Any tips for controlling blood sugar?

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  1. tokouchi

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    I recently learned that I have Type 2 Diabetes after taking a medical exam following a job application. Although I do not feel anything bad yet, I would like to work on controlling my blood sugar even before my scheduled checkup with the Endocrinologist. I have been doing early morning exercises and reduced carbohydrates from the food I eat but I know that this may not be enough. Do you have any suggestions?
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  2. DeMarie

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    Last year I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic. From what you have told us you are on the right track. Reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your exercise. My AIC was over 9 when I started a regimen of low carb and exercise. I not only dropped 56 pounds I also brought my AIC down to 5.5.

    What you need to remember is that "slow and steady wins the race." If you restrict yourself to the point of exhaustion you will eventually fail at the entire process. Get yourself a glucose meter. Keeping track of your glucose levels on a daily basis will make all the difference to your journey in becoming well.

    I wish you much success!!
  3. rjohndava86

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    Controlling blood sugar is not very easy especially if you are a diabetic patient. You should change your lifestyle. First your eating habits. Remember that carbohydrates are converted into glucose inside our body, so minimize eating foods rich in carbohydrates. Always monitor your blood glucose level with a glucometer. It is recommended to a diabetic person to eat carrots. Carrots is a good source of Vitamin A and fiber but does not contain tons of sugar. Or you can eat gourd. Bitter gourd will help a lot if you want to reduce blood sugar but its taste is not good.
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  4. Marjuel2001

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    In my own view as an ordinary healthy person, just be aware of your lifestyle particularly your diet in the intake of food.Balance your eating habits,not too much sodas,ice cream, milk, etc.
  5. Jaymish

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    The best solution i know for controlling,your blood sugar is cutting out your carbohydrates(carbs) , or going on a low carb diets like Keto, Paleo, Atkins and Slow carb. These diets require consumption of high fat and moderate protein, which, your body uses up as energy instead of using carbs . Not consuming carbs has been proven to reduce your insulin levels ,the main hormone that controls blood sugar in your body. An added advantage is that you also quickly loose weight on low carb diets.
  6. Bev

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    other have already mentioned a low carb diet and, that's good but, you also need to reduce other sugars in your diet. Find alternative sweet treats like carrots, fresh fruit, even an occasional sweet made with a sugar substitute. Everyone gets a sweet tooth now and then and, denying it will only lead to failure. Find diabetic safe ways to indulge that occasional sweet tooth.
  7. himitsu

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    My grandfather is diabetic so we really are careful in controlling his blood sugar level. According from his doctor, regular exercise is a must since it increases insulin sensitivity where the available sugar in the bloodstream will be able to be used better by the cells. Also, you should control your carb intake since carbs break down into glucose which raises blood sugar level. Another thing to do is eat lots of foods with fiber. According to my research, fiber slow down carb digestion and sugar absorption. Lastly, always track your sugar level so you can see what adjustments you can do for your sugar level. Prevention is better than cure.
  8. Dec0929

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    My mother died due to complication brought by Diabetes. Few years back we learned that my husband has diabetes. I cried for a few nights because of fear that I will also loose him. He then relied on medication prescribed by doctor and on a strict diet. But knowing my husband he doesn't really made a full effort in changing his lifestyle and only relied to medication to make himself alive! Until there came a point that medication is not available. And so he then followed a semi-strict diet and drank a green juice concoction made by Joe Cross. It made wonders! It consists of Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Ginger and Green Apple. More recipes are available online just search Reboot with Joe.
  9. online_blogger

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    My dad and his mom is diabetic and so I had to watch my blood sugar as I don't want to inherit the disease that seems to run in the family. There's a lot of books and blogs online giving low-sugar diets and meal plans but some of them are exaggerated. For me, you just need to have a balance diet to maintain your blood sugar level which means, more green-leafy vegetables and less white rice or other high-glucose/fructose content food. We love rice in Asia so instead of having white rice, you might as well go for brown rice. Brown rice contains fiber and more protein that makes you fuller than white rice. Avoid desserts if you can as most of them has the highest sugar content.
  10. djboe11

