Are there freelance writing a scam?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by celyme, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. celyme

    celyme New Member

    This is only my own point-of-view that some freelance writing sites are doing some scam activities. I applied one freelance and they asked me for a pay, so funny, why should I pay when my intention to join them is to get a pay. I declined.
  2. Kanderson

    Kanderson New Member

    You absolutely did the right thing by declining. You should never have to pay in order to obtain a job. If you have to pay upfront then there's definitely something fishy going on. I suppose there are some jobs where you may have to pay for a background check or something like that, but in general I can't see why a freelance writing site would ask you for money.
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  3. Fruga

    Fruga New Member

    I've encountered a lot of these sites. They ask you to pay so that you can get more jobs, get payed more etc. They are always scams, obviously.
  4. Kooch

    Kooch New Member

    This is a common scam, but it usually applies to sales positions or that check scam where they send you a check for too much money ask you to deposit it then request you send them the balance back. Seriously they want labor then they have to pay there's rarely ever anything known as a easy dollar on the internet, especially these days. Smart move turning it down.
  5. abstraction

    abstraction New Member

    No, most certainly decline any company online requesting you to pay them for your services. It doesn't matter whether your a newbie or an experienced writer in the real world or in world, you should never have to pay an employee, or for contract work as a non-employee, anyone trying to hire anyone online or in the real world as a writer, editor or proof reader. Got that? Pay no one.
  6. abstraction

    abstraction New Member

    I don't believe any freelancing writing position I've received on hire from writer to editor and a few times proof reader ever asked me to pay money? Back ground check? If any employer wants a back ground check, they will be financing this on their own and not telling you about it until they've finished a background check on you. This is none of your concern, unless you have something in your back ground that needs a check, yes? Other then that, you should be sailing.
  7. Gingermom

    Gingermom New Member

    Every occupation I believe will have someone being scammy and trying to take advantage of others. You did the right thing by turning down the job, you shouldn't of had to pay them to be able to work for them.
  8. Pravish Shetty

    Pravish Shetty New Member

    According to me any website which is asking money to allow you to freelance on their website is a scam in most of the cases. Postloop is a legit place where you can do freelance writing without a fear of being cheated. online scams have been going on ever since we came in to the digital world. So please be careful when it comes to paying money someone electronically. Check and double check it before you pay.
  9. YsabeauO

    YsabeauO New Member

    This is a typical scam-practice indeed. It reminds me of Nigerian scams actually. You did a good job not accepting! It's crazy how they try though... I hope no one falls for these tricks.
  10. Billy Kindell

    Billy Kindell New Member

    I don't know if it's allowed to be said here, but I use PPH for my writing jobs. Sometimes people will try to take your work and not pay. But that will always happen, everywhere you go. I think for me the key part is to make sure you have a good relationship with the people that pay you.
  11. Lefttidge1823

    Lefttidge1823 New Member

    There are a lot of freelance scams out there, but are legitimate. I've heard that if anything ever ask you to pay it's a scam. You did the right thing.
  12. Reyginus

    Reyginus New Member

    Yes. So many. I've seen sites these days that operate like a Ponzi Scheme. First, they would ask you to pay for confirmation after registration. The amount is little so you pay. After some weeks(or even months)you get a gig and execute. You spread the news on how good they are and your huge pay for little work. Others rush in and wait for months before they get a gig. You don't even see gigs anymore. This pattern is highly organized and very difficult to detect.
  13. Shielababes

    Shielababes New Member

    Yes there are plenty. I had this experience before. I had this site that I signed up saying that they are looking for 'talented' writers who can post to their forums some good quality articles and in return they will pay you. If I remember correctly, the points were based on how many words you have written on your article and they will review it before they publish it and by that time they should have paid you. But on my case, they didn't. And I wasn't the only one!

    You have to be careful in choosing which site you will be writing for. Try to research them first and see if they are legit.
    Also, avoid those fishy 'clients' who will send you an invite or a pm asking for a free article and in return they will hire you, unless they are from a reputable site and they have good reviews.

    Hope this helps! Good luck! :)
  14. ladegbile

    ladegbile New Member

    It's most definitely hard to wade through all the "scams" that exist online. However, I know that there are some very legit freelance writing jobs and companies that exist. You just have to do you due diligence when it comes to finding them. I am glad you were able to see the red flag when you were asked to pay to work. Sadly, the dream of working from home for many people has caused an array of scammers looking to hustle people out of their money to surface. As you continue your search just remain vigilant and remember that if something seems too good to be true it usually is!
  15. Sheng Manigos

    Sheng Manigos New Member

    Scams are frequent and are almost everywhere! In fact, I almost fell to some dishonest people offering false hopes such as these! And it’s tedious to sift through all the information to locate the legitimate work opportunities. Sometimes you can almost immediately judge if an ad is a scam by the headline: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I never reply to ads with hyperbole.
  16. bilalahmad97

    bilalahmad97 New Member

    I think some freelancing writing sites are doing scam activities.They ask you to pay so that you can get more jobs.
    I have heard that if anything ever ask you to pay it's a scam.
    Please do not pay for these type jobs.
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  17. joynyash

    joynyash New Member

    Yes, some of them are scams especially the sites that ask you to pay a fee in order to receive work. Why would you pay to get work? Doesn't make any sense.
  18. freebird37

    freebird37 New Member

    The internet is crammed with scams. Anything you do on the internet you must be careful and choosy. Rule number one is that you should never have to pay money to get a job. That kind of defeats the whole purpose. With freelancing, I think you need to be careful and narrow down your options of which direction you want to go. There are many ways to get started, content writing is the path that most choose to start out with. For me, I like Post Loop because it is simple and easy to understand. While you are doing content writing, you can enter in some contests also. If you smell a scam, then chances are it is a scam. Be careful.
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  19. flowgard

    flowgard New Member

    There are so many freelance writing scams on the internet. It's actually pretty easy to spot them, once you know what to look out for. Like many people have said, you must always, always remember that you should never pay for a job. Don't trust freelance offers that say you'll make an exorbitant amount of money with little effort within a short amount of time. Only work with trusted employers. I highly recommend checking reviews about people and websites you are planning on freelancing for. A quick Google search can save you a lot of trouble!
  20. Creditperfectdoll

    Creditperfectdoll New Member

    Most definitely there are scams at every turn when it comes to freelance writing. I have run into a few myself. The companies promising thousands upon thousands of dollars for articles written seem too good to be true. However, I have a few reputable sources via Youtube that makes finding writing jobs less of a hassle. I trust only a few Youtube channels to lead me in the right direction and I will list them below. The channels listed will provide helpful tips and thoughtfully researched information. I hope you find success in your endeavors!
    3.Jordan Roper
  21. macgirl1968

    macgirl1968 New Member

    Yes there are some scam sites out there but there are also many legitimate sites. I have been doing some freelance writing online now since late 2013. Even amongst the legitimate sites the pay can vary from pretty low to decent to even paying pretty high.

    You were absolutely right to decline as you should never have to pay to join and no legitimate site will ask that you pay to work for them. The most you should ever have to do is possibly a little unpaid work to demonstrate your skills (like we are doing on this forum for instance).

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