Are 10-minute workouts worth it?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Zori, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Zori

    Zori New Member

    I recently had a discussion with a friend about everyday workouts and how long they should be. I'm a mom of a toddler and getting up before him in the morning isn't always possible for me. This means that I try to squeeze time for exercising during the day. I've always believed that a 10-minute workout is better than no workout, but my friend wasn't so sure about it. I will be interested in hearing your opinion on that topic.
  2. Clyde Gambrel

    Clyde Gambrel New Member

    You are absolutely correct. Ten Minutes isn't idea, however as you say much better then zero minutes. I have done the ten minute workouts my self and I have to say I saw some good results. Obviously not the same has spending thirty minutes plus. None the less it worked. Key is you have to make each and every minute count. Workout all the way until the end with no breaks.
  3. lpspano

    lpspano New Member

    I agree that the 10-minute workout is better than no workout, especially if you can make that 10 minutes really vigorous. You gotta sweat, you know? I agree with the above poster, that when you are working for such a short period of time, you really have to work to make each minute count. Each minute should be really, really difficult for you.

    Basically, if it doesn't feel like hell, it's not enough.
  4. jc banks

    jc banks New Member

    My physical therapist said even 10 minuets is better then not at all. We only do about ten reps per exercise so you could most likely get in two or three different ones in that time. You could also do them with your child it would be good for both of you, you teach them the importance of being healthy and you get to do something together.

    Dance could be fun for both of you and it gets your metabolism up and they will nap better if they are tired.there are a lot of work outs for toddlers and parents.

    Some good ideas in this link and there are lots more ideas to use and you both feel healthier.
  5. Seidah Vaughn

    Seidah Vaughn New Member

    Oh my goodness, I remember this dilemma in my own life-and I have 5 kiddos. 10 minutes is definitely worth it. What I learned to do was add my little ones into my exercise opportunities, and make sure that they were good and tired before nap time. That way, I could get in the exercise that I so desperately needed, and they learned that it is just a part of a regular, fun, healthy day. If possible, consider dancing to goofy music with them, and adding in more meditative things like yoga as well. That way, they are balanced, and so are you. Most of all-Have Fun!!!
  6. AngelikaSo

    AngelikaSo New Member

    Although not ideal, 10 minutes is better than nothing as long as it gets your heart pumping. It's hard to fit exercise in while having a toddler you have to take care of. What about going on for walks with a stroller? Walking is also good and the fresh air will make both of you feel better.
  7. phansize007

    phansize007 Member

    Thanks Zori,for starters a 10 minute workout is better than no workout at all. But this time should increase gradually in order to experience the real fitness you desire to have.

    Apart from the 10 minute work out;simple things such as walking your children to school and walking to the supermarket can also add on your work out. Thanks again for your question.
  8. I think it depends on what you're doing in those 10 minutes. If you're able to achieve your target heart rate and keep at it for the whole duration (or most of it) with something like jumping rope, plank, burpees, asanas, weight training, and so on, that would be something that could yield results. And sometimes even 10 minutes of light stretching is enough to keep yourself toned and limber.
  9. ryu.dswift

    ryu.dswift New Member

    You want to create a habit, start with the least amount of increments. 10 minutes are not enough, for sure, but the habit behind the idea is what is formed. Especially if you consistent with the training.

    Once you have a routine you can start changing it up, testing different workouts and having different change-out sets if needed. Obviously you need to do your research, unless you want to get hurt while doing a workout. Also the nutrition part is equally important if not more important.
  10. Maddie17

    Maddie17 New Member

    Hi Zori! Definitely 10 minutes are worth it! I am a business student and I have a part time job which leaves me with almost no time to go to a gym, but what I usually do is, as soon as I get home from school I watch a 15-minutes workout video which can be yoga, pilates, zumba, butt training etc. Then I feel full of energy to go work.

    I hope you can try it and it works for you.
  11. anarodrig98

    anarodrig98 New Member

    Hello! A ten minute workout is definitely better than no workout. It also depends on the intensity of the workout. You can run for 10 minutes and burn about 150 calories or you can do a steady state walk and burn about 50. If you're going to do a 10 minute workout, give it all you got girl!
  12. kristieB

    kristieB New Member

    Just having a toddler should be a workout in itself. I applaud you for having the energy to even WANT to do a separate workout each day.
  13. BRENDA1953

    BRENDA1953 New Member

    Being 62 years old and taking care of my 3 year old whom I adopted I find 10 minute warm ups very helpful. The bonus is that my blood pressure stays under control and I have the energy to run after my ADHD toddler. She was born addicted so she is very hyper. Taking on such a responsibility at my age requires the best of health. Luckily the 10-15 minute warm up prepares my body for the day's work and I am almost certain I could not do what I do, if I skipped this routine and more certain my health would not be excellent as it is today. My last physical exams classified me in excellent health for my age and I take no medications.
  14. Nadežda

    Nadežda New Member

    HI! I agree with all the opinions here. Better to work out 10 minutes, than not to work out at all! Because I am a student, and I spend almost all day out, I don't have much time to exercise, so I do some strenght exercises at home, for like 10 minutes. And I can tell you, it really is showing. In two and a half months I lost 3kg, which is not much, but I am certain that the weight won't come back. I am very pleased with the results and I will certainly continue with the workouts, and I will try not to skip any day of the week (like I do now). I recommend to everzone to try it, you won't be disappointed! :))
  15. Rjs5248

    Rjs5248 New Member

    If we are talking about a 10 minute workout as opposed to no workout at all, a 10 minute workout is absolutely worth it! I would try to get a longer 30 minute workout in at least once or twice a week depending on what your goals are, but a 10 minute workout can be helpful if you are pressed for time. With a toddler, I am sure you get your fair share of cardio! If you only have 10 minutes, I would focus on weight\strength training to get the most "bang for your buck". I applaud you for avoiding the "all or nothing" mindset.
  16. rrallen

    rrallen New Member

    You are completely right in this argument by saying 10 minutes of workout a day is better than none. 10 minutes of workout a day is just more calories burned and muscle gained so it is never a bad idea. I know that there are a variety of 10 minute a day workouts out there and most of them focus on one muscle group. If building muscle is your goal, 10 minutes a day may only be ideal for working one muscle group. But, if you only have 10 minutes to spare during the day, I would say you are better off focusing on a well planned diet to achieve your goals and maybe add the workout if you have the time. But no matter the amount of time, some exercise is always better than none and I congratulate you for still wanting to stay in shape after having a child.
  17. Kenzie Kay

    Kenzie Kay New Member

    What a good question! I don't know if having any expectations of short term results is healthy. The process of getting toned will take longer but well worth it in the end. Exercise also reduces stress and releases healthy hormones so even a small amount of time should help you start feeling better!
  18. maxee

    maxee New Member

    Yes! 10 minute workouts are definitely worth it! 100% better than no workout at all. The more movement you do, the more energy your body burns and your muscles will become stronger. Done consistently and with the right intensity, 10min workouts will most definitely make a difference in improving overall fitness. If you were hoping for a more specific goal, like rapid weight loss, competing in fitness competitions, sports, ect., you may want to look into more efficient options of achieving these.
  19. jason sandoval

    jason sandoval New Member

    Yes. any extra workout time is great. Try to make a workout scenario everywhere you go though, when you drop off your kids, when you pick them up, just anything for those extras minutes means burning those extra calories. But you should also plan for longer workouts in your free time, and to make sure you stay hydrated through out the day, and stay with a healthy diet.

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