Are you favor of Death Penalty?

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  1. oficiarellen

    oficiarellen New Member

    No, I am not favor in Death Penalty. Perhaps if I were to alter things maybe, it would be better to be a torture penalty. Any kind of torture penalty. Because killing is a grievous sin. So perhaps, a very severe torture penalty in return for what is the crime committed. If he/she killed then, maybe they can torture it severely. But i know seeing this is also outrageous, that made you to just finish it than to be condemned in one's conscience. Maybe it would be a better labor for the guilty. So I think that would be an alternative.
  2. jzrgrl

    jzrgrl New Member

    I'm not favor of death penalty, because only God has the authority to take a person life.A statistical qeustion needs a specific answer and that is the main reason why I don't like death penalty it crosses the command of God."THOU SHALT NOT KILL." Not this kind of way in eradicating crimes there is always good way that turned a bitter into better.I've go it!..
  3. MelanthaKrasos

    MelanthaKrasos New Member

    Life is a hand-picked gift endowed to mankind by our creator. I stand upon a belief that we don't have the license to kill. More so, if justice is a necessity only for the well-off members of our society.
    My country has a flawed justice system that has send numerous number of hungry beggars inside cold prison cell for trying to steal bread, because they can't fight their hungry stomach anymore while allowing politicians who corrupted hefty amount of country funds right into their bank accounts unscathed. This is a simple scenario where justice seems to be far-outreached and inevitably only for the rich.
    Make no mistake, I believe that lawbreakers, such as murderers and rapist needs to suffer the vilest death. One that allows them to question whether death is by far better than living a life of insanity. But how do you trust a system who has long been soiled? A justice system who has plunge innocent men into their grave by impartial court trial. There is no future bleaker than an accuse who stand in court charge guilty for a crime he has never committed. Then, electrified to death until what was left is a lifeless remain because justice has no backbone and is bendable at will for those who has the power to change it.
  4. babayegabullies

    babayegabullies New Member

    A BIG YES.
    Because some of the crimes that are under capital punishment include selling of illegal drugs, murder and rape. There criminals who are repeat offenders and not scared to sell of illegal drugs, murder and rape again, these type of people are termites in our community, knowing they will only be imprisoned. These type of people and those who cannot be transformed should be put to death to project the majority
  5. HBeth

    HBeth New Member

    So, the selling of illegal drugs warrants the death penalty in your country? Marijuana is illegal in my country, and while I don't use it, I can't imagine someone being put to death for selling it.

    This is a subject of which my opinion has shifted somewhat. I used to be all for it in cases of murder. Lately, though, I question whether I want the State to have the authority to put to death any of it's free citizens.
  6. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    When we talk about addicted human beings who kill innocent people because they are drowned to drugs, will you save them from being killed? No. They deserved their death. Think about those dumb headed individuals who do something to women because they are not on their right minds? Think about those people who kill kids and old citizens just because something's controlling their minds? People who are trying to save them were the real toxic on our community. They will never change and death is the only way for their punishment
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  7. mblaster

    mblaster New Member

    we are nobody to judge whether a person gets to live or die, that itself is nothing different from cold-blooded murder.
    sitting in the courtroom and feeling happy about a death verdict even though the crime committed is a grave sin, what happens to the sense of humanity then?
    instead, life sentence to manual labor in a confined environment under surveillance may at least give a second chance to realize the mistake, apologize and be of use to the society.
  8. laiza2019

    laiza2019 New Member

    Honestly speaking, i am not in favor of death penalty. We all know that only God could bring us to judgement. All of us are sinners, we do all committed sins. Even if it is a small or a big sin, it is still a sin. But since God really loved us, He gave His one and only son just to save us and be forgiven. So what's the purpose of death penalty? But just a reminder, try to do good deeds and spread love to everyone.
  9. fpzriqat

    fpzriqat New Member

    I am in favor of death penalty. Here in the Philippines, crimes are very rampant. There are killings everywhere. People are not afraid to kill people. They are not even afraid to do things which are unimaginable.Sadly, helpless children are mostly the victims.
  10. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    I'm in favor of the death penalty in cases of capital crimes. If one person can willingly take another person's life why should they have an expectation of life themselves. I don't believe that the death penalty is warranted in cases of negligence or accidental death BUT if a person willingly and purposely kills another then there is justification for the death penalty.
  11. MatS-3kmQ

