Anyone who's into plants?

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  1. ipbascar888

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    Eversince I was a kid, I never knew how to take care of plants or maintain any plant. I never considered myself as a green thumb or a plant enthusiast of any sort. But to my amazement, just a few years back I have discovered my relationship and interest in plants. I became more knowledgeable in taking care of them and appreciating nature at its finest. I think I have become one of those crazy plant ladies if you may call it! If you have the same experience or anything you would like to share about plants, please feel free to comment. Good vibes to all!✌
  2. spanner7

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    Living in a urban places in my country (the Philippines) gives limited spaces for plants. There's a lot of alternative ways to plant and make your house greener. My family plant usually flowering plants in the 1.5 liters plastic mineral water bottle and plant some herbs or tall growing plants in a big pail. We recycle plastic container and made them pots for our plants. In addition, I also collect indoor plants like succulents and place to my room. Plants and trees clean the air that we breath. I encourage others to plant because it gives us more benefit that we could imagine.
  3. naililmuna

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    It's so me. I can not say that I'm expert on gardening. But I just so enthusiast about plant, that even make me ruin my plant because I over-care the plant. Some plants prefer to be let alone. I love to grow plants that suit my climate the best. I grow orchids, rosemary, roses, tuberose, gardenias, and many more. See them grow freely outdoor is awesome. To train them, so they can do their best indoor, is more than awesome. We make plant standards, and do light acclimation before take them indoor. They're just great.
  4. Plantgal

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    I love collecting houseplants. I have over 300 at the moment. They are so fun to take care for and they give me something to look forward to each day. I love to watch for new growth and my favorite thing to do with them is propagation. Making new plants out of one is so rewarding. I can't get enough of them.
  5. yssachwan

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    I love the idea of gardening! But sadly my enthusiasm is only until my mind. I know that there are a lot of love and care needed for each and every plant but I just can't seem to understand it. Each plant has different ways of being taken care of. Sadly I don't even know most of my house plants. My parents originally planted them and I just don't share the same enthusiasm with regards on watering. Yes I know that sounds aweful. When I tried planting my own, none of them grew tall enough to survive. When I re-potted some, they all die. I DO water those plants everyday since I considered it as a project. Some say it's because I don't have 'green hands' and my parents has, that's why it happened. However, I do know that I am lacking something and not just the skills. I'm still trying to keep all our houseplants alive and hopefully in the future I'll be able to grow a garden I can be proud of.
  6. leodavid09

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    We do container gardening and mushroom planting, but only a few due to limited space. For container gardening, we used recycled plastic bottles and planted mostly leafy vegetables. For mushrooms, we have a few fruiting bags in our house now.

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