Are you a Vegetarian?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Hozyboy, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Hozyboy

    Hozyboy New Member

    When some people think of being a vegetarian they are usually terrified. I love eating meat and to think that I could just stop eating that would be like torture to me.

    Just tell me are you a vegetarian? And if so how does it feel not being able to eat meat?
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  2. Kitkat1126

    Kitkat1126 New Member

    Yes I am. I definitely can relate to you though! It was extremely hard for me once it hit me how horrible it is for the environment, your health, your ethics, etc. I had no idea what to do. Obviously the answer is "just stop", but it's not as easy as that. Once I saw how many plant based "meat" products there were it kind of gave me hope. I was expecting them to be kind of gross, but they can be actually really tasty! I found my favorite products and kind of stuck to it. I feel so much better after making that change. My blood pressure went down, my LDL cholesterol dropped, and I hit my goal weight without even trying! (also I don't have an issue with constipation anymore. Just thought I would add that in there)
  3. Susie Derkins

    Susie Derkins New Member

    Yes, I am! It honestly wasn't difficult for me to stop eating animal products because it was an ethical decision. After I read a few heartbreaking books about factory farming, meat wasn't an enjoyable option anymore. The good taste just didn't outweigh the suffering of animals bred for food. At this point, I don't miss meat at all - especially when there are amazing vegetarian options like sweet potato burgers and lentil tacos! This will sound silly, but I feel more connected to animals as a vegetarian. It almost seems like they know (on some level) that I chose not to hurt them so they're more friendly with me.
  4. Inay

    Inay New Member

    I am not a vegetarian, but I like the idea of being a vegetarian. However, If I were to ask to be a vegetarian, It would be hard only to think that I would not be able to have meat every meal since I know how the meat taste. Eating vegetables are good for the body, but then meat have proteins, iron and zinc that our body need. Being a vegetarian is a good way of keeping our body healthy, and if we are eating meat we should not indulge ourselves and consume too much of it.
  5. laurenashley23

    laurenashley23 New Member

    I'm not a vegetarian, but sometimes I will purposely cook vegan or vegetarian meals for health reasons. By cutting out meat, you can save a lot of fat, calories, and cholesterol...not to mention money! I think it's good to be conscious of how much animal meat you consume, but I could never give it up completely.
  6. JerPostr98

    JerPostr98 New Member

    I thought I would comment here in order to play devil's advocate. I am a vegetarian and I love being one. I understand that everyone has their own personal preferences though so I do not try to push my vegetarianism onto other people. For me, not eating meat isn't a big deal. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life. I honestly forget what most meats taste like and therefore I do not have any cravings for it. It's just my way of life.
  7. gtd1216

    gtd1216 New Member

    I used to be a vegetarian before, but the sweet taste of meat has found its way back into my diet! All jokes aside though, being a vegetarian wasn't so bad. You do miss some meats but you can definitely learn to live without others. Right now, I mostly only eat chicken. I've stayed away from red meats ever since I started being a vegetarian the first time. I think the important thing is to still find "meat-like" proteins to replace actual meat. Soy products are a great start, and you can also make things like chickpea burgers or walnuts and lentils for taco meat. I'd say give it a try. You may like it!
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  8. SapnaTheBaller3

    SapnaTheBaller3 New Member

    Indeed, I am vegetarian. Due to my goals to gain weight and mass, it's quite difficult getting calories and protein in my system. Yet I find a way to do it, and slowly but surely I'm getting there. It's not impossible, and there are tons of great foods out there that are vegetarian! I do agree however that those who eat meat get it easier when it comes to protein and calories. There are many benefits for being vegetarian however.
  9. FallenAngelShi

    FallenAngelShi New Member

    I'm not actually a vegetarian because I enjoy eating meat way too much. I was one for a short while when I was a pre-teen, but my parents made me stop because they didn't think I was getting enough protein. Since I've become an adult I've considered going back to trying vegetarianism, but I find myself craving my favorite foods shortly after.
  10. max pal

    max pal New Member

    I am not a vegetarian. But i was on a vegetarian diet once just for a change. Although i had cravings for non veg during that time. But its tough to be like that so i started eating non veg again.
  11. Paul Beamon

