Are you a fan of Disney movies even in your old age?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by CallieJo, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. CallieJo

    CallieJo New Member

    It doesn't matter how old you are. You can still enjoy good Disney movies. Even if you have to mask your enjoyment by watching them with your children or grandchildren as a form of family fun night.

    There's a reason why parents and grandparents can recite clips from Disney movies. They are paying attention! Lol. And they likely enjoyed the movie. After all, why would you let your child watch it if you don't like it?

    Are you one of those people who feel you are never too old to enjoy a good movie even if it's intended for children? If yes, are you a closet fan or not?

    There's no shame in enjoying family friendly movies. Even if they are animated.
  2. asereht1970

    asereht1970 Member

    I am, and I think I'll always be a fan of Disney movies. They all have moral lessons which are good both for children and adults.
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  3. tammyjo

    tammyjo New Member

  4. LearningToBe31

    LearningToBe31 New Member

    My husband and I are a fan of children's movies! And we just had our first little one 3 months ago. ;) Our favorites are Pixar and Dreamworks. But we love Disney as well. It wouldn't be an odd thing to find us at a movie theater watching the latest Pixar film the past few years. No kids necessary. Hehe. Movies today are full of language, sex, and violence. Children's movies are a nice break from the usual - wholesome and entertaining. I dare you to watch movies like Monsters Inc. and not laugh. :)
  5. Andrey

    Andrey New Member

    Let it go, let it go.. can't hold did back any more. It pretty much explains everything :) , I usually do not watch non realistic movies, but Disney is unique and different , every movie got a massage, all doe Disney probably still works for me only because it was my childhood.
  6. orlando26

    orlando26 New Member

    I enjoy the old Disney movies that were in the earlier 2000's. Now and days the Disney movies don't really entertain me. They're to child like for me. Which makes them highly boring. The story is ridiculous to me. I just don't care for it. It goes along with all the horrible TV series that the Disney channel plays. Sometimes I just wonder where did all the good story writers gone that use to be there. I can't get over how badly the Disney channel became. With that said any old Disney film from the earlier 2000's I will still watch no matter the time.
  7. Ericka Cohn

    Ericka Cohn New Member

    Ha! Nobody will ever be too old to watch Disney movies. That's impossible. I love every single second out of those movies. I even have a hard drive filled with only disney movies. Is worth it. In only waiting for my niece to turn 3 or 4 years to have the perfect excuse to go with her to watch them, so nobody will ask me what am I doing alone at the movie theater watching a children movie.

    The fact that i love them so much, may be that I love animation and i plan on dedicating myself to it. Regardless of it, I would love them even if that was not the case. They are just simply amazing!
  8. CYSumner

    CYSumner New Member

    Is 23 old age? Because I definitely still love Disney movies! In fact just a couple nights ago I got lost on a click path reading all the theories and backstories to way too many Disney characters. I might be a little obsessed.
  9. JulianWilliams

    JulianWilliams New Member

    There's no reason why anybody should dislike Disney movies just because they're adults. Disney's movies aren't exclusively aimed at children and they have all the expertise they need to make their movies appealing to the widest possible audience, which is what really brings in the money. I've actually watched Maleficent recently and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It has everything it needs to be a fun movie, and the box office has confirmed it is. Apparently that movie alone has grossed about 757 million USD worldwide on a production cost of about 180 million :eek:.
  10. takocos

    takocos New Member

    My kid never liked Disney. Refused to watch them, because he said they were too feminine, too girly. Even though I was like, "This is about a LION! A MALE LION THAT IS A BOY!" He still refused to watch them. So I watch them without him. I never "masked" it with a child, I just watch what I like. I'll break into some "Part of This World" right here, right now.
  11. Alyssa Santos

    Alyssa Santos New Member

    It doesn't matter how old you are, if you think a movie is a good movie, then it's a good movie, regardless of if it is a Disney movie. Personally, I love Disney movies and i always will. My favorite Disney movies would have to be Peter Pan and Frozen.
  12. kaciesmom

    kaciesmom New Member

    It doesn't matter if it is Disney, Pixar or Quentin Tarantino. If a movie is good, I will watch it. Some of my earliest memories are going to see the Disney movie "Blackbeard" with my family at the movie theatre in the '70's. The Disney movies are quality entertainment and I love watching them.
  13. mommyof4

    mommyof4 New Member

    Some of my all time favorite movies are Disney movies. I have watched them all many, many times. I have four children and I laugh when my teenage boys are sitting with their 9 year old sister watching Cinderella!! Or when my girls were watching Beauty and the Beast and go outside to play and I find my husband and I still sitting there watching it when they come back in an hour later! They are the best movies!
  14. morganmar33

    morganmar33 New Member

    Yes! Disney movies inspire children and adults to dream. In a world full of horrible things, you can turn on a Disney movie and escape to a place where fairytales come true. I learned what true magic was by watching Disney movies. They just seem to melt away all the worries of life.
  15. syrkt

    syrkt New Member

    I have not yet reached that age of being "old" but as a student in her 20's, I would say that I do still enjoy Disney films a great deal. From the old classics to the new releases, Disney has always been that one type of film that I could never get tired of. With the stresses of every day life quickly catching up with me as I transition into full adulthood, Disney helps me maintain that childhood innocence and wonder of the world which I find myself needing every now and again. I am definitely not a closet-fan as everyone who knows me well enough is aware that my preferred film choice on any given day would be a Disney film, and I am perfectly okay with that!
  16. Krissy1011

    Krissy1011 New Member

    I personally have always loved Disney movies, and I don't think I'm going to out-grow that haha! I grew up surrounded by movies such as "The Little Mermaid" and "The Lion King" -- as a kid I think I had a basic understating of the storyline, but was mainly entrapped by the visually appealing animation and the rich array of musical compositions. Watching re-watching these Disney movies today, I find myself still being taken back by the quality of the films, but also I have a much deeper understanding of the story.

