Are Freelancers Desperate People?

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  1. Freelancing happens to be a job like any other. There are people out there who need writers for their work. It is through such that freelancers are needed all over the world.

    Writing is an art. It is an art involving a use of words. An expert use of words can make you create very fine content. Such content dells like hot cakes.

    With online writing having escalated, more and more freelancers are needed. People have began reading on the net.

    Freelancers are not desperate people. They earn a decent income from writing. Reviews are also written too.

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  2. It is only dedicated to tech guy. Getting a job anywhere is not a piece of the ever changing rule in the have to be skilled and passionate enough to impress others to get a job.

    People who like to solve new problems everyday and love to get appreciated for their problem solving skills.These people will definitely love to be in an IT job.I think this is one of a good field to work without feeling bored, because everyday you have to find a solution for a problem
  3. loriemay27

    loriemay27 New Member

    Freelancers are not desperate people, they just love to write. It is not being desperate of loving what you do to earn for a living. The thing is, they did not only earn for a living but also they have helped many people on their ideas. Writing is not an easy thing for it exert time and effort with passion and love to have remarkable output.
  4. deadlyknightshade

    deadlyknightshade New Member

    My answer is no. I know a lot of people who makes freelancing as their part-time jobs and some of my unemployed friends are also making money by freelancing but they have their own businesses before they start freelancing. I cannot really say that freelancers are desperate.
  5. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

    How can I be desperate when freelancing gives me the life I always dream of. Like, having the beach front as my office and the mountainside as my pantry.
  6. mep1289

    mep1289 New Member

    I wouldn't say that freelancers are desperate at all! Speaking as someone who is currently struggling along in a boring corporate job, I have quite a bit of respect for freelancers. Not only do they have a skill - writing, website development, art, etc., but they also have to find their own clients through marketing and networking. It's an extremely brave way to make a career.
  7. eli414

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    I don't think freelancers are desperate, although it depends on which site you go to. You can definitely make a decent living doing this, but personally, I just use it to make a little extra cash in between so-called "real" jobs. To me, this is no different than any other low-paying job. I'm sure some people are desperate, but not everyone is.
  8. stangates

    stangates New Member

    Right now, millions of people are online looking for contents. They all need content that will help them solve whatever is in their mind. How then can you call the content developers desperate people? What if one day what you are looking for in the web is unavailable? It is a job like any other that earns the free-lancer clean money that he/she has worked for.
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  9. Thales434

    Thales434 New Member

    I suppose it's possible that many are but I doubt it. I certainly don't do this out of desperation. I have a normal job that is covering everything, but it is nice to have a sideline where I can hone my other talents and make a little side money to apply to bills or luxury items. If this blew up or didn't work out I wouldn't be worried about how to feed my kids or anything.
  10. Arlene Lara

    Arlene Lara New Member

    Freelancers are people who have a great desire to earn from home with their loved ones. They are also the people who have innate skills not recognize at work. Over time, these skills may win them large bucks of money and that is not being desperate; that is developing what you have within you and put them in good use and or even monetize them. I think the best thing about being a freelancer is the opportunity to do what you love to do and that is one true achievement.
  11. ROBETA

    ROBETA New Member

    Freelancers are more dynamic and more passionate workers than an office-based employee.
    Office-based employees go to the office but it is not a guarantee that the employee present in the office delivers an output. Sometimes and office-based employees' objective is just to be present in the office to have a salary for the day without doing anything.
    Freelancers worked with the objective that they have to deliver an output with quality to their clients at the soonest possible time. They have to do it without someone watching them doing it. Freelancers are dynamic since they have to balance their time for work and taking care of their family.
  12. Sammynitto

    Sammynitto New Member

    In most case it varries with the season. But sometimes freelance are desperate when low season hits them.
  13. Ednadhet

    Ednadhet New Member

    Freelancing is easy and not expensive to start, so I think it’s not a desperate move. They don’t have to wake up early and getting hard time snoozing an alarm because they can either work from home and make money infront of a trusty computer. Also, freelancers enjoys time flexibility and freedom unlike having a traditional 9-to-5 working hours, they can work from wherever they want or accepts projects that interest them.
  14. Madamdyosa

    Madamdyosa New Member

    Absolutely not. Freelancers are not desperate people. They just want to earn extra income for their necessities and also it's like a blessing in disguise.
  15. Will_post_4_food

    Will_post_4_food New Member

    I'm a freelance writer and this career is absolutely amazing, there are few positions that will pay for doing what we as freelance writers provide. Desperate is not a word I would ever use to describe my own conditions but I am sure there are some freelancers that are financially desperate. Everyone has to start somewhere, unfortunately when you buy a computer there isn't a questionnaire stating, "Do you plan to be a freelance writer, if so please see the sales associate for your one million dollars." However, from what I've seen in this industry, if you provide quality content you will never be desperate for work.
  16. NO!!! I do not why people have that mentality, I mean desperation and having a job does not even add up. My father told me once that going online for a job is useless and to be honest that really hurt. I understand that society demands people to go corporate but, is it so bad to have an alternative?

    As currently doing freelance jobs I am thankful for it because the thing most people say worthless is the one giving me a job. I suggest trying it out first before passing a verdict.
  17. skyintern

    skyintern New Member

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Well I have this friend, who was a big time commercial director for a fair size company with warehouses nationwide.

    He quitted his job to become a freelancer, as a result of that he is doing equally fine in terms of revenue, and seems happier than before.

    Was he desperate, he sure was, desperate seeing his greedy boss become richer by the day, while he couldn’t be with his family and friends working all the time.

    As I see it, to have the chance to choose to work as Freelancer, really brings out the best in people and the economy would benefit from being more flexible in this way.
  18. Rubi85

    Rubi85 New Member

    I do not think so. I see freelancers as extremely brave people. Often they could earn a good salary with all the security that most of us crave, but they prefer risk. Usually they are creative, very positive and with an incredible organizational capacity.
  19. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    Desperate people are those who deal with anything despite their safety. Like drug dealers and sluts. Freelancers is definitely not one of them. These are people who value working at the same time they value having time with their families. They love their families to the point that they work beside them. I am one of those people. I work at home not because I am not qualified for a job at a company but because I cannot leave my kids and work far away from home.
  20. GeRoL

    GeRoL New Member

    Personally, I believe that freelancers are not desperate people. Why? Because I also consider those who are not capable of working in the office.

    A great example of what I am referring to are those people who are sick or disabled people who also need to provide & survive.

    So for me, it's not a desperate move but a reality that it's also a platform for helping people succeed.

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