    Paul Beamon New Member

    I'm not a vegetarian but I have tried the diet some years ago. Being slightly anemic, I found that a vegetarian diet just didn't cut it. Meat was what I needed; as soon as I started eating it again my strength returned. For me it has to do with a lack of iron. Iron pills and all the iron you can get from certain vegetables didn't seem to work for me. These days I only need to eat one good red meat meal per week and I'm fine.
  12. chantelwolff

    chantelwolff New Member

    I used to be a vegetarian a very long time ago. I tried it when I was in high school and it lasted for about a year. I can't remember the exact reason I had for going vegetarian, but overall I didn't like it that much. One reason I didn't like it is because I wasn't healthy. I wasn't getting enough protein and essential vitamins and nutrients that a person would normally get from eating meats. I have never really been a big fan of eating meat, but I do love eating burger on occasion and I LOVE chicken. I also know how to eat properly now that I'm an adult and I use supplements and protein powder to replace any vitamins and nutrients that I'm not getting from food.
    It was actually pretty difficult to be a vegetarian, especially when I was in high school, because my parents were in charge of cooking meals and they didn't approve of my new "diet" and there weren't really many options for me in a school setting and I didn't know about health and how to use supplements in place of real food. Besides being vegetarian, I was also unable to eat dairy due to allergies. That might be another reason why I became so unhealthy.
    If I had to go vegetarian again, I could probably do it because I already don't consume much meat, so it wouldn't be that big of a diet change for me. Another reason is because I've done research on dieting and I know that eating a lot of red meat isn't good for people, so I would feel better knowing that I'm staying healthy, and I am able to consume more than my recommended protein intake with protein supplements as well as other foods that contain protein.
  13. Billie

    Billie New Member

    I am definitely not a vegetarian and don't know if I could handle becoming one but during the beginning of both my pregnancies I wanted nothing to do with meat, the smell, the taste and the thought of it just made me sick and so I imagine that is the same with vegetarians. I had a friend who was vegetarian and she happened to accidentally eat meat one time and when she bit into it she instantly threw up. She said the thought of eating meat sickens her and she would never go back to eating meat again.
  14. Shilme

    Shilme New Member

    I was a vegetarian for a year. I had heard about its health benefits and wanted to give it a try. I decided I would give up meat for one year just to see how I liked it and as a personal test of willpower. the day that year was up I returned to eating meat. I craved meat nearly the entire year and was decidedly unhappy the whole time. I admire people who are vegetarian but it was not the right choice for me.
  15. edz26

    edz26 Member

    No I'm not, but I ate a lot of veggies. Our body can handle both meat and veggies so I don't deprive myself to enjoy all foods as long as I eat with discipline. Lechon , steak, adobo, sea foods and my favorite dessert and salads but I ate into a small portion. Food is life.
  16. uroborosz

    uroborosz New Member

    Yes, I am for more than 6 years to be specific I'm lakto-ovo vegetarian. I tried becoming vegan but I love cheese way too much. :) I gave up eating meat mainly because of ethical reasons, but haven't regretted my choice ever since. I feel more energetic and relaxed not to mention that vegetarian diet is healthier. A lot of people asking me if I miss meat, but I don't, not at all. Actually I eat more varied and use more kinds of spices than i did before. I am a great fan of Indian cuisine.
  17. guest267

    guest267 New Member

    Yes I am a vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian for about two years now, and I don't regret it at all! I absolutely love all animals and I always felt guilty eating them. Now, I don't feel that guilt. At first, my parents found it quite strange since they do eat meat quite often. But my mother was extremely helpful and cooked seperate meals for me. Now, I mostly make my own meals. I love all of the new vegetarian options lately, restaurants and grocery stores have really stepped up their game! I'm so glad that more and more people are now eating less meat.
  18. nekochan30

    nekochan30 Member

    Well when I start to undergo diet and reduce weight, I think I could say that I am a vegetarian because I cut all the kind of meats into my meals only fish and vegetables are those what I eat , but sometimes I feel that I want to eat meats but I dedicated that don't even a little bite,Sometimes I only eat oat meals. But being a vegetarian is so hard to achieve you will only eat vegetables but it's okay it's for our own sake away from diseases and our body feels alive.
  19. vcabas87

