Are you drinking enough water?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by henoba, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. henoba

    henoba New Member

    Water is life. The body needs water to survive. This is because we are made up of approximately 70% of water. Water is the only drink in this world that has no calories, so it can't make you fat. In fact you need to take more than 3 liters of water everyday to live a healthy life. Water can also be used, out of it's many uses, for slimming and detox.
    Why not try this healthy tip. What do you think?
  2. botz32

    botz32 New Member

    It's important to drink 8oz of water 8-12 times per day. It's also important to spread that out throughout the day because the body can only absorb so much water per hour. If you try to guzzle it all within a short time frame then you'll end up excreting what your body cannot absorb.
  3. npatel2

    npatel2 New Member

    In my case I used to be like many other people in the sense that I wouldn't usually drink enough water during the day and I would think nothing of it. I used to have the mind set that its ok that I feel tired and gloomy during the day while in lectures as it's always been the norm for a student to feel that way. But the past year I have started working out regularly and as a result I have felt more inclined to drink water. Also when I started to exercise regularly I also began to carry around a whole gallon of water with me at school and made it my goal to at-least finish the whole thing by the time the day is over. Although it may seem like a small change, doing something as small as just drinking at least a gallon of water a day has really helped me become a more energetic, productive, and all round more happy person.
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  4. Clarkishot

    Clarkishot New Member

    Some days I drink a lot of water, some days not as much. It really depends on what I'm doing that day. I'm a huge tennis fan and I'll play it a lot on several days of the week, those days are the ones where I drink a seemingly endless amount of waters. On the other hand there are days where I just lay in bed for every waking second, as you've probably assumed, I drink next to no water at all on those days.
  5. jmdes35

    jmdes35 New Member

    I probably do not drink the amount of water that I should be drinking, but even when I do stay hydrated, I do not notice any differences in my health. I know the effects of drinking enough water are not always visible, but because there are no immediate, direct effects of drinking more water, it is difficult for me to find the motivation or reason to focus on drinking more. I have tried to carry a water bottle with me to school or other things, but it is usually a matter of not having the time or not remembering to fill up my water bottle. I usually only drink large amounts of water on days that I perform intense exercise, which is not very often at the moment.
  6. Lisa40

    Lisa40 New Member

    I have a solution for you so you can drink more water..let me know if u like to know
  7. Maruso

    Maruso New Member

    Probably not, but I got a Fitbit recently and have been using it to track - my goal is 2 liters a day. Most days I get it and I've been learning to adapt to this amount. I've found myself noticing dehydration much better than in the past and it cuts down snacking because I can see the difference between when I'm hungry or thirsty. I highly recommend the using an app and a water bottle where you know exactly the amount so it is easy to record.
  8. samanthabarrios

    samanthabarrios New Member

    I absolutely drink enough water, I try to drink at least from 6 to 8 glasses daily since I consider it very important for my overall well-being. I drink it with every meal and I barely drink any other beverages and that is because I forced myself to get used to it for the simple reason that I know its benefits versus Coke and other carbonated drinks and artificial juices.

    Water provides me with energy and vitality, I have learned that if I am thirsty it is because I am already dehydrated and that leads me to get tired more quickly. Besides, it reduces the risks of having a heart attack or cancer.

    Overall drinking water has a lot more benefits than drinking other stuff, so at the beginning I had to force myself to drink it, but now I just drink it because I like it and its better for me.
  9. IgorIgor

    IgorIgor New Member

    Actually, you don't need to drink to much of water. You should drink water only when you are thirsty. Today newspapers, tabloids. portals etc. are writing all sorts of things because they have to write something... And so it goes, drink water 8, 10, 12 glasses a day, don't drink more than 8 glasses a day, eggs are bad for you, eggs are good for you, eggs are bad for you and so it goes.
    Salt is "bad" for you (only if you eat to much, to little is not god thing either), and reason why salt is bad is, well, water. If you eat to much salt, you will need more water, and more water raises your blood pressure and we all know that high blood pressure is not a good thing. So, all in moderation, golden rule!
  10. max pal

    max pal New Member

    Drinking water is really good for health. It maintains the fluid level in our body. Drinking water a lot in a day decreases the cravings for food. Pregnant women should drink a lot of water during their pregnancy. Drinking carbonated water is not good when compared to drinking water. It does not add any sugars to our body. It helps us from getting dehydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is ideal.
  11. Paul Beamon