    The way Disney movies bring together the young and the old is something I really enjoy! They are just GOOD movies; they are well written, and excellently executed in my opinion. And I know I'll be sharing my love of Disney with my children one day :laugh:

    I just recently saw the newest Disney movie "Frozen" and absolutely loved it! Hehe :)
  17. GodComment

    GodComment New Member

    The fact that I grew up on their films and always I see now wants cartoons all the time so it continues to haunt me and I enjoy it ( :
  18. Susan Ohra

    Susan Ohra New Member

    They range from mediocre to great. Frozen was really overhyped in my opinion and Cars 2 got too much flak. I like the Cars and the Planes movies. I still try to see the new Disney movies as soon as possible or I'll just rent them when they come to stores.
  19. Sharla78

    Sharla78 New Member

    There's no such thing as too old! I have two children, a 8 and 6 year old and I've introduced them to movies that I've watched as a little girl. My grandmother still has read a long stories on vinyl if I truly wanted to be old school about it. ;) Nontheless, movies like Bambi and The Fox and the Hound , even Lady and the tramp are now stories we have in common and I can relate old childhood memories to. The latest movies Disney has presented simply creates new family fun memories together. I as a true parent, as much as your kids sings and recites every word of their "favorite" movie ( because there will be another favorite movie as long as Disney makes them ):) I will never grow tired of hearing them in excitement and enjoying the moment of being in love with their favorite character.
  20. Mdpid

    Mdpid New Member

    I LOVE Disney movies as an adult and I think I always will! I loved them as a child but now it's a different kind of appreciation. Sure there's just the plain old nastalgia of hearing the songs again but I find that, especially in the newer half of Disney flicks, there's more adult type humor that I never caught onto as a kid. I find myself laughing at things that my own kids don't catch as they're watching because they don't understand that type of humor yet. I love that Disney puts content into their movies that is just as entertaining to parents as it is to their children. And yeah...I still sing along to my favorites at the top of my lungs;)
  21. I can't imagine a version of me that doesn't love Disney. Beauty and the Beast isn't just my favorite Disney movie, it's one of my favorite movies period. I have a playlist of Disney songs in my iTunes. A long playlist.
  22. azguard

    azguard New Member

    I like old ones as much as new ones.
    Have almost all of them in my collection.
  23. Kevin Dean Rogerson

    Kevin Dean Rogerson New Member

    Yes for sure. I think that Disney create some of the strongest and most profitable content within the film industry.
  24. sophie832

    sophie832 New Member

    That's my favorite as well! I think it's because that was one of the films I saw in the theater when I was a kid. I also have a huge amount of Disney songs in my iTunes, lol. Now that I am older, though, I do appreciate the classic Disney films more. My favorite early Disney film is "Fantasia."
  25. azguard

    azguard New Member

    Disney film are for kids and the ones that want to go back when we are kids. Me personally like to go to movie theater with kids to watch or to rent it and watch.
  26. charles uahinui

    charles uahinui New Member

    Disney movies provide us with the oppurtunity to relive a simpler time. While enticing us with a new story and adventure.
  27. VitaMuse

    VitaMuse New Member

    Although still in my early twenties, I consider myself a young adult, and I have to say that Disney do produce some great movies. Although not all of them are for me, I can appreciate the humour contained within the ones that have been released recently. I also am a sucker for an old disney movie, nothing takes you back to your childhood like watching The Lion King or Aristocats.
  28. @larry18213

    @larry18213 New Member

    No I am not a fan of Disney movies. Disney lost it's way a while ago. The Fox and The Hound, Jungle Book, those are good movies. Frozen was terrible and the black princess movie they released was insulting to black people in that it was so unmemorable and unentertaining it probably made racists out of a whole new generation of children who should know better than that.
  29. RandiWininger

    RandiWininger New Member

    I never think anyone is to old to enjoy a good Disney movie! I watch them all the time and I do not have any children in my household. Sometimes when I can't decide on anything good to watch I always find a good Disney movie to play. The only 2 that I rarely watch are Bambi and The Fox and The Hound, only because I always end up crying like a baby. Sometimes I will start watching The Lion King and then I get to where Mufasa dies and I always tear up and ask myself why did I decide to watch this I know what is going to happen! :)
  30. Dusan

    Dusan New Member

    I enjoy in good Disney movies! I think that Disney movies are good for kids and for adults too. I am also fun of Disney movies! I like them so much!

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