Are 5x5 Routines Really That Good?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Tomor, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Tomor

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    5x5 routines are weightlifting routines that consist of big lifts such as the Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, etc. Most people recommend routines like Starting Strength or Stronglifts if you're starting out. Many people swear by them and these routines have even created a cult-like following. I've only tried Stronglifts, so my perspective will only be from this particular workout routine.

    My concern is that Stronglifts focuses too much on squats. I understand that squats are the best exercise for increasing overall strength, but including squats in every single workout seems to be overkill. Furthermore, other muscle groups in my body feel neglected while on this routine. I'm wondering if anyone feels the same or would like to chip in their thoughts.
  2. Maritzpm

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    Hi Tomor

    Everyone is unique and I strongly suggest that you find something that works for you. If a workout leaves you feeling concerned or neglecting some muscle groups, then it's definately not the right workout for you. Change it, or add to it until you are happy with it.

    Personally I love big lifts like bench press, squats, deadlifts ect and my favourites are snatches and clean-and-jerks. Big moves are where the big changes happen. However, smaller muscle groups are equally important and can't be completely neglected. Balance is the key to a great workout.

    I prefer to change my workouts quite often and I seldom focus on the same muscle groups two workouts in a row. A week would more or less look like this:

    Monday - arms and upperbody
    Tuesday- some form of fun cardio
    Wednesday - legs
    Thursday - core and cardio
    Friday - full body
    Saterday - outdoors cardio
    Sunday - rest

    A typical workout for me starts with the biggest muscle groups and work its way down to the smallest group.

    My workouts don't have names and a lot of people would have valid arguments against it but it works for me and makes me happy. :) what more could anyone ask from a fitness regume?
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  3. calebchoke

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    5x5 routines are great. I personally feel it is a great way to start strength training. I feel that it is a hybrid between strength and volume. Try to spread your big 3s (bench, squat and deadlift) equally throught the week. Never should you plan deadlift and squats on the same day. It is overtaxing for your body and you might injure yourself. Isolation of a muscle group should come into your routine at a later stage.
  4. marcbarredo13

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    5x5 routines are good and beneficial. It has tons of benefits like a surge of testosterone, boost metabolic activities in your body, boost human growth hormones & endorphins and 5x5 routines area great if you want to build muscle mass. I am currently doing 5x5 routines. I will share to you my program that I use and I pretty much appreciated it because it really did boost my testosterone naturally which gives me confidence, I have a good physique and I am strong and lean etc.

    I only do squats, deadlifts, pullups, overhead press and bench presses but it targets the whole body that is why it is a good thing if you want to build a good physique. I only train for 3 times a week because our body needs to rest in order to recover from the muscle stressors and the strenous activity. I wish you benefit from it. :)
  5. Warren1967

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    What is important is that you find a routine that suits your needs.

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