Are you a Laptop or Desktop person?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Fartytester21, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    My mind is curious, how many of you tech Postloopers actually prefer laptop vs desktop unit or desktop vs laptop?

    I just swapped my desktop pc to a laptop because it's more convenient and portable. I know desktop performance is superb especially my last build (medium specs) but as of now I'm happy with the trade.

    How about you guys? Which do you prefer using a laptop or desktop?

  2. lostwords

    lostwords New Member

    I think it really depends what you're trying to do with it. A lot of laptops now have everything built into the motherboard. If you're going to be gaming, you're going to run into games that just simply can't run through the inbuilt graphics card. The cooling systems usually aren't as effective as desktops, and you're going to pay more for the same specs in a laptop than you would for the same hardware in a desktop.

    Having said that, if I was a student and had to take my computer to class so I could take notes and work on group assignments, a desktop would be incredibly unwieldy. I know a lot of people with a high-end gaming desktop will have a tablet/desktop combination to get around this, and it works for some people.

    If you're not gaming or running high-end work programs then you're probably not going to work your computer hard enough for any of the specs to matter, so just get a laptop. If you're clumsy and risk dropping it and ruining your hard drive, make sure you get one with a SSD.
  3. Miguecy

    Miguecy New Member

    If you are an outdoor goer's or likes a handy things... The best for you is the laptop...

    Laptop suit an on-the-go world. They can be unplugged from an external power source, and taken with you. Typically, they take up less space and don't require you to purchase a separate monitor.

    Laptops are very portable due to their compact size. They were designed to be taken from place to place, carried in a backpack or laptop carrying case. They are great for on-the-go use.
  4. nephi97

    nephi97 New Member

    I know desktop computers to be great but, personally I like to use a laptop. It feels more convenient for me since I like taking my laptop elsewhere. They are portable devices that can help anyone accomplish work and assignments. I can honestly do everything with my laptop. I can watch movies, listen to music, surf the web and play games as well.
  5. Artemis456

    Artemis456 Member

    I dont know about this since i only have laptop but if i will have both. Still laptop, i mean you can bring it anywhere! You can even used it without plug, unless it will be low battery soon/ :p
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  6. orvenio

    orvenio New Member


    I personally use both laptops and desk computer. But desktops make more sense than a laptop to me. Usually, I value performance over portability. Desktop computer is easier to upgrade, which makes it possible to get more performance out of your pc.
  7. cgrayjugs

    cgrayjugs New Member

    I always prefer using desktop rather than laptops. Comfortable to work when you have that comfy swivel chair and wide screen monitor while eating your chips on your comfort zone desktop tables.
  8. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    Personally, I like using a laptop rather than a desktop. The reason why I like using a laptop is that it is more convenient to use. I can bring it anywhere I wanted to, unlike desktop in which you can only use in a certain place like home or office. A laptop doesn't also occupy too much space, I could just put it in my bag and bring it anywhere I go. With a laptop, I could do my work in any comfortable place that I want. I'm telling anyone that desktop is not good, it could also help us in many ways. It's just that I'm more convenient using a laptop rather than a desktop.
  9. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    Hi guys, appreciate your responses. Well so far I'm good with my laptop having the medium specs, it allows me to do my things in a very small space in my house. On my own conclusion, laptop is best for most of users who work almost instantaneously anywhere but not for gamers who value performance over portability. I'm happy with my switch cause I just stop playing games.

    TANPOST Member

    I think laptops over desktops . Laptops are easier to operate - and you can relocate them and operate them outside .
  11. Poostloop

    Poostloop New Member

    I would choose a desktop over a laptop. I really feel comfortable in using a desktop because of the insurmountable power and features that it has compared to a laptop. Aside from that, a lot of manufacturers are designing and releasing new models and builds that contains new and exciting features. The community support is so vast that it takes less time to find a solution to a problem. A desktop is easy to use, flexible and most of all upgradeable.
  12. avillafuerte

    avillafuerte New Member

    I am a laptop person. With a laptop with decent specs, you could do anything with it, everywhere. Well for me, I use it in my daily job that is why it is very convenient for me to carry it anywhere. Only cons is its short battery life, so it defeats the purpose of it of being wireless because you always need to plug it in for charging purposes.
  13. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    Exactly, battery is the only cons when using our laptop device. Though for the people whose always on the go, this is the perfect fit to our busy online world :)
  14. Zyrylrago

