Are freelance writing jobs easy or hard?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by arevalojosea, May 11, 2018.

  1. arevalojosea

    arevalojosea New Member

    I mean, I'm starting to use this option of freelance and I'd really like to know if it's easy or hard, if it's worth the effort and if it's faster than a regular job.
  2. Fisher Emmanuel

    Fisher Emmanuel New Member

    From my side, I can say that it is not that easy as many people tend to think it is. There are a lot of challenges that you must face when you are getting started so if you are faint-hearted, you will quickly lose hope. I have been freelancing for over a year now and frankly speaking it has been quite a journey. You must really be patient since it is not a one-day affair and you get the money. You have to be ready to learn before you start seeing the fruits of freelancing.
  3. Couleskha

    Couleskha New Member

    I have just started offering freelancing services and I personally find it to be quite hostile depending on the site you are using to advertise yourself. I'm personally doing it because I recently lost my job and needs some kind of cash flow to put food on the table, but most websites request multiple amounts of money to prove yourself through tests or boost your ads to the top of the page. If I could afford those kinds of things, I wouldn't be so desperately looking for ways to make extra cash.
    Ahh, I don't mean to whinge, I just wish it were based more on people's actual skills as I think it can be unfair to the employer as well if they can't judge who would be best at the job themselves!
  4. gyeo

    gyeo New Member

    Hi, I'm just new in freelance writing jobs, and for me, It's just hard at first. But if I'm going to do it everyday and will make it as source of living, it will be easy and exciting plus, I will just work on my own time. And as a full time mom, I am able to take care of son and at the same time, I can earn money at on my own time.
    I think read more article about freelancing will make it easy too for first timer like me. I am hoping to be in this industry for full time, so I can provide also for my family and not just depending to my husband finances.
  5. Gigusek

    Gigusek New Member

    Any freelance job is simply a set of problems you have to solve, like puzzles. Ask yourself questions that are applicable to your job or industry - Who's your boss? Who's their audience? What do they expect? What are they ready to pay for?
    The more you know about the job, the easier it will be to complete it. In the end, it's only as difficult as you make it.
  6. Vimtuous

    Vimtuous New Member

    Freelance writing can be a lot of different things, and the amount of money that you make will vary depending on what you are doing. For example, a ghost writer will have more earning potential that someone who is working small jobs, on sites like Postloop. However, there is more opportunity for earning smaller amounts with postloop with relatively less experience and time commitment.
    It depends on what you are trying to do. Personally, I don't think I would be able to make enough money just doing freelance work right now. Writing on the side does offer me a little extra spending cash though. It also helps me work on and improve my writing skills, which is something that I don't get to do a whole lot of at my day job.
  7. New Member

    It depends on your skills.
  8.  sweerie_banana

    sweerie_banana New Member

    Being able to work in your pajamas, setting your own hours for work and in the comfort of your own home are just some of the perks that come with freelancing. However there are some drawbacks, meaning there are some risks you are welcoming in your life.

    One major challenge you must overcome if you want to achieve success in your career as a freelancer is to remember you must strike a work-life balance. Working overtime may help you to further your professional goals, but it may come at a cost of your personal life. This is why it is vital to create a schedule that works for you and prioritize it. All the best.
  9. lyrehc08

    lyrehc08 New Member

    Freelance writing can be both I think but depending on the person. It may be easy given the ability and talent to write. You would also find it easy if you consider writing as your hobby, a form of a stress reliever just as you start typing on your laptop and letting your ideas flow thru the tap in your fingers. I believe that if you have the knack of it, then it will be just a breeze to you. Hard as it may seem, maybe if you do not find writing interesting at all.
  10. Jeoviczzz

    Jeoviczzz New Member

    Working as a freelance on the internet is like any other job ... just being at home. However, this does not make it easier, contrary to how many people believe.
    It all depends on the way you present your portfolio, the luck and if you really like to write. But, I'm sorry, this it's not work for you.
  11. israelolatunji17

    israelolatunji17 New Member

    Taking up the freelancing job would be great in the sense that it helps you get started in setting up your own personal business. Having it at the back of your own mind that you don't seek financial freedom in freelancing would give you the right mindset for setting up your own business. You wouldn't expect to get rich writing for others or, simply, helping other people provide content for their own sites.