    MatS-3kmQ New Member

    Actually, there is.
    Let's say I steal a car. What will follow is I´ll be incarcerated because I'm in "debt with society".
    That's nonsense. If anything, I'm in debt with the owner of the car.
    Justice systems around the world fail to make emends. Instead, they're based on retribution.
  12. Writerbgsmith

    Writerbgsmith New Member

    I never understood the argument that the death penalty is not a deterrent – has one executed convict ever committed another murder? So if the alternative is life imprisonment, how do we punish someone who is already serving a life sentence and commits another murder in prison? Give them another life sentence? I don't necessarily believe that capital punishment should be applied in every case of murder, but we do need to apply it in instances where there is no alternative discipline to punish the crime.
  13. Joan11

    Joan11 New Member

    Life is priceless and not a single sinful act should suffer a death penalty. I am against this idea because I do believe that life will not be taken unless you are God. Death penalty is an evil act for me, no one has an authority to kill a person, if God can forgive then who are we to not do like what God did.
  14. Commander32123

    Commander32123 New Member

    no, the government can't be a hipocrit and kill. when the law clearly says don't murder, don't kill.
    any sort of government-sponsored punishment only makes sense if the whole nation participates in punishing that person, in order for the rest of us to learn a lesson. (i.e: the reason why Moses got the WHOLE nation of israel to throw rocks, was to teach the illiterate nation about laws by setting a memorable example) and not about some sort of life for life justice. Justice is about restoration of what was lost, and the appraisal of what is right.
  15. allenrose1424

    allenrose1424 New Member

    Sometimes death penalty is the only solution in economic growth, to lessen the population of mankind, to stop the wrongdoings of human beings to each other, to lessen the spread of diseases (anti-vaccination leads to diseases like measles that has no cure, and HIV/AIDS), and can stop corruption in a government.

    Overpopulation is a problem in every third world country or in every country in this world. It can lead to dramatically decrease of biodiversity of species, lessen of habitats for animals, diminish the natural resources that we have to maintain the needs of the mankind, and all in all, the fall of an economy of a country.

    In Russia, HIV/AIDS do no spread because they thoroughly check you (medically) before entering the country, and if you are already in the country and you already have this disease, death penalty is what you will be facing.
  16. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    No. Killing them won't bring back a murdered person's life, a rape victim's virginity, or make the criminal and our society at large better people. You'd be surprised at how many criminals are willing to die for their crimes anyway. I much prefer sending them to guard the Spratlys Islands for the rest of their lives, to have no children and take no woman to wife, and only bestow the penalty of death when they desert their vows.
  17. JoshuaBumpus

    JoshuaBumpus New Member

    I am not in favor of the Death Penalty. In my opinion the person that committed a crime so bad should just stay in prison for life. When the inmates are killed they don't receive anywhere near the pain their victims received. They try to carry out the deaths to make them as painless as possible. Also the death is the easy way out. If I was in jail I would definitely die over staying in the place for the rest of my life.
  18. ruthland

    ruthland New Member

    Yes, I am in favour of the death penalty, the punishment awarded by the courts should be more appropriate for the crime committed.We hear of murderers , rapists and terrorists and others who committed heinous crimes serving only a fraction of what could be considered to be lenient jail sentence.It would be more appropriate to end the life of someone who commits such outrageous crimes rather than keep them in a secured institution at great expense to the public.Some countries still administer corporal punishment and this acts as a strong deterrent to others committing similar offense. In my country , the present administration wants the death penalty to be reinstated which is I totally support but the Justice system should improved so no innocent person could be wrongly convicted.
  19. JassyC

    JassyC New Member

    I live in a country where illegal drugs are rampant, and these drugs are used by the suspects who do inhumane acts. In my opinion, death penalty should be imposed for crimes such as rape and murder. One day, I have heard from the news that a man raped an 8-month old baby causing its death. Another day, there was a girl, raped and killed, by her own uncle. These cruel people are not in their right mind, especially if they are on drugs. They cannot justify their acts but they cannot just say sorry to the family of the victim. They deserve a punishment equivalent to the damage they have inflicted to the victim. Rape victims who survived develop post-traumatic stress disorder and behavioral changes. They cannot live their life normally for they will forever think of the day the crime was done to them, and they will forever be afraid of the suspect. Mental, physically, and emotionally, they are hurt. And as for murder victims, their families will forever suffer from a death of a loved one.
  20. Bainon14