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    Diabetes is a mysterious disease, which is what makes it so interesting. My personal advice would be for you to be careful about mixing carbohydrates and fat. Google "Randle Cycle". Fat and glucose compete for metabolization, and unpleasantness ensues. Pick either a low-carb or a high-carb diet and see if either of them helps to stabilize your blood sugar.
  11. Qamer Abbas

    Qamer Abbas Member

    Eat less oily foods and do exercise regularly
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  12. re11nz06

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    These tips that I will share to you are so vital if you really incorporate all of it and make it as a life style. My first tip is do daily cardio vascular exercise for 30 minutes like walking, running, jogging, swimming, basketball etc. but you have to consult your doctor for you to know what type of exercise is appropriate to you.specially those whose have a heart disease.Second tip is study nutrients of the foods we intake or check the label. if the food is natural like sweet potato, rice and wheats etc. you can search it via internet. Third tip is of course control or measure the food we eat,it is not true that you have to abstain from sugar remember sugar is the food of every building block of human cell. Fourth tip is avoid refined sugar also carbonated sugar like soda, softdrink. Fifth tip is the most hack life tip may be you will be surprised at this. My tip number five is eat 2 to 3 gloves of raw garlic on daily basis. It is proven now a days that can help reduce sugar level and can immobilized diabetes also can cure many more diseases.
  13. Jewel Cortez

    Jewel Cortez New Member

    Hey, eat three boiled eggs during breakfast. It lowers down blood sugars.
  14. Benkings201712

    Benkings201712 New Member

    You can help yourself by reducing your carbohydrates and fatty foods intake, partake in regular but not strenuous exercises and finally get a glucometer to help monitor the glucose level.
    I will advice you check your fasting glucose levels regularly too, as this will give a better indication of the actual level of glucose in the blood.
    Hope this helps?
  15. markeric26

    markeric26 New Member

    Any tips for controlling blood sugar ? It is a Big question to you don't worry guys I Prepare for a 15 ways and tips to control blood sugar levels naturally it also to reduce your self being healthy body and your life style it is important to all aged people and no wants know.

    1.Exercise regularly can help you to lose weight and increase your insulin means means your cells are better able to
    use the available sugar in your bloodstream .

    2.Control your carbs Intake your body breaks carbs down into sugars mostly glucose, and then insulin moves the
    sugars into cells.

    3. Increase Your Fiber Intake the Fiber slows carb digestion and sugar absorption, for these reasons, it promotes a
    more gradual rise in blood sugar levels.

    4.Drink Water and Stay Hydrated Drinking enough water may help you keep your blood sugar levels within healthy
    limits and addition to preventing dehydration, it helps your kidneys flush out the excess blood sugar through urine.

    5.Implement Portion Control Consequently, controlling your weight promotes healthy blood sugar levels and has been shown to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

    6. Choose Foods With a Low Glycemic Index The glycemic index was developed to assess the body's blood sugar response to foods that contain carbs.

    7.Control Stress Levels Stress can affect your blood sugar level.

    8. Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels Measuring and monitoring blood glucose levels can also help you control them.

    9.Get Enough Quality Sleep Poor sleeping habits and a lack of rest also affect blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. They can increase appetie and promote weight gain.

    10.Eat Foods Rich in Chromium and Magnesium Examples include deficiencies in the minerals chromium and

    11.Try Apple Cider Vinegar It promotes lower fasting blood sugar levels, possibly by decreasing its production by the
    liver or increasing its use by cells.

    12.Experiment With Cinnamon Extract It slows the breakdown of carbs in the digestive tract, which moderates the
    rise in blood sugar after a meal.

    13.Try Berberine is the active component of a Chinese herb that's been used to treat diabetes for thousands of years.