    Paul Beamon New Member

    I would have to say that drinking water is good for you. There was a time when I drank heaps of soft drinks and I couldn't stand the taste of water. However, after I gave up all those daily soft drinks and drank water instead, I found that I actually liked the taste. I sometime joke with my wife and tell her that I'm a water junkie; actually this is true; I really do love the taste of water now!

    I do believe there is scientific evidence to suggest that drinking to much water can be harmful to your health. I've not looked to much into this yet. But like IgorIgor has already said, "So, all in moderation, is the golden rule." Drink when you feel thirsty and leave it at that.
  12. kpepper

    kpepper New Member

    I would agree with the previous comments. Yes, water is a valuable resource in order to keep our bodies working at optimum level, and the quality of the water is an important factor in maintaining healthy. However, I would venture to say that our fruits and vegetables equally contain amongst other things not only water but vitamins and minerals too. Perhaps a good way of valuing our body is to provide variety. Balance and moderation, if a person spends a lot of time doing strenuous physical activities it follows that they will require more water and nutrients than on a day spent working at a desk. We live in many different places across the globe which create entirely different lifestyles.Body types differ our metabolism change with time and we do not always pay attention. Health isn't just about water it is about how we successfully combine our lifestyle with a well-balanced diet which includes good quality water where possible. Perhaps the availability of good quality water for all should also be the focus as its still a luxury for many.
  13. Xrnx

    Xrnx New Member

    Yeah, maybe I'm not. I've read some articles describing how some people feel crazy benefits after increasing their water intake! It's a little unbelievable but I'll give it a shot and see how it turns out.
  14. Nelly

    Nelly New Member

    During the day, I usually drink between 3 to 5 liters of the fluid of life. Some time ago I had several kidney crises with small, but painful stones. With plenty of water, I prevent my body from producing more of these stones. Drinking between 2 to 4 liters of water per day helps you maintain your Ph in the normal range, keeps headache away from you and helps you reduce your appetite.
  15. Roxy724

    Roxy724 New Member

    I try to drink a gallon of water every day. This is a practice I started years ago when I first set out to lose 50 lbs. One the days I do not get in this amount, my body feels sluggish and my internal processes don't work properly. A word of caution, this is something you have to do gradually. If you go from not drinking any water to a gallon a day, you will be in the bathroom every five minutes.
  16. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Water is zero calorie content. Drinking water is unlimited for me, I start my day with two or more glasses of water and every two hours I try to drink another two glass. And before I go to sleep at night I drink a glass of water .
  17. wella_DA

    wella_DA New Member

    Yes, I'll make sure I'm drinking atleast two liters of water per day. To make it sure, I am bringing 1.5 liters of water when I'm going to work in the center and to consume all after my shift and to consume the remaining 500ml when I am in the accomodation.
  18. abitot1

    abitot1 New Member

    I discipline myself to drink lots of water a day. Whenever I'm going to work or just stay in the house, I see to it to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. It helps me to avoid sickness especially whenever I have a cough, I only do water therapy. Our body is made up of 75% of water and during our busy and hectic schedule, stress at work, we need to replenish our body by simply drinking water. I also recommend and advice it to my loved ones.
  19. Gendale

