Are men better drivers than women?

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  1. RDM1015

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    I can't actually say that men in general are better drivers. I used to be a mechanic and a large auto auction several years ago and I have seen good and bad drivers from both genders. My ex-wife could basically drive anything but my present wife's driving scares my just a little.
  2. Keiki

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    In my opinion, there are no better drivers only safe drivers. Drivers who prioritize his/her safety and its passenger's are far more better than any fast drivers.
  3. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    I don't think men are better than women or it's the other way around. It all depends on the instinct of each gender. Men are more proficient in some driving task than women, even so, they have the tendency to be more aggressive while driving. Men can be easily distracted and lost control of the wheels, they sometimes don't wear seatbelt or they still drive even though their intoxicated.

    On the other hand, women are more cautious and gentler. It's like handling a child of their own and need to be careful. But as I say, women may lack some skills on how to handle a car and don't know what to do.
  4. Nobody knows for sure let us get it out there. However, I support this. To be blunt women can be more patient than men. In the road you really need that in particular in a bad day. Factors such as motor skills etc... is just that SKILLS. It has nothing to do with gender because in reality women can drive as good as men. Although VALUES plays a part as well men or women you can be well mannered or rude just the same.
  5. Julian8207

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    Most people say men are better drivers.I think this is true. But don't forget there is a women who drive cars excellent .
  6. JusUS2

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    Driving comes natural to you men? Wow, men are not better drivers than women. I'm about facts not fantasy! I will not say much on this subject matter because I do not want to offend or burden any men that can't handle reality with something called the truth. Double the amount of men over women die in traffic accidents, men are most likely to be uninsured motorist and younger men are more distracted when driving. We have more men drivers on the road than female. Men are most likely not to wear a seatbelt and even though more men pass the driving test on the first try; men are still less likely to follow all the rules of the road. For these reasons and many more women are better drivers, however, we still love our man to drive us.
  7. Rubi85

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    What exists is that ingrained idea that men are better drivers. This is due to the culture and society that only allowed the woman to drive a car much later than the man.
    I believe that gifts depend on the person and not on their gender. It is possible for a woman to master the machine as well or better than a man. What happens is that in stressful situations, regardless of whether or not you are behind the wheel, a man's brain has the ability to make decisions more quickly and in cold blood (it doesn't mean that decisions are better, just quick). The woman tends to be more sentimental and to ponder everything, which on the one hand is good at the wheel, since women have fewer stupid accidents.
  8. EZMER

    EZMER New Member

    I agree with this. I don’t believe in that old stereotype too that men drive better than women.

    People think that men are better drivers because it has already become a norm. Absolutely, men are proficient in driving, but we cannot always say “better”. We can say that men drives "faster" because they take more risk, which involves them in much accident.

    Women, in the other hand execute “proficient driving” differently. They take more precaution than men. They are calmer and gentler. They are less prone to accident and less to be involved in traffic offenses because they drive “slower”.

    I remember when my dad bought our first car. He was a taxi driver that’s why driving is so natural for him. He is calm and focussed. I was 5 that time and my older sister was 19 (yes, our parents took family planning too seriously). My older sister really likes to drive the car, but dad didn’t allow her because it was all brand new and didn’t want even a slight scratch on it. One day, dad left the car at home and went to his friends. He also left the key to my mom. Because of her urge to drive the car, my “risk taker” sister, who doesn’t even know how to start the engine, and I, her conductor, stole the key from my mom and took the car to pick up dad from his friend’s house. My dad was shock when he saw us and of course, we got scolded. But by that moment my dad was convinced that my sister has the potential, so he decided to teach her. My dad was patient. I always feel unsafe whenever my sister drives the car. But after a long time practice, my sister managed to pass her driving test (for dad, hard work was all paid off). My sister still drive up to this day, she has her own car. And whenever I ride on her car I remember how my dad drives (RIP Dad). Just like my dad, she is so natural, calm and focused. They are both good drivers.

    Driving requires focus and concentration. Whoever can execute them well, either male or female, are better drivers.
  9. Haig

    Haig New Member

    Yeah......owning to the fact that driving is all about skills and obeying the road rules, men are better drivers than the women.
    But women are more careful than the men when driving, which is one of the reason why women drivers are hardly involved in road accidents but they can be very slow while driving, of which most of them can course unnecessary traffic.
    Hence, men are better drivers than women.
  10. jenmia1974

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    Men are better drivers than women. Have you seen female drivers in F1 race? No.
    That is one proof.
  11. ewapc101

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    Women are often stereotyped as being bad drivers, but new research shows they are actually more competent than men behind the wheel.

    Young men, regular drivers and extroverted or neurotic people are more likely to be distracted while driving, the study found.

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