    Bainon14 New Member

    I think both yes and not, I have reasons for that. In Yes, ofcourse death penalty is dererved by criminals with great arraignment. Another best reason is, they will be afraid to commit a crime because of the death penalty being emplemented by the government. We can rid the nations without the death penalty is, fearless criminals who sow dread and repeatedly commit sin.

    In tNO, there are people who are accused but they do not commit that crime.There are possibilities that the suspect will be not be executed,instead the innocent will be guilty of the sins they did not commit. Another, every person can change through discipline.
    Own opinion, both implementing death penalty is good in maintaining the order of a country. If a country is well-disciplined, it will be well and peaceful. Why do you fear if you do not commit sin?
  21. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    Yes I am, because all criminals or bud guys will not be afraid to do bad things. Life imprisonment may be enough with some crimes but death penalty for those who deserve it.
  22. alemrac0017

    alemrac0017 New Member

    Its a big YES!!!! Murderers deserve to die Criminal should be executed. Save money for food. Capital punishment should be deterrent. Murderers comiting crime lose right to live. In the past traitors ,money counterfeiters had to be executed. If they wan to live don't commit crime. Capital punishment wouldn't existed if people had behaved correctly. So don't commit crime.
  23. mschimmenhausen

    mschimmenhausen New Member

    I am against the death penalty because there's always a chance that someone was falsely convicted of a crime he/she did not commit. If you put that person to death there will be nobody left to acquit, a corpse hardly cares if its innocence gets proven. And this can always happen, even decades after the conviction!
    I would rather have 9 guilty people walk free than 1 innocent person jailed or put to death.

    I can understand why people are pro death penalty but my personal moral code won't allow me to be in favor of it.
    I also don't think the government should have the power to decide who gets to live and who gets to die.
  24. Yes! Many people nowadays are not threatened by the law. Here in our country the rape case ,incest and killings are increasing that is because they think that the law is still a joke.
  25. Bern188

    Bern188 Member

    Death penalty goes way back to the old times, even before Jesus was born. In the bible death penalty is defined as stoning someone to death for a violation or crime that they did. Take adultery for example, if someone is found committing it, the one who started it will be stoned to death in front of their families and the tribe. Nowadays, death penalty is practiced in certain countries. I am not proud to say this, but I support that type of punishment for people who do heinous crimes. It is easy to say you support or not support it but what if the offender does something unimaginable to you or your loved ones. Whats worse is that he continues to these unthinkable crimes to other innocent lives as well because there is a lack of punishment. I believe that if our society sets rules such as these criminals will have second thoughts on what evil they are planning to do.
  26. Roseville279

    Roseville279 New Member

    No, because only God have the right to take Life.
  27. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    Yes, I am in favor of the Death Penalty. I am in favor as long as the process is within the law and if the suspect is really found guilty. During the past years, many crimes were reported in the news and some of them are very serious cases like rape, murder and many more. And the worst is that plenty of these cases were still unsolved and the suspects seemed to have no fear at all. This kind of cases is not tolerable and unforgivable because most of the victims are innocent people. Death Penalty is one way to somehow solve this problem and the suspects should be punished. Also, other people who are attempting to do crime will surely think twice and have a fear of pursuing their plans.

    TANPOST Member

    I favor the Death penalty - only in senseless killing of the innocent blood. Abortionists,rapists who rape and murder their victims - especially babies and children - and serial AK-47 snipers - all need their foul heads chopped off.Yet,due to a greedy,jacked up,federal,state,and local judicial system - many are now on death row - who are innocent. They were railroaded.
  29. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    I actually am. I think it is an effective way of lessening and preventing the crimes to be committed. I am in favor of death penalty but only for crimes wherein lives were taken like murder. For any other crimes like drugs, I think a lesser punishment is appropriate.
  30. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    its a big yes for me,because death penalty is the best way to discipline the criminal/ killing innocent people.specially child abuse.

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