    vcabas87 New Member

    I am an aspiring vegetarian. I have cut a lot of meat out of my diet in my effort to lose weight. I'll occasionally eat a chicken sandwich, BBQ, or fish, but mainly vegetables. The idea of going out and ordering a big slab of meat to show off my bravado is silly. I also follow PETA on instagram, so now when I walk down the deli aisle I can imagine all the squeals and cries of animals. I think I could completely cut meat out of my diet and not miss it, but it's everywhere.
  20. abegailtangara

    abegailtangara New Member

    I'm not a vegetarian but a vegan aka plant-based eater. What's the difference? well, I don't eat any animal products unlike vegetarians that still eat eggs and dairy products. I went vegan since I saw a video of a cow being hang up and slaughtered. I realized that it's not only about preventing yourself from eating meat but it's also about caring for the other beings. Other being not only that I care only about for these animals but It also comes to my realization that there are so many hungry people in different part of the world but we can afford to feed a billion of animals everyday, how is that?. Animal industry has also a dramatic effect in the environment because of the wastes that these animals are producing everyday. What's my experience? Great that I'm not eating animal's corpse, I'm not eating another female being(female cow, female pigs, female chickens), and I'm not eating someone's baby. So sorry for meat lovers out there I'm just stating the truth, you can do your own research if you want to know more about these issues.
  21. Relaterion

    Relaterion New Member

    I was a vegetarian for six years, and decided to quit. Being a vegetarian kept my weight low, helped me experiment with foods I never would have tried as a meat eater, and honestly made my digestive system feel better.

    I stopped being a vegetarian around February 2017 because I felt I was missing out on some important parts of life. I know that food isn't everything, but I was rejecting family invitations to cook-outs and barbeques because I knew there was not going to be food for me there. I would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I also faced a sad amount of lashing out from friends and family for simply being the way I was. I was basically being bullied by friends for simply eating different, and family would always prod me and ask why I was doing what I did.

    When people would see me, the first thing that came to their mind was that I was a vegetarian. That's all I was to them. I didn't have a personality to them. I don't want to be known for a single life choice, so I chose to quit.

    I now enjoy chicken tender subs weekly.
  22. simon2018

    simon2018 New Member

    Yes, I would call myself vegetarian but I may eat meat occasionally maybe twice per year or so if I am visiting family or at some really good restaurant, otherwise at home we prepare fully vegetarian meals all the time & really good ones too! We use a lot of vegetables in our meals, more sweet potatoes, avocados, more tempeh vs tofu, we do eat eggs, no cow's milk & I stay away from cow cheese as well which used to bloat me easily. We enjoy meals such as spaghetti squash with vegetables, tomato paste etc or pulled pork made from jack fruit, black beans and rice/potatoes, etc. I feel healthier not eating meat, cow's milk or cheese, no sugar including added sugar, etc. Being vegetarian also helps to reduce need for animal farming which results in suffering, methane emissions from animal farms & overall is better for the planet and everyone's well being.
  23. raffy03

    raffy03 New Member

    I'm not typically vegetarian but i eeat more veggie than meat.Im balancing my diet also.
  24. Tenten

    Tenten New Member

    Yes I'm only eating vegetables but that was before. Before, I can't even think of my self eating meats and any other frozen foods but there's a time in my life that I don't have any other food to take because of the typhoon. We can't even get out of our house and go to the market. We only have some meets in the fridge and I was starving on that that because it's almost a week that we have that typhoon. That typhoon changed my life! Because of it I'd learned to try some other food and I realized that they're not that bad but there's still some kind of food that I didn't try until now. I recommend for you guys try to it some other food to get some more body nutrition!
  25. lisa.beth

    lisa.beth New Member

    Yep, І am, fоr twо reasons.

    The fіrst іs bесаusе I’m а tree hugger. ; ) Nah, І usеd tо eat meat, gladly. Тhеn І heard thаt pigs wеrе аs smart аs dogs, sо І stopped eating pork. Тhеn аftеr awhile І began tо sее mоrе clearly thаt cows wеrе mоrе thаn јust hunks оf meat, аnd І began tо bе concerned аbоut thе terror оf thеіr lаst moments іn а slaughterhouse. Тhеn І began tо hear thаt people kеер chickens аs pets, sо І gаvе uр оn chicken аnd turkey. I’ve nеvеr bееn muсh оf а fish person, sо thаt wasn’t аn issue. І think, too, it’s better fоr mу health. Ѕоmе people don’t feel well іf thеу don’t eat meat, but whеn І quit І didn’t rеаllу feel аnу different. Вut I’ve reduced mу risk fоr colon cancer (grilled оr cured meat іs bad fоr thаt kind оf thing).

