Any recommended KDramas?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RhianLark, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. RhianLark

    RhianLark New Member

    I started to watch Goblin and Strong Woman and I got so addicted. What was the best Kdrama you've watched?
  2. PMarga

    PMarga New Member

    I first started watching foreign dramas starting with the Meteor Garden craze. From there, I got interested with K dramas way back in 2003. Now I am addicted to all these Korean dramas. I suggest watching the old dramas like the Endless Love series. The Endless Love series will melt your heart and cement your addiction to Korean dramas forever. I can guarantee you that because I myself is a self proclaimed addict of Korean dramas.
    The Endless Love Series was created or named after the seasons of the year. It started with Autumn in My Heart, followed by Winter Sonata, then Summer Scent and the last one is Spring Waltz. Though these series are already old as you may say I recommend that you give it a try. You can see the big transformations of the actors from way back as to where they are now. Hope this helps. Oh by the way, just a friendly reminder... don't forget your box of tissue or should i say boxes of tissue.
  3. yenney

    yenney New Member

    I started watching Kdramas a year ago and got addicted instantly. There are lots of genres to choose from but if you’re into romantic comedy you can start with Oh My Venus. The story line is light and others like Strong Woman Bong Soon, My Secret Romance, Introverted boss, It’s Okay that’s Love, You who came from the Stars, Master’s Sun and Oh My Ghost will keep you entertained. But if you’re ready to cry loads of tears, then you can also check out Dramas like Jealousy Incarnate, Decendants of the Sun and Goblin. For sure you won’t regret wantching them!
  4. autumn_madison

    autumn_madison New Member

    Descendants of the Sun and Strong Woman Do bong Soon would be my most recommended since those were the first Kdramas I watched that made me look at Kdramas in a different perspective. I first thought that stories were boring, redundant, and mainly focuses on girls being just cute to be liked by rich men. After watching both series, I learned to appreciate Kdramas. I realized that the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover", is really true and it hit me hard. I used to be a critic, now I'm a fan. I've watched several Kdramas now and most of them are quite good and with substance.
  5. DyoOli

    DyoOli New Member

    I have watched a couple of K-dramas since Legend of the Blue Seas, my very first K-drama. I am "K-drama-hooked" and I recommend most of Lee Min Ho's dramas like the City Hunter, The Heirs, Faith, Boys over Flowers, Personal Taste and Summer Love.

    is an excellent series to watch and also Coffee Prince both starring Gong Yoo.

    W-Two Worlds has a nice, extra-ordinary series that I've watched just 2 weeks ago. because I really liked this series, I also watched another Lee Jong-Suk series Doctor Stranger. Both series is the best!

    All of these series I gave a 5-star. So what are you waiting for? ;)
  6. BT005

    BT005 New Member

    Any dramas of Jang Hyuk is worth recommending. If you're into action, watch City Hunter, Bad Guys, 38 Police Squad etc. If you want to cry, try 49 days, Marriage Contract, Go-Back Couple. My go-to Korean dramas are the following: Reply Series, Pinocchio, Scent of a Woman, Another Oh-Hae Young, Uncontrollably Fond.
  7. Jade30

    Jade30 New Member

    I recommend Goblin because for me, its cinematography is undeniably beautiful and extraordinary. I have watch a couple of Korean dramas including Legend of the Blue Sea, Doctor Strangers, W, While You Were Sleeping and Love From Another Star. I don't have interest on watching KDrama in old-time setting. And I am planning to watch Black soon.
  8. latinashaila

    latinashaila New Member

    I recommend I'm not a robot. Why? This K drama is one of the best Kdrama I have ever watched. It's about a man who's allergic to human contact and someone invented a robot named Aji3 that looks like a real human to help him out, beacuse this man was very lonely since he was a child because his parents died in a car accident. The twist is, the robot got broken so they hired a girl who looks exactly the same with Aji3, and that girl is the ex girlfriend of the inventor of the robot. The girl pretend to be Aji3 and surprisingly she is the only human who can cure the guy.

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