Are films, movies, and videos taking a toll on our intellect and how our society is shaped?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Janay Watson, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Janay Watson

    Janay Watson New Member

    How many hours do you spend watching television, videos streamed online, or even dvds? For everyone this question has a different answer, but in today's society, almost everyone can give an answer higher than zero.

    Next question... How many hours do you spend watching films and videos that are of benefit to you, your success, or you and your family's well being? For many, the answer is closer to none, but not for all.

    Last question... Do you think that if everyone replaced 50% of their time spent watching videos or movies with watching experts tell them the ins and outs of the career field that they want to go in to or giving them skills that people lack or even giving moral advice on any given topic that people would have a higher IQ or even more common sense? Would people be less lazy? Would they be better prepared to be successful in whatever they do?
    These are things to think about. Who/What do we want to rule our society?
  2. Caphus Roberts

    Caphus Roberts New Member

    Hi I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day online watching Youtube videos . I don't watch TV often because I don't care for the TV shows that are on now. Almost every Saturday I going to the movies with my mom. I do feel that if we all stayed of the computer or phones so much we would probably live a better life and be more smarter because it seems like the internet is teaching us the wrong way which is making us very dumb. Sometimes I do wish there was something people could do to stop this growing trending because it's sad and it's a real bad addiction even I struggle at times.

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