    Don’t mistake mу bеіng а vegetarian wіth аnу bad feelings аbоut people thаt dо eat meat. Yes, І wіsh іt wоuld stop, but I’m сеrtаіnlу nоt going tо dо оr sау аnуthіng іn аn attempt tо gеt people tо stop. I’m аlsо а realistic vegetarian, sо І knоw thаt sоmеtіmеs I’m going tо bе eating animal products wіthоut knowing it. Аnуthіng wіth gelatin соmеs frоm animals; I’m surе І gеt thе legally allowable amount оf insect parts іn things І eat, аnd І knоw thаt іf І eat іn а Mexican restaurant thе rice hаs рrоbаblу bееn cooked іn chicken broth, thе beans рrоbаblу hаvе pork fat іn them, аnd thе flour tortillas lіkеlу hаvе lard іn them. І trу tо avoid thоsе things, but І don’t mаkе life impossible fоr mуsеlf either.

    I stіll hаvе items mаdе frоm leather, аnd іf І wеrе tо follow а vеrу restricting vegetarian path, І wouldn’t hаvе leather goods. І trу tо avoid buying them, but sоmеtіmеs it’s јust nоt practical.

    I dо eat dairy products - milk-based аnd eggs - sо thаt mеаns I’m nоt а vegan, but аn ovo-lacto vegetarian. І knоw thаt thоsе things typically соmе frоm factory-style farms whеrе thе animals aren’t treated vеrу well, but аgаіn that’s sоmеthіng that’s difficult tо avoid.

    Surprisingly, I’m nоt аgаіnst hunting. Тhе wау І sее it, animals thаt аrе hunted fоr meat аrе living comfortably іn thеіr natural habitat, unlіkе animals thаt аrе raised іn factory farms. (Personally, І соuld nеvеr bring mуsеlf tо hunt, but that’s јust me.) Аnd оf course, animals іn thе wild hunt аnd eat prey, аnd І сеrtаіnlу can’t trу tо convince thеm tо gо vegetarian. ; )
  26. abstractizm

    abstractizm New Member

    I am a vegetarian and a proud one, though I don't have any problems with meat eaters and vegans.

    I stopped eating meat for no particular reason but now, with this hippy mind of mine, I realize that it's the best thing you can do as a human being. However, I never try to convince people to convert. I understand it as a personal choice and I simply avoid them as partners and close friends, as much as possible. :)
  27. nike8004

    nike8004 New Member

    I'm slowly trying to phase meat out of my diet; I love cheeseburgers and steak, so this has been difficult, but it helps to be too broke to afford meat in the first place :D! I've made a pact with myself that I can eat meat if I'm a guest at someone's home and they're cooking a meal with meat, because I wouldn't want to be rude or waste their food, but I don't buy any myself from the grocery store or from restaurants. There's no way I can be vegan, though. I love cheese too darn much.
  28. redj

    redj New Member

    In the last 2 years, Yes!, I considered myself as vegetarian, I don't eat meat especially red meat, i only eat vegetable and fruits but I can't stay it any longer, It's really hard to be a vegetarian, after I got married , I gradually quit of being vegetarian. But of course my intake of meats are very minimal. I'm still a health conscious.
  29. rose61

    rose61 New Member

    I'm not a vegetarian and I've never thought of transforming into one.I'm well aware of the dangers posed by red meat and that why I don't use it frequently.I like eating fish with my vegetables ,it is so delicious.Eggs also go well with vegetables .I can watch my diet but becoming a vegetarian is a tall order for me.
  30. Kieranf

    Kieranf New Member

    Yes i am, i became a vegetarian when i was approximately 12 years old after being served some un-appetizing meat. I was vegetarian for almost 10 years before i later went vegan as i was already not eating many animal products. I don't find it difficult at all, except i have to eat a lot more than most people to maintain or gain weight (My other vegetarian/vegan friends have no problem with this). I can't say how it feels to not be able to eat meat because i can! I just choose not to for my own reasons. I feel great, and have great fitness, no persistent health problems, so it is no problem for me.

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