    14.Eat Fenugreek Seeds Many studies have shown that fenugreek can effectively lower blood sugar in diabetics. It also helps reduce fasting glucose and improve glucose tolerance.

    15.Lose Some Weight It's a no-brainer that maintaining a healthy weight will improve your health and
    prevent future health problems.
  16. mildredadaya

    mildredadaya New Member

    Controlling blood sugar levels is definitely difficult nowadays given the kind of lifestyle we are now having - improper diet, lack of exercise and poor health seeking behavior, and a family history of Diabetes. Blood sugar levels may be low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia). Between the two, it is hyperglycemia that we must watch out for since it is associated with a disease known as Diabetes Mellitus. People must be aware of the common symptoms diabetics have such as polyuria (urination of >2L/day), polydipsia (feeling of thirst despite enough water consumption), polyphagia, weight loss, infections, feeling of numbness particularly on distal extremities and poor wound healing.

    To know one's sugar level, one must visit a physician and have his/her blood tested. If blood sugar levels are over the normal limits, one may be diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. For people with the mentioned disease, low sugar and high fiber diet combined with daily moderate exercise and adequate oral fluid intake is recommended. Diabetics must also be compliant with the maintenance medications to be prescribed by the physician - may it be in oral or injectable form. It is also recommended to have your blood sugar monitoring and having it recorded to be able to update your physician of your condition every time you follow-up.
  17. Mannyrav

    Mannyrav New Member

    The best method to control blood-sugar levels is to eat foods that are lower in the "Glycemic Index". What does this mean? In a nutshell: many foods, primarily carbohydrates, are converted into glucose (sugar) for energy. Your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin to control your blood sugar levels. So, naturally, the lower your glucose levels are, the lower your blood sugar is, thus reducing the amount of work your pancreas puts in.

    There are carbohydrates that fall lower in the Glycemic Index compared to others (examples are: brown rice or sweet potatoes as opposed to processed/refined foods like bread). However, a low-carbohydrate or ketogenic diet has proven beneficial to many diabetics. Essentially, with these diets, you're either reducing or completely eliminating the consumption of carbohydrates in your diet. You'll rely primarily on fat and protein sources as your main macronutrients, with a ratio of about 70 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 10 percent carbohydrates.

    You may hear a lot of arguments against ketogenic diets and that they're unhealthy. However, I invite you to do your own research, relying solely on peer-reviewed, scholarly articles that were published based on RCT (randomized control trials). You'll see that science is catching on in the world of dietetics in realizing that consumed fat is not the culprit to obesity (or in this case, diabetes). When you think about it, it's common sense really. Carbohydrates break down into glucose (sugar) when consumed. If you want lower (controlled) blood sugar levels, eat less sugar (carbohydrates).

    I hope this helps, best of luck.
  18. Jayzelee

    Jayzelee New Member

    There is type 1 Diabetes that is congenital which means you have it when you were born. Type II is a more common Diabetes. Nowadays, it is correlated with our lifestyle so we get Type II Diabetes from the way we eat and other factors that affects our metabolic system. Uncontrolled blood sugar is a serious matter. A lot of people is not aware that they are already pre-diabetic. So the best tip is to see your Diabetic Specialist doctor. You need prescriptive medication and at the same time you have to have an accurate gadget to see how high or low is your blood sugar.
  19. Jannette Guzman

