Are You Absolutely Sure You're Not a Robot? Click Here To Check

Discussion in 'Writing Digital Content' started by albinofrog, Oct 7, 2018.


What do you post about?

  1. The Keto Diet

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  2. Literally anything else

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  1. albinofrog

    albinofrog New Member

    Are you unsure of your humanity in today's cutthroat world of creating digital content?
    Have you spent so much time online creating digital content that you're afraid you too might be digital?

    Are all your posts written in bizarre word salad fashion about a certain diet program?

    Well fear no more! Take this quick online quiz to figure out if you're an actual flesh and blood Homo sapien or merely a bot going through an existential crisis, obsessed with their weight & body image despite having no physical body of their own.
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  2. jessica13e

    jessica13e New Member

    Haha! I totally love your thought here! I have been nervous that doing this kind of writing might cramp my style. It feels.... Like it definitely could, over time, but sneaky-like. Plus, I think if I exercise all my other writing muscles, I can prevent atrophy. Other parts of this feel comfortable and conversational. I am pretty sure that it's because I haven't been more than peripheral to the world of likes and influencers and bots. Well, once I was bartending at a new restaurant when a Yelper came to my patio. She bragged about her followers and threw her social weight around making my boss act real cheesy. I was glad for her that she could feel so important for an evening, but I had no interest in reading her reviews. I hope that I can bring warmth and life as I write scripts for Ad Buddies until robots take that job too. ;) Rather than becoming a robot myself, the imagery I have of how my writing would age is an early assembly line worker, all worn out and with repetitive motion injuries! By the way, I do hope the keto diet trend dies down. I like juicing and fasting and semi-vegetarian, but not much more extreme than that. I bet it has some good principles and practices, though. Maybe some recipes? I should search for a thread on that topic! :laugh:
  3. siddarhi

    siddarhi New Member

    Oh good gracious, that blasted diet is everywhere lately, isn't it? I have seen so many articles and posts about it; I am certain that my brain is calculating fat ratios in my sleep. I am sure some of the information is based in science and useful, but the hype is drowning out what seems like every hope of reasonable analysis. Guess I'll have to wait for the health review until after the next big thing comes along. :rolling:
  4. lisamaeray

    lisamaeray New Member

    I follow a keto eating plan and I don't even want to talk about it most of the time! Your post was funny and I believe that despite my diet, I can confirm that I am human based solely on my fatigue from diet-related discussions.

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