Are you favor of Death Penalty?

Discussion in 'Business, Politics, & Debates' started by Kimpix, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Kimpix

    Kimpix New Member

    Me , yes I am here in our country have so much crimes.
  2. normen

    normen New Member

    yes i'm favor of death penalty for those criminals who do not deserved to live because of their sins.
  3. netherwin

    netherwin New Member

    i am not in favor of death penaly. it is something that belongs in the middle ages. harder penalties does not equal less crime, if you want to prevent crimes you have to look at social environments, school and job opportunities, distribution of wealth in a nation, integration of immigrans etc...
  4. delubyo2000

    delubyo2000 New Member

    I'm not convince that the death penalty sentence will stop or lessen the is not the best solution for us,because of the corruption in the government it self.many innocent people will suffer and the person can manipulate the story behind every scene is the rich person.i can't even imagine if the death penalty will scares criminals and corrupts.we can change everything in the government by voting right and deserving officials to change this world,no one deserve to punish into death,the criminals let them suffer in the jail for their entire life.
  5. andras.nagy

    andras.nagy New Member

    I'm not. I could argue a number of different ways. The more abstract and the longer argument would be that it's morally wrong, but to make it very simple I'm going to write down the practical argument, which is that you can never be sure whether the person you want to execute actually committed the crime. There have been cases where even DNA samples have turned out to be false and completely innocent people were killed by the government. Until the chance of executing innocent people is 0, I would never support the death penalty, also it costs society a lot of money to kill someone like this.
  6. Firefly29

    Firefly29 New Member

    The most heinous crime the human could commit is and will always be a murder. Some might say they do deserve to be in a death penalty but what could be our different from them if we people put our own hands to steal there life too. As a country mostly populated by Catholic religion i would say i'm not in favor of death penalty why because research shows that death penalty doesn't lessen the statistic of heinous crime in my country.

    Furthermore, i believe that only our creator could end our life in this world. We don't have the right to kill or hurt someone. We cannot attain real peace if we always want revenge when someone hurt us. True peace occurs when we start to forgive and spread love.
  7. delubyo2000

    delubyo2000 New Member

    In predominantly catholic country we considered a lot in favor of being a human being.There's no problem in the justice system the problem is the corrupt politician and other government officials that enforcing the law,i'm afraid for the innocent people.We are only human we are not perfect and how we could bring back the dead into life if they punished the wrong person?i think that's the big question.
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  8. gabridosilang

    gabridosilang Member

    I'm neutral towards the idea. Because sometimes justice system here in our country is not fair.Most of the innocent people were imprisoned instead of the true criminals should be in jailed. But if there is a valid evidence and true witnessess like the case of rape and murder I agree with the death penalty .
  9. Divinelyrich

    Divinelyrich New Member

    Though no one created life and has the right to take it, criminals of certain crimes deserve the death sentence
  10. ayobobo

    ayobobo New Member

    All humans are equal and no one has the right to take the life of another unless to protect oneself from immediate danger. I have always wondered why certain governments consider it necessary to execute their citizens. I read recently about the planned execution of dissidents in Egypt and I was shocked at how quiet the world is. We live in an era where huge value is placed on human rights and people have more freedoms than ever before. It is surprising that bodies like the United Nations aren't doing anything to put an end to capital punishment worldwide.
  11. jparag777

    jparag777 New Member

    Well I can't be in favour of death penalty , can't be in favour of loss of life. But let's face it , Death penalty is required in rarest of rare cases . Some henious crimes like terrorism, brutal rapes and killings of children do require death penalty . After all a person who kills dozens of innocent people for no rhyme and reason can't be shown mercy.
    Therefore I would say that death penalty should be the last option in the rarest of rare kinds of cases.
  12. vader3761

    vader3761 New Member

    I'm opposed to the death penalty. To me, it's just a barbaric form of revenge, not justice. I'm glad that many states in my country are moving to have it abolished. I understand why a lot of people are in favor of it, but I don't think we should let our emotions get the better of us. Our focus should be on justice and taking another human life--no matter how heinous someone's past actions could be--does not solve anything.
  13. Markjim