    Jannette Guzman New Member

    Controlling blood sugar level is the best way to stay away from diabetes. It can be done by eating a planned meal together with:
    1. Exercise regularly
    2.Make it a habit to drink water at least 8 to 10 glasses a day
    3. Eating foods rich in fiber
    4. Sleeping at least 8 hours per day
    5. Consult physician once a month
  20. hamavet

    hamavet New Member

    Something I've only seen one person mention so far is controlling your stress level, and I wanted to comment on how much that one thing specifically has been a game changer for my Type II diabetes. I did research online and figured out that the commonality between my diabetes and other conditions I have, which include anxiety and bipolar disorder, are that they are made more severe by stress. I started taking holy basil as a supplement as well as meditating once a day with a meditation app to guide me to reduce my cortisol levels. The difference has been night and day! I haven't made any changes to my awful eating or exercise habits, but my fasting blood sugar at last check was 94 and my A1C was 5.1. Losing weight and reducing carbohydrate consumption and all of that would definitely help me too, but I'm blown away by how much just addressing stress has changed my health for the better. Good luck to you!
  21. Junjun Junie

    Junjun Junie New Member

    A healthy diet is essential to preventing a spike in blood sugar. Medicines such as Insulin and Oral hypoglycemic Agents are the only one that directly lowers blood sugar. But the addition and regulation of diet routines is another factor in lowering blood sugar. Substitute sugars and sweeteners with other lower carbohydrate containing foods to lower blood sugar.
  22. Hi,

    Controlling the Blood sugar level is not only focus on food, You must have proper diet and exercise.
    Self discipline is a must in doing so for you to maintain your normal blood sugar level and make you to monitor it everyday.

  23. rommel31

    rommel31 New Member

    The only way to control blood sugar is to remember you have Diabetes especially when you are attempted to eat chocolates. There are other things you can consider in controlling blood sugar.
    1. Exercise regularly
    2. Reduce eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates
    3. Increase eating fiber
    4. Stay hydrated by drinking water and not juice
    5. And remember, check your blood sugar daily
  24. wollipblogger05

    wollipblogger05 New Member

    I think controlling diabetes should always start in YOU. Are you ready to take away your usual eating habits? your usual lifestyle? If not, then you'll end up probably in a worst scenario.

    If yes, then ready yourself. I know it may sound so vague but, do not cut out carbohydrates in your diet totally. Just proper portion of food is what you need to maintain glucose level. Proper portion means with fats, protein and carbo in one plate. Remember a diabetic person should not be starve, because once you've starved your self, your body will compensate to produce more sugar and this will add work to your kidneys, which is a big no-no. Try to eat small but frequent meals. Like you will eat 500 calories for breakfast, the same as well with your lunch and dinner, and 200 calories for 2 snacks, you'll have 1700 calories/ day which can be considered good under nutritional value (it's up to you if you want to follow this, consider it as an option).

    If you like rice (just like me) don't use white rice,it has 200 calories/ cup cooked, instead use red, brown and black rice it has a 160 calories only. And sometimes because of its high fiber content you tend to be more full compare to white rice. Avoid bread. Grilled your food instead of frying, you'll get the same flavour with less calories. Boil, blanch or steam your food esp vegetables. Avoid oils if necessary or try using olive oil. For your snacks, avoid sugary foods, like donuts, cakes chocolates, milkshakes, try to switch to simple snack like 1 medium sized boiled sweet potato, carrots or boiled egg. Just be cautious but do not starved yourself. Do not overdo everything. It may seems so impossible at first but you'll get through with it, it will be easy for you once you know how to handle it. According to the WHO, (I don't know if it's true), 30 minutes of daily exercise, 2.5 hours a week (meaning you'll have 2 days rest a week) is a kicked- off start to work- out your body. And last DRINK A LOT OF WATER, 3-4 L a day. Be brave and you can do it.! Godbless.
  25. rapac

    rapac New Member

    You have to eat in moderation, you should much more aware of what food is good and what is not. We all know what are foods that can be beneficiary for us.
  26. Rayven Damaso

    Rayven Damaso New Member

    My tips for controlling blood sugar.