    You must realize the fact that site owners pay little amounts to request content and content writers earn royalties or incentives for the service rendered. So, you can see that you just need the incentives to keep moving in the course of building up your own business and you wouldn't expect to get rich overnight doing that.

    You can simply schedule your time to build up your own site while you earn royalties in the job of helping other people build up their own sites using your writing skills.
  12. jmb1531

    jmb1531 New Member

    As long as you’re willing to do the work, it’s definitely possible to get paid to write – and earn good money – even if you’re starting out with no experience and no credentials. So, if you dream of working from home as a freelance writer, please ignore the naysayers because there are plenty of websites that will pay you to write for them. The absence of a string of fancy letters after your name (you know, a degree) and your lack of experience doesn’t matter one bit if you can show the right kind of client that you can write!
  13. Subhumanly

    Subhumanly New Member

    I think one of the most important things to know is that the variance in what clients ask you to write will greatly change the landscape of how difficult or tedious the job you're doing is. If you're wondering if it's a viable way to earn a living, well, potentially. If you're starting at a content mill you probably won't earn much of a living, but if you build up experience and develop a decent resume, you could get a more "official" position as a freelancer in a company. Lots of companies are outsourcing freelancers these days because it's cheaper. Ultimately, though, the level of difficulty is going to depend on how demanding your client's requirements are. Sometimes you can churn out an article without any effort or research, and sometimes you get so many revision requests that it makes you angry.
  14. phansize007

    phansize007 Member

    Thank you Arevalojosea for the good topic. In my opinion, it depends on the site and what it requires from its writers-different sites, different rules.
    But generally speaking, if you are lazy or don't have a clear grasp of the language required, expect hardships.
  15. Jess14

    Jess14 New Member

    In my own perspective I think writing depends on every individual, if you are the person who loves writing even if its just for a hobby then you would enjoy it and if its your actual job then you wont still find it hard to do because you are doing what you love. And being a freelance writer I guess it is better than an actual job as writer in an office where you will be stressed and force to write what you’re boss wants you to write about and you cannot do it anywhere and anytime you want, u will have an endless deadlines you wont be having a time to unwind and to write what you’re heart wans u to write. But when you are a freelancer you will have all your time you want. There will be a time for yourself and you can choose what you wanted to write you have the feeling of being free. So if writing is your hobby and you love doing it then you should write whats in your mind and it will never be hard.
  16. deadlyknightshade

    deadlyknightshade New Member

    It depends on what kind of job you want to do in freelancing. When we say freelancing, it is not always being a chat support or virtual assistant jobs. If you love to write then you can start writing contents just like we are doing here, or if you want to invite people, you will have to be a telemarketer. It is really based on your skills and interests.
  17. SoapboxMotrin

    SoapboxMotrin New Member

    Yes, I agree that it depends on the website. Different sites=different rules. Plus, every site is going to have not only different rates of pay, but also a completely different set of clients.
  18. hannahrg

    hannahrg New Member

    I have been in the field of freelance writing for the past 10 years and it has opened windows and doors of opportunities for me to earn cash and meet my personal needs while helping the needs of my family. At times I could say that freelance writing jobs are difficult and on other days, easy. Usually, the test of comparison depends on the assignments and tasks given by the customers/clients. I do feel challenged whenever a complicated writing job comes up and I need to complete the same on deadline. Whether it is easy or difficult, the most important thing is learning, improving and developing our skills as writers.
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  19. Crypton

    Crypton New Member

    As far as I'm concerned, nothing is easy, as they all demand effort and determination. But for the sake of comparison, online freelance jobs are easier; there's no commuting, scolding, there's freedom to work anytime, ability to fully concentrate and juggle both home chores and work, which lacks in regular jobs.

    It has now become far more simpler to work online with the introduction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. These can be used to pay for work directly to your phone and exchanged for your local currency.

    So, with that I simply recommend that @ Arevalojosea tries both the freelance jobs and regular to find which is more suitable. As for me, freelancing rocks!
  20. Alina1981

    Alina1981 New Member

    If you like to write, I think this is a good job. You make what you like from your home. I like to write on forums, here you can see another opinions, and make friends.
  21. Prosper4ever

    Prosper4ever New Member

    I like your positive outlook! You are a persistent one. more success to you!

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