    Markjim Member

    Yes I agree because people are abusing the human rights because they don't afraid of what is the possible outcome,until they don't see any worst situation that makes them scare and stop doing worst thing's
  14. ahszi

    ahszi New Member

    Yes, I am in favor of death penalty, as this is one of the best ways to prevent more gruesome crimes. We could imagine that many innocent lives were lost without it. In our country, the Philippines, death penalty was been implemented before, but now it was been abolished. I really don't think life imprisonment is always applicable to those who committed murder or homicide, rape, drug trafficking, and more. Moreover, prisons where jam-packed like sardines. Just because they don't execute those who would have deserved to die by electric chair, lethal injection, or even by hanging at least.

    Now my motto is that 'if anyone disagrees on death penalty, it is like taking care of the snakes that will also kill them and their loved ones someday!'

    I also remembered about one of the stories of Aesop's fables, when it comes to taking care of a snake, but in the end sadly, the snake killed its caretaker. The lesson itself: 'Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel.' We don't want to end up like that. Do we?
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  15. simplyannmaureen

    simplyannmaureen New Member

    Wikipedia define death penalty as 'Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is killed by the state as a punishment for a crime. The sentence that someone be punished in such a manner is referred to as a death sentence, whereas the act of carrying out the sentence is known as an execution.' Every life is precious irregardless of how it's lived so I believe that we don't have the right to take another's no matter how much we think a certain person deserves it. Christ's teaching emphasizes forgiveness and willingness to suffer evil rather than resist it by force. This may not be definitive on the issue of the state's authority to execute, but it does demonstrate a different approach to responding to evil than that established on Mt. Sinai. Christ's example in not demanding death for the adulteress supports this argument (John 8).
  16. nichole-yc1F

    nichole-yc1F New Member

    I am in favor of it however I think it's not really the manner of punishment that is our biggest concern now but the credibility of our justice system instead because no matter the degree of punishment we put in place but if our just system is a mess then it would be pointless and uaeless.
  17. Kiasos

    Kiasos New Member

    I am in favor of it, nowadays criminals taking advantages to weak people because the government is not making any rules or law to improve justice to those victims
  18. lisamaeray

    lisamaeray New Member

    I am completely against the death penalty. There are several reasons. First, I don't believe it's a deterrent. Second, it costs our country much, much more to execute people than it does to keep them alive in prison. Most importantly of all, as was said by previous posters, what if you make a mistake? In my opinion, it's better to let 1,000 guilty people live than to execute one innocent person.
  19. GalFawkesAnon

    GalFawkesAnon New Member

    Honestly, I cannot seem to form an opinion that leans more towards either side of this debate. I do not believe that humans have the right to take another human's life for any reason. Supporting the death penalty would contradict these beliefs. It doesn't make any sense to take someone's life because they broke the law and took someone's life. Weren't the same people who made that law, the same ones who also broke it?
    However, even though I haven't faced this scenario thankfully, I would personally want to kill anyone who harmed the ones I love. Therefore, I don't feel like I have enough experience to join in on this debate. I simply cannot support either side.
  20. neromare

    neromare New Member

    I believe the death penalty is okay only for inmates that jeopardize other people’s lives (staff and other prisoners). If you just kill someone who’s peaceful inside and quietly doing his time, how is he going to learn his lesson? He’s just gonna die. It’s kind of a “quit exit” actually, if you think about it.
  21. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    Yes and no for some reason. I mean, yes I am really in favor of Death Penalty because criminal people don't just learn for a life sentence in prison. I know some people make things bad because they just wanted to get into jail as they don't have a living whereas in jail they get to eat properly though. Also, reason I'm saying no is because there are times that innocent people will have to experience the penalty. Things and people aren't perfect but I believe that justice will prevail and only God have the power to do that as "we" people only borrow this life from "above". Every thing matters if you believe in God.
  22. john thomas cox