    Gendale New Member

    Yes I drink a lot of water a day, when I'm going out for a trip or going to school , I always make sure that I have a water with me. I drink alot of water because my throat could easily dry and it is very uncomfortable talking to someone . Nowadays the weather is sometimes too hot and drinking water or enough water could help us not to be dehydrated.
  20. keikatsuragi

    keikatsuragi New Member

    i am always drinking water. here in the philippines. not drinking water is a taboo. you will not last a day without drinking because you will be extremely dehydrated just after 2 or 3 hrs of not drinking.
  21. Kileystar

    Kileystar New Member

    I drink an extraordinary amount of water every day. The zero-calorie factor makes water an attractive alternative to other beverages, but I also find that water is far more thirst quenching than anything else I could potentially reach for.
  22. danielgd

    danielgd New Member

    Water is necessary for you to remain alive. I'm not paying so much attention to how much water I drink daily, but I try to hydrate myself as often as possible. Of course, you don't have to drink a sea of water daily. Just find your balance and pay attention to your body needs. It's always a good idea to start a day by drinking 1-2 glasses of room temperature water.
  23. Uvas

    Uvas New Member

    I think this a great idea. I bet a good chunk of the obesity problem is due to sugary drinks. I almost exclusively drink water for the last few years, with a few cups of coffee in the morning. I really don't miss Pepsi or Coke at all anymore.
  24. itsmetoni

    itsmetoni New Member

    I can never go on with life without water. I drink water even if I'm not thirsty because it refreshes me and soothes my nerves. But more importantly, I drink plenty of water because it's good for the health. It purifies the body and helps us to avoid sickness.
  25. Chewybenny

    Chewybenny New Member

    Water is the main thing I drink, so I would say I drink enough water. I guess I am lucky that soda gives me a headache everytime I drink it, because now my main drink is water! Drinking ice water also causes the body to burn calories since the body uses energy to heat the body up. This encourages me to drink even more water!
  26. livity6900

    livity6900 Member

    Yes i am drinking a lot of water and the benefits is enormous i must admit. Immediately i wake up from bed the first thing i do is to drink water.
    Try it and you will never regret.
  27. yeeshin11

    yeeshin11 Member

    Yes I am drinking enough water. Water have a lot of good benefits in our body that is why it is important for us to drink a lot of water. It also helps us to avoid different disease that we may get from eating unhealthy foods. Water is important but it is also important not to hold your urine because it will have a bad effect in our kidneys. prevention is better than cure so stay healthy.
  28. MarieLD

    MarieLD New Member

    Our body is mostly made up of water. And everyday, we are losing some of these essential liquid as we go along our daily activities through sweating,skin evaporation, urinating, stool and even in breathing. This is why drinking enough water to replace this losses is very essential to maintain our optimum health. The ideal total body water percentage for men is 50-65 percent while in women is 45-60 percent. But how would you know you are getting enough fluid replacement? Our body has its own way of telling us through sensing thirst. But for those who have certain conditions wherein their thirst sensation is decreased like in the case of Adipsia sufferers,NAM have released a general recommendation of 15cups(3.7L) of water for men while 11 cups(2.7L) of water for women to suffice the body's daily quench and body hydration. Because of this and through this guide, I am supplying my body with enough water for it to function well both inside and out in my daily living.
  29. Lian

    Lian New Member

    Yes i am drinking enough water. People who drink enough water usually have regular bowel movements. Hard bowel movements or constipation can be a sign that you aren't getting enough water.
  30. Jingoliva5

    Jingoliva5 New Member

    I install an app "Water Drink Reminder" which basically reminds to drink water every 2 hours. It helps a lot since I am not really fond of drinking water and can go on a day with coke and coffee in a day, not until I was admitted for Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones). The pain was unbearable and excruciating. The doctor advised me to drink 3L a day and my initial reaction was "That's impossible!" I could barely drink 500mL water a day but thay was before. My body needs to adjust as well and say goodbye to carbonated sodas and commercial juices. Now, I can drink as much as 2500mL and there are great benefits and changes it brought to my body. My skin is plump and glowing, signs that I am hydrated in a healthy way. I lose weight and I don't usually get hungry. I don't feel any pain anymore.

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