Are you Pro abortion or Pro life?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by caroline haley, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Alymae

    Alymae New Member

    This is a hot topic in the world today where people in all walks of life has ask this question to themselves at least once. Everyone deserves to make their own choices, you have a right to choose what you think is the best for you. It is after all your life and your responsibility.

    As I am a woman myself, I believe that being a mother is the fulfillment of womanhood. Not just by giving birth but also through adopting the unwanted babies. I am raised in a family that gives importance to life. I am a "Pro Life". It is my choice. I believe that life is a miracle. A fetus is a miracle. A baby is miracle.

    But different circumstances requires different choices to each of us. Rape victims has the right to choose to abort the baby. But I've known someone who chose to go through the pregnancy despite how it happened. It was a rough time but for her she made the right choice. She didn't let the circumstance affect her principles. She is "Pro- life" .When the baby was born she gave her (it's a girl) to a family who is willing to raise a child. This is just one option for people with unwanted babies.

    But for those out there, who clearly knows what is right from wrong you should take responsibility for your actions. You are the one to choose to engage in sex. You were not forced to do it. You cannot blame your situation, you cannot make it the reason to abort a child. A baby who is innocent, a gift from God.

    For the teens, the parents and the community should be responsible for them. Sex education must be taught. Safe sex must be stressed in schools and families should be the one to first teach it to there children.
  2. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    I'm pro life. Life is so important. Having a baby is such a blessing. But I'm still a teenage tho and I doesn't have a baby. If u r a teenager and got pregnant because of a mistake that u did. Don't abort ur baby because of ur thinking that ur parents may not accept ur baby and don't also think that ur boyfriend may leave u because of being scared of being a 'young dad'. It's ur both fault so why r u abort the baby? It's the lessons for those ppl who committed mistakes. You will learn in the mistake and u will not do it again. As I said earlier,baby is important because It also have a life.Don't blame the baby because of ruining ur life. Accept it and be matured enough to think properly.As a teenager, I choose Pro-life. Not pro abortion and not a pro choice also. Just a Pro Life.
  3. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    I definitely am pro life, but I will not judge those who are pro abortion and also those who commit abortion. We all have our own choices and beliefs, and we are responsible for our decisions in life. We cannot control what others will do, we can only give them advices but it is still up to them on what they will choose.
  4. angeloflight

    angeloflight Member

    Everyone has a choice in life but I also believe everyone should be given a chance. I am pro life and I believe an unborn baby should be given a chance in life. There are cases that abortion is an option like health risk issue but I think if a person who wants to abort because being pregnant is a mistake then they are no better than criminals. I can't imagine killing an innocent soul just because I am a coward and stupid. What if my parents were cowards and did not want me. I would not be here and enjoying life. Let us not deny these poor innocent souls the chance for life and love.
  5. Rejoyce

    Rejoyce Member

    I'm pro-life. Abortion is a sin. The 5th commandment states that we shall not kill. The fetus in the womb already has a life. It's not his fault if he was made. It's his parents'.
  6. Esang

    Esang New Member

    It is a very sensitive topic but in a good way as we can discuss our opinions regarding on this matter. I am a pro-life as because of my belief and religion that abortion is a sin and it is considered as a taboo. As a catholic it is considered as a sin as we look up on what we believe, as it is already starting to develop a life inside it is consider a life and killing a living thing is inappropriate on our belief and values. But for those cases of rape it maybe hard to accept on having baby but let be considerate that the baby has nothing to do with the situation as it remains an innocent life. This is just my opinion.
  7. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    I am pro life. All of us should live and enjoy life. They have the right to live and to see the beauty of nature. They deserve to be happy and live like normal people does. For me, the child is innocent to be aborted. I believe, it is also a blessings from above. No matter what, you will be the one who will make the decision.
  8. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I am pro-life. People want to legalize abortion are those who don't want to accept responsibility for their actions. That is not just a growth, but an innocent child. It is not guilty of anything and should not be killed because it is an inconvenience. If you don't want it, give to people who want a child.
  9. pancitcanton

    pancitcanton New Member

    From a religious perspective, I should be pro-life. But this kind of decision is a case to case basis. Still, I will always try to be pro-life.
  10. thereajaneth

    thereajaneth New Member

    Pro abortion or Pro life is not a question, whether from a religious standpoint or not. Life is what makes the world beautiful, all forms of life adds uniqueness to the earth, so I am Pro life. Teenagers and even those people who are not ready to have a family or don't want to take a responsibility are the one's who faces this kind of question. We are not in their position to judge nor to speak for them, some people on this situation prefer pro abortion because it may benefit them or they think that it is good for the baby rather than being born in a chaos world where that individual belongs. But life is right we should not the one to decide whether to give it or not. These people most especially teenagers need the guidance of their parents or a counsellor in order for them to have a clear mind about the matter. Moreover, the school should also strengthen sex education that will aim to minimize the number of teenagers involved in pre marital sex or teenagers who prefer abortion rather than life.
  11. Aii101