    john thomas cox New Member

    I think
    It is wrong to kill. If I was murdered, taking another life would not bring me back, and I personally wouldn't want anyone else to die. The morality of capital punishment is that of the primary school playground, she pushed him, so he pushed her back, SERIOUSLY? GROW UP!!!! Statistics show that the death penalty is not a deterrent for murder. In the US states with the death penalty had higher murder rates than those without it. To further prove this point it was found that in California, when capital punishment was not in place, the murder rate went up by around 4.8% annually, in comparison to going up by 10% annually when executions took place every second month.
  23. JovanaSimic

    JovanaSimic New Member

    I believe it's wrong. It's not about a morale or something like that but about a simple fact that many people are found not guilty after having spent decades in prison. So even if there are no many people like those we cannot risk killing innocent people.
  24. lovelyknows

    lovelyknows New Member

    Well for me I'm not favor in death penalty. If you think further, there are countries where justice can be buy and it's really unfair if the one who undergo this kind of death is not guilty. God gave us life so let God take our life.
  25. buraks7

    buraks7 New Member

    This is a controversial subject. I can't decide if I support death penalty or not and the reason is not the action itself. In some aspects I believe it is good, because it is disincentive for criminals. It has a good factor on eliminating crimes. However, the most important fact that I am against it is that it is irreversible. You can't resurrect someone if she/he is proven innocent after execution is done. We all know there are cases where people go into jail and after sometime they are proven innocent and released. You can give their freedom back but you cannot give them their life back in death penalty. If it is to be executed, should only be for where evidents are clear and everyone agrees the no doubt is there.
  26. mayhes

    mayhes New Member

    If we base it on the bible, taking someone's life in our own hands is a sin because only God have the right to take someone's life at the right time. Our church, and some humanitarian groups greatly not in favor to death penalty. People has mix opinions about death penalty. Others are in favor, some are not. There are circumstances in every action we make.

    Even me, I don't know where to stand. But, if it will take us to have a safer and better place to live in, lessen crime rates that is very rampant nowadays in our society, why not? Law making body must make sure that the person who's going to be sentence and executed is the one who committed the crime not the innocent people. If we have this kind of punishment bad people will be threaten and hesitate to commit a crime. I hope so.
  27. XyferXyrus

    XyferXyrus New Member

    Yes! for me i am favor of it. First of all it is a divine judgement. There is no way to solve crimes if you just simply bring all murderers to the jail,, then what? if they have money and influence they may eventually escape or free from it. Even God said , if you kill someone, you get penalized by death unless you have forgiven by the family or relatives of the victims. If there is a death sentence in one country, people is aware and afraid to commit crime, the fear is always in their heart, and it results to zero - low crime rate in that country.
  28. jinnprixx

    jinnprixx Member

    In our country they abolished the death penalty but what happened the crime increased. The criminals didn't grab the opportunity to change for good. Some criminals killing is the way of their living. Hire them to kill. There's a lot crime today remain unsolved murder, rape, homicide, abduction and many more. Many victim's there love one still crying for justice. I hope one day God will come and judges this criminal who have no fear on him. And no love on their heart.
  29. purplesurf

    purplesurf New Member

    I find the death penalty to be cruel and inhuman. To set an execution date and time and deliberately take away the life of another human in front of a bunch of witnesses seems very cruel to me. That being said, I feel the death penalty needs to exist to serve as a deterrent for the most heinous crimes.
  30. StevRam

    StevRam New Member

    Debates have been made about death penalty here in our country. I am very much in favor about this. Crimes are higher when the fprmer president get rid of death penalty and now our present administration wants it back. Yes its meeded here in our country. Everyday I read how crimes are heartbreaking. Like raping a 9 month old baby, grandson killed his own grand mother cause he thought his grand mother was a monster with 30 stab wounds and many more. It breaks my heart and made me so mad. If death penalty will be allowed again people will be afraid to commit crimes.

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