Anxiety is fastly becoming a daily part of life?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gill, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Gill

    Gill New Member

    I have recently had to take some time off due to anxiety and stress. Since being off I have done some extensive research and come to realise how normal stress and anxiety in daily life is for so many people. This knowledge was helpful in my recovery, knowing I was not alone, but a distressing discovery. When did anxiety become a normal part of life? I'm interested in your thoughts on this.
  2. Emily Doherty

    Emily Doherty New Member

    Anxiety is a natural part of life, and it's healthy to a certain extent. When you have a huge test, your body tells you study. You hear your body through stress. That can lead you to do well, but in some cases it can become unhealthy. Many people are diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Resulting from a traumatic event in life or even your genes, lots of people battle stress. Look to the positive side though! Exercise, eating well, meditation, spending time with family, and many things can relieve stress. Focusing on those things can help you maintain a healthy attitude.
  3. Veg-girl'93

    Veg-girl'93 New Member

    I deal used to experience extreme anxiety on a daily basis. I am doing significantly better now, but I definitely still have my moments. I saw a therapist for some time to help me work through things; I was also being treated for an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, and depression. Lately I have noticed that regular, moderate exercise helps me a lot. Eating well and making time for activities I enjoy also greatly impact my mental health. Even people without any diagnosed mental issues need to prioritize their mental health.
  4. Marlana

    Marlana New Member

    Anxiety become a part of my daily life after I had my oldest daughter about 5 years ago. I started having panic attacks and it was really effecting my everyday life. I met with a counselor and my doctor to get a on an anti-anxiety med plus I use meditation and exercise to control my anxiety now. Its all about personal management, whatever works for you to help you control your triggers.
  5. bcamaroz28

    bcamaroz28 New Member

    I think everyone suffers a little bit of anxiety. How well we handle it is the difference between it being something that can motivate us and something that can take over our life.

    If you live everyday of your life anxiety free, than you are lying to yourself or your not living.
  6. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Each of us has anxiety from time to time, it depends on us how we manage.We overcome this when we are allowing our self to recognize the situation, through this we can manage this panic attack in positive way. Accept the fact life is full of challenges.Prayer is the most powerful tool to overcome the situation.So don't allowed anxiety to ruin your day.
  7. simplyjoy

    simplyjoy New Member

    Sadly more and more people are suffering from anxiety and depression. And more unfortunately it doesn't choose any age and gender. Anyone even unknowingly may suffer from this from time to time. So what has been the caused of this?
    I think society itself has been a major contributing factor for this. The norms, pressure, and demand of society consequently attributed to stress to people adding to the usual daily individual stress we encounter.
  8. megank

    megank New Member

    Maybe this is just my personal experience, but I feel like my anxiety became much more present in my life when I started to spend more time on the internet. I'm not trying to undermine the amazing things that the internet has done for humanity or for me! I've just noticed that being so constantly connected to others and so constantly bombarded with current events and news is very stressful for me. I find myself being anxious about the state of the world in a much more all-encompassing way than I think would be possible without the internet. Another poster mentioned the fact that anxiety is a natural thing for our bodies to experience because it helps us attune to stressful situations and deal with them. Building off of that, I think that because of the internet, we are made aware of many more stressful situations around the world than ever before, triggering anxiety at a large scale.
  9. astraherondale

    astraherondale New Member

    My realization was gradual. I have been anxious since I entered high school. It was a fairly competitive science high school, the workload was heavy, and the schedule was tight. As a self-professed competitive person, I strived to excel, but at one point along the way I unknowingly developed certain unhealthy coping habits. There were even times I couldn't cope at all. This worsened my stressful episodes, and slowly I became aware of the distressing symptoms and my struggle to cope. That was when I realized that it was already a part of my life.
  10. happyfeet

    happyfeet New Member

    We may not notice it but we always deal with anxiety every single day. As long as we are alive anxiety will be like our shadows, they will never leave us apart.

    Anxiety can impact our life positive or negatively. The positives anxiety is the type of anxiety that keeps us alive. A little anxiety can affect us positively if we know and acknowledge that it is normal and can give us a little kick to be excited and motivated with life. While on the other hand severe anxiety which can be overwhelming and devastating to many people can bring out negative effect either mentally and can also manifest physically.

    Let me share to you how I cheat anxiety. Whenever I feel anxious about anything I tell myself “I am feeling excited” or “don’t be too excited”. You can practice it too and tell me how you feel after saying it. The negative that I am feeling then becomes positive. It is about what your mind is telling you. It’s a matter of replacing your anxiety and fears by changing your attitude about it.
  11. ELMEY

    ELMEY New Member

    Living in a competitive world like we now have, is really STRESSFUL... That's why we say that Anxiety is becoming a daily part of life. We are always busy , with everything .. so to keep up with all the fast growing development nowadays, and gives us the Anxiety , which is not good for our health if not handled properly.
  12. romilda

    romilda Member

    Yes, I personally have anxiety. It's really a nightmare to have.

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