are you a dog lover?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by aizabmalsi, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. aizabmalsi

    aizabmalsi New Member

    what do you consider in getting a friendly companion- a dog perhaps... are you athletic, out going, nature lover,, do you have an active.. or do you have allergies??? do you a guard dog??? maybe a K 9 unit is perfect for you like German shepherd or Belgian Mallonois... or are a senior that needs a friend to rely on.. or do you need a service dogs.. or a toy dog??? what ever you like to pet into, just be a responsible dog owner... and love your furry friend with all your might...
  2. donald78

    donald78 Member

    Yes, I am. I am a dog lover but I don't have a dog or any pets in my house. I prefer not to at this time because no one will take care of them when I'm away at work. I find it hard to have a pet especially when I'm at work. But, I know someday somehow I will find one for me.
  3. Jearnado

    Jearnado New Member

    Yes, I am. Every time I get home from work, I know somebody at home is really looking forward to seeing me.

    I sometimes break down and think about how pitiful my situation is and looking at my dog, seeing how contented he is just being with me, cuddling and playing with me, makes me view life differently.

    Having my dog with me makes me more appreciative and stress-free. He's not a pet even. He's more of a happy pill really.
  4. lrbsantos

    lrbsantos New Member

    I am. I am a foster mom of a 6 month old Jack-a-bee. A mix breed of Jack Russel and Beagle. I named her Isay from the word Talisay where she originally came from. She is one of the dogs we rescued in Batangas last January 15, 2020. She is the first pup I handled and so far the experience is very overwhelming and just happy especially when I get home. Things are just hard whenever I go to work because it is really hard to leave her at home with his watery eyes staring at you. Overall, I suggest you to have one too.
  5. Tempt

    Tempt New Member

    I love dogs. I live with my boyfriend and he has a pitbull, and it is such a lovely dog which enjoys company and cuddling.
  6. pilarmram

    pilarmram New Member

    Dogs have been part of my life since the day I was born. I'm a senior and have two German Shepherds, one Corgi and two Yorkshire Terriers.

    My Shepherds encourage me to exercise, they are perfect guard dogs, I do lock my gates for added protection but there hardly is a need to.

    My Corgi is a bundle of joy! Never a dull moment with her and pleads to show how good she is with her obedience training in exchange for her rewards.

    My Yorkshires on the other hand sleep with me. They're hyperactive and good watchdogs. They can sense movements and hear noises quite far from my room.

    It's not easy having a dog. The responsibility never ends. I don't have house help at this time so I own up to everything needed to keep them healthy and happy.

    If you're crazy about dogs, then all the work you put into them will be a joy!
  7. johnmelvin

    johnmelvin Member

    i am a dog lover some times dog will help you feel comfort, they dont rationalize they will love you just show them that you care. but time will come the dog will die and thats really sad feeling since i experience it last january, my dog die and its really hurt
  8. McAra

    McAra New Member

    Hi Pilarmram, I'm a dog lover myself and I enjoyed reading this post of yours! It seems you really love your furry friends. All of your experiences together were very much lovely to see and experience myself. I wanna see how fierce your Shepherds are. I wanna play with your joyous Corgi. And I love to cuddle your Yorkshires.

    Dogs really are a man's best friend. In return with the great responsibility you made they trust you with all their lives.

    I'm glad I run along with your post. Stay Happy and connected with your buddies!
  9. caveatemptor

    caveatemptor New Member

    We have a dachshund and we love him to infinity and beyond! I call him “Spike” which was the name given to him by my 7 year old nephew. Lol. Since my wife and I remains childless until now, we treat Spike as a baby. It comes to a point that it is so hard to go to work because all we want to do is to spend our time playing with him. His eyes would show his sadness whenever we leave him for work and it really break our hearts! There are times that we would take him to strolls in the mall or by the beach, which he really loves! Imagine his tiny legs while running in the beach, it really is so funny and cute! I am happy to find this thread and share the joy of having a dog in our lives. Let us all remember to love them and take care of them as if they are humans too.
  10. agne

    agne New Member

    I adore dogs.They the best companions that always there for us.They so helpful to people and the best friends.Dogs make you laugh constantly and brings smile.Dogs are part of our lives like family members and gives us best memories yo remember.The best time is spending with them.And the feeling of holding a puppy is so amazing.They so adorable and beautiful.
  11. danielnicaa

    danielnicaa New Member

    Yes, I am. I love dogs, I like to play with dogs. It is beautiful how they are happy when you do something with them.
  12. mosesczar

    mosesczar New Member

    I have had scary experinces with dogs, but I still love them, and I just don't know how. First it was in my childhood, I've had dogs chase me fiercely, twice. And now I'm grown I've had our own dog bite me three times.

    But I really love dogs, the thought of having them as pet is cool, and so also is the thought of having them for security. Another cool thing about dogs is having to walk them along the road, going for a walk. And dogs can be very playful, in a cute way.
  13. Joaaan

    Joaaan New Member

    Yesssss. I love mine dearly. He is the sweetest pup I've ever had.
  14. ftmabalot

    ftmabalot Member

    No question, definitely dogs. They are man's best friend they say right! I love dogs so much because they treat you nicer than people do. I had a big Labrador once. I named her Barbie. I love her so much. She's so playful and adorable. She's in the heavens now, as they say "All dogs go to heaven". I like cats but for a pet I'd always choose dogs. Big or small, they are all adorable.
  15. mjoycemarte

    mjoycemarte New Member

    yes. I am literally a dog lover and I have one. every time I get home from school and I feel so stress I can say that my dog was one of my stress relievers. I am very happy to play with her. oh by the way my dog was a girl.

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