    Zyrylrago Member

    I only have a laptop but if I have to choose, I’ll choose the laptop. It is more convenient than a desktop since you can bring it anywhere. I’m a student so I sometimes need it in school to present reports, for doing theses and other things that I can’t do with the desktop.
  15. leodavid09

    leodavid09 Member

    I also prefer laptop because I can bring it anywhere I want. Sometimes, I use it while I am lying in bed.
  16. utkvodka

    utkvodka New Member

    I prefer laptop since you can carry it anywhere it is portable.
    Desktops would make sense if you have a permanent work place or study place at home.
  17. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    I prefer laptops for the portability they give vs desktops because they both provide the same functions disregarding that desktops offer more perks that a laptop can't provide and also because of the nature of my work I'm more fond of laptops.
  18. kuik

    kuik New Member

    I prefer Desktop for gaming and havy programs. But laptop is definitely better for office work. Being portable is another plus. We live in times where smarthphones can do as much as laptops. Having a desktop and smartphone is the most practical option for me.
  19. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    i'm a laptop person than using desktop. It is more comfortable and convenient to use. With laptop you can work easily specially if you are a freelancer online who used most of the time. With laptop you can work anywhere you want or wherever you are since you can carry it easily.
  20. Ghaza

    Ghaza New Member

    I am a laptop user and I prefer laptop not just because I travel very frequently, but I am a student and a student who goes to school and comes back home every weekday needs a laptop. I will only recommend a desktop if you will only use it in one place like an office, workshop, laboratory etc because it will be more convenient. And, if you are a gamer like me, a desktop is the best.
  21. Jonasaguilar

    Jonasaguilar Member

    Desktops are large in size and have a separate monitor. While it's possible to take a desktop from place to place, it's cumbersome and not the choice for portability. They are designed to be used in a single location and not moved around much, if at all. So i must say that i am a laptop user
  22. iGenesys

    iGenesys New Member

    Honestly, i am a desktop user, because i love watching movies, playing quality games and i am used to a bigger monitor. However, the biggest advantage of laptops is portability, which makes work a lot more confortable and efficient.
  23. markobozicz

    markobozicz New Member

    As I need to take my laptop on my job and in school, I prefer laptop. Someone say that desktops are better for gaming. Other say that desktop is for work and console is for gaming. Laptops are definitely not for hard gaming (with proper cooler they might be, these days exist a lot of gaming laptops with really cool performances). Also many people hate touchpad on laptop (I hate it and has wireless mouse instead of touchpad)
  24. Pen29

    Pen29 Member

    I am currently using a laptop but planning to switch to a desktop because I think it's more flexible, stable and fast. If you want to upgrade more, and we all know the performance of desktop that's why most of the gamers prefer it. I can bring my laptop outside but I'm looking forward to the performance of a desktop which is great and is more important to me.
  25. goldenraph

    goldenraph New Member

    I make use of both the desktop and laptop simply because each of them is suited for different purpose. The advantage which the laptop has over the desktop is its flexibility. I can easily carry my laptop around and make use of it anywhere and anytime. However, I make use of the desktop whenever I'm at home.
  26. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    I have bolt
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  27. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    I am more of a laptop person. Because you can bring it on your home and work. You can also bring your laptop anywhere in your house
  28. Keeyshaa

    Keeyshaa New Member

    I am actually a laptop person. Laptop has a lot of advantages and it really helps me to do the things I ought to do. First off, It is very convenient. I can bring it anywhere and I can do things with it anywhere and anytime as well. Laptop is like a smartphone as well. There are features in smartphones that laptop can also do.
  29. stoxinc

    stoxinc New Member

    I actually love my laptop because its mobility beats that of a desktop and you can work with it from anywere.
  30. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    Laptop for me.

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