Any computer issues? Lets help each other on this post

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Fartytester21, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Fartytester21

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    Hi guys,

    This post doesn't aim to get reactions or a poll for you to pick which is which.
    I wanna help people today, those who are having issues with their devices. I know people who chooses this niche were all techie so if you have any issues at the moment. Let's try to fix it here.

    Drop the issue description and actions taken. We're here to help.
  2. pceug17

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    Actually my problem is about my internet. I wonder if you could help me with it. Sometimes when I google something, it needs to accomplish captcha. The reason was a detected heavy data traffic on my IP address. It happens even when my laptop and phone are the only devices connected to yhe internet. Another problem is that the captcha is not showing so I cannot do anything with the page. My temporary solution is to reboot my pc. I hope you can help me. Thanks
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    How to upgrade RAM Computer?
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