    1) Balance Diet
    2) Avoid sweets and soft drinks
    3) Drink A lot of Water
    4) Sleep 6 - 8hours a day
    5) Exercise regularyly
    6) Take supplements

    balance diet - I do take cereals or any foods that rich in fiber in the morning, do heavy lunch and smoothie on the evening.
    Avoid sweet and soft drinks - Only eat dark chocolates and avoid soft drinks
    Drink a lot of water - 8-10glasses of water a day
    sleep - 6 to 8hrs say before and after prayer
    exercise regularly - just walk fast for 20mins
    take supplements - i take usana supplements daily
  27. Mary Cruz

    Mary Cruz New Member

    There are so many ways to control sugar in the body. The best tip is discipline in our daily lifestyle.

    Here are some easy ways to lower blood sugar levels naturally:

    1. Exercise Regularly

    2. Control Your Carb Intake

    3. Increase Your Fiber Intake

    4. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

    5. Implement Portion Control

    6. Choose Foods With a Low Glycemic Index

    7. Control Stress Levels

    9. Get Enough Quality Sleep

    10. Eat Foods Rich in Chromium and Magnesium

    11. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

    12. Experiment With Cinnamon Extract

    13. Try Berberine

    15. Lose Some Weight

    Remember "Health is Wealth".
  28. bzmom17

    bzmom17 New Member

    There's a lot of ways to control blood sugar. One of them is avoid all sweet food and white colored food. Exercise daily so you can burn all those fats in the body. However, avoiding food and exercise is not really realistic because most people will always have their excuses for eating a little part of it or for not exercises. It's always up to the person if he/she is really determined to control blood his or her blood sugar. We have all the access to all the knowledge because of the internet so its always up to use if we want to control it.

    Remember is we want to live long, we need to keep our body healthy.
  29. Bobbyjay00101

    Bobbyjay00101 New Member

    It is not as easy as people think to maintain blood sugar. To know the amount of blood sugar in the body, blood sugar test needs to be carried out. One can maintain one's blood sugar if he adhere to some strict hygienic instructions. I learnt that blood sugar rises in the body when one take foods which contain high level of carbohydrate. To this end some foods must be totally avoided and some must be introduced, to at least maintain one's blood sugar. Though, this strict hygiene may somehow be foreign to the body while taking them for the first time but as time goes on, the body will be used to it.
    Anything that contains sugar must totally be avoided because sugar is poison. To make sugar, sulphur is used and sulphur is an element, that once it is taken into our body can not be excreted. Sucrose is the sweetness in sugar and it cannot be digested by our body. Sugar is one of the main reasons for getting diabetics and and it increases the level or triglycerides in our body. So, instead of using sugar, use honey. Eating vegetables and consuming fruits can also help in maintaining blood sugar. Avoid, sugar, alcohol and cigarettes to maintain blood sugar and stay healthy.
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  30. Flex

    Flex New Member

    Controlling your blood sugar level is the best way to prevent complication of Diabetes but how do you successfully do it.
    1. Acceptance that Diabetes is a life long condition and you have to take the medicine as physician prescribed for the rest of your life. No twist and turn because Diabetes has no cure and delaying the progression of disease by medication is the only way to prevent life-threatening condition such as heart attack based on Western Medicine.
    2. No sugary food and drinks such as ice cream and soft drinks because it causes a sudden increase and sudden decrease of your blood sugar level. This is not good as your blood sugar suddenly drop then you are tempted to take another set of sugary stuff. The key is to choose food that stabilize your sugar level such as food high in fiber.
    3. Exercise regularly as it helps your body to effectively produce insulin. Insulin is produce by pancreas and it acts like a gate for your sugar to enter to tissue or organ to use as energy thus preventing your sugar to stay in your blood (high blood sugar).
    4. Regularly check your blood sugar level by using a glucometer, once, twice or thrice a week or as doctor's advised because it is the only way to know your blood sugar level.

    Successfully controlling your blood sugar level delays the complication of Diabetes such as blindness, leg amputation due to unhealing wounds in the foot, secondary hypertension(high blood pressure), heart attack due to thickening of blood because of sugar, and numbness of extremeties(tip of fingers and toes or whole foot).

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