Are freelancing writing jobs really worth your time?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Mihajlo Lecic, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Mihajlo Lecic

    Mihajlo Lecic New Member

    Are freelancing writing jobs worth your time and do they pay off?
  2. RnM02

    RnM02 New Member

    I must say that writing jobs as freelance worth your time and effort if you are working in a secured and known sites. There are really many sites that really pay depends on your work and the content of your job. They can pay from 10-68 dollars per hour. Despite of this i can also say that there is a lot of fake and scam sites, so i can suggest that you should only register and work for a secured one.
  3. whifflet

    whifflet New Member

    I think they can be extremely lucrative if you choose the right ones, or if you hustle for clients. If you're looking for a steady paycheck, it's best to have multiple eggs to write for so you'll have options if the work dries up at one of them.
  4. thegreatgamer36

    thegreatgamer36 New Member

    yes it worth our time and plus they give high earnings to you can and cannot get you bored or if you do this every day you may get bored.
  5. kristina07

    kristina07 New Member

    I want to be honest and tell you that I came here to look for the answer myself. I'm actually considering to be a freelance writer and being a newbie entails a lot of time because you need to watch and read a lot in order to know a lot. So I guess I will have to find out soon.
  6. prince21

    prince21 New Member

    This is my first time to get Free Lance, writting jobs. But for me I do believe that free lance Worth my time because of not just getting paid, but your writting skills and intelect gets inhance to the next level. It helps me more to get progressive and having a resourceful thoughts and ideas that come out to my brain. If it helps me alot, Why not yours?
  7. estanruperto

    estanruperto New Member

    The freelance community is a growing community of writers from all over the world and all walks of life. The usual job structures that we are used to are crushed with the freelance model. Imagine working from home, having control of your time, accepting contracts that you like and not wearing an office uniform, are just the many perks a freelancer can enjoy. Freelance writing in the past have not been very rewarding because of the limited exposure you get when your work gets published in the newspapers or magazines. Penetrating the national or international publishing arena is such a great battle ground that only the best can be accommodated. Now with so many platforms the internet can offer, you can reach a far wider audience than ever before, even a newbie can have his share of the internet space. What can be more rewarding for a writer than having your work touch others peoples lives. To be able to present your ideas to the world and be accepted is the greatest reward one can get.

    In monetary terms, freelance writing today is a rewarding job and it pays good money. You just have to be able to learn how to find the best market for your style. There are many companies out there that are looking for content writers to write just about anything under the sun and they pay well enough.
  8. AaronW62

    AaronW62 New Member

    Freelance writing jobs can be worth it if you put the same time and energy into them as you would a full time job. Not only this, but continuing to produce original and unique work. Some days you may only make five dollars, other days five hundred dollars. It depends on the job and whether or not the work is accepted. Finding work is the easy part, there are freelance gigs in literally every nook and cranny of the internet. The hard part is coming up with new content on a regular basis and ensuring your work is detailed.
  9. billwaf1

    billwaf1 New Member

    With utmost certainty, yes it is. According to me freelance is one of the best ways to earn online. My experience as a freelance writer have been good. I mean, it has actually enabled me to have finanancial independence as it has enabled me to pay rent and invest in my businesses. Freelancing is rewarding, as long as you approach it with diligence, passion and dedication. Success in freelancing requires one to be ready to experience the ups and downs and deal with it in the most appropriate way rather than giving up on the way. About paying, it really depends on your recent work and how you have branded yourself with your clients. Quality pays off.
  10. vonnie45

    vonnie45 New Member

    I've had a few freelance writing assignments over the past several months. However, these didn't pay as well as hoped. There are many articles online about getting started but this has been difficult. What websites are recommended to get started?
  11. Austhalina

    Austhalina Member

    For me its yes because its really helpul when u have no permant job. Instead of waisting time just sitting
    Then its better to do i for u to earn. And it can be a sideline work when your free. Dont waste time , time is gold time is money so we must do something for us to earn and save for our future.
  12. Ahmedfasih

    Ahmedfasih New Member

    Freelance writing jobs are for those who enjoy writing, if someone wants to write because you are being paid then they will be bored quite soon. for those who enjoy writing, it will be a great platform for them to showcase there skills, as on the other hand earn few bucks too.
  13. cy_bean

    cy_bean New Member

    they can be but only if you get stars or reviews that are positively being a freelancer is hard and sometimes it could take you up to a year to even earn your first commission

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