it's original on manga. It's inconvenient but it's the only way for me to resolve unanswered questions and events that I wish to continue to know of.

    Want to know some of those anime? They're:
    Alice Academy
    Vampire Knight
    Yona of the Dawn
    Kiss Him, Not Me

    So I really don't need to choose between anime and manga. I like 'em both!:laugh:
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  28. Anncute

    Anncute New Member

    I am a lazy person, instead of holding a manga book i wanna choose to watch anime.
  29. NaomieCo

    NaomieCo New Member

    Anime of course because it is so cute when you are watching.

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