    Aii101 New Member

    Abortion is still an ethical issue nowadays, people used to debate in this sensitive topic. Whether it is right to terminate pregnancy before it can produce heartbeat, or abortion is always wrong because we were always taught to preserve life despite the consequences. Medically speaking, if it endanger the life of the mother, it can be morally acceptable.
  12. daveperalta

    daveperalta New Member

    I'm pro-life. This is not a difficult decision to make in my country since we highly believe in Christian acts. I do not judge people who choose to abort their babies though. I would accept medical abortion if there is no hope for the developing child.
    I believe that we all should be responsible for our actions especially those people who engage in casual sex. If you know that you are sexually active without the intentions of carrying a baby, then you should be responsible enough to use a pill or have yourself injected. The sad thing is we enjoy the "moment" so much that we do not think of the consequences anymore. Though some women got pregnant due to rape, I believe that most women who do abortion just got pregnant because they weren't thinking about their actions well. Some got drunk so much at a party or found a guy so cute they want to please him without thinking of themselves first.
    People nowadays want to do everything they want. Everything is fast and instant. Everyone wants to have fun. It's good to fight for your right however, there should be a limit. If there's no limit about everything and we are all for our own happiness and what we think is right, then this world will be so cruel and selfish.
  13. tjmay

    tjmay Member

    i am a prolife ,becaused we have all the rights to leaved what ever the reason.thas is a god gifts and creation,only god can cut our life in a right time and reason.
  14. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    I am Pro-Life because it is unjust to take human life and against the teaching of GOD. We preserve LIFE not abort it.
  15. Iprosper383

    Iprosper383 New Member

    I'm pro-life cause there is a previlege given to everyone to express themselves in all that they do and make things better for a all because of the previlege of free will.
  16. expertwitness

    expertwitness New Member

    I am pro-life. You cannot treat unborn babies as a mistake. It's hard to be responsible I know that. But you have to think about a thousand times before you unzip your pants and remove your undies. Sex is great, who doesn't want to have and enjoy sex? Just be responsible. You don't want to impregnate your girlfriend? Practice safe sex! Wear that condom brother! If you don't want to the feel of that latex rubber, then have your girlfriend took some pills. It will not kill a baby. It will just let your body not to be fertile that's all. I hate those people you rant. That they are not yet ready, they don't have money. That's complete bullshit. You're not God. Only God knows if we will live longer or have the chance to be born in this world. Everything we have, especially our lives. We owe it to God. So who are we to interfere. Think about being that unborn or unwanted baby that you plan to abort. What if it was you? In that situation. Are going to be happy that your parents decide to get rid of you? Think about it....It's not yet too late.
  17. mindpixel

    mindpixel New Member

    Scientifically I'm pro-abortion.

    Ideally, I'd rather have the concieved fetus/blastocyst/whatever removed and placed in an artificial womb, then raised in a nurturing, loving environment. But I understand technology can only allow this after a certain point. My idea is that we either remove it as soon as it is developed enough to be placed in an artificial womb; or use whatever is there for scientific research - ESPECIALLY stem cells!

    Either case - it's a woman's choice what to do with her body. Government telling them otherwise isn't right.
  18. SreekuttySudhi

    SreekuttySudhi New Member

    The opinion can change according to the ethical situation.

    a) According to Biology, the only main goal of an individual is to reproduce and diversify their genetic lineage. Even the great naturalist Charles Darwin (Who proposed the theory of Evolution in his book 'The Origin Of Species') said that "If an organism survives enough to Reproduce a fertile offspring, it can be considered as fittest in the struggle of Natural Selection.

    b) When we detect a genetic defect in the fetus during gestational / pregnancy time diagnosis, it is better to abort the fetus, Because a child with the genetic defect can reduce the fitness of the human race to a great extent.

    c) Some pregnancy can harm the biological mother. In such conditions, ethics prefer mothers than the fetus. So abortion can be done there.

    But we must consider the fact that life is formed in the fetus from the zygote formation (1st day of the baby in the womb) itself. It must be considered as an individual with similar capacity as our Sir Issaic Newton Or The great Albert Einstein. It is not a parasite living in a mothers womb by sucking the nutrients. It also has
    the Right to Live.
  19. RaffyXsammy018

    RaffyXsammy018 New Member

    I am pro life. In my opinion, it is our responsibility to take care of our body. There are ways to prevent pregnancy if you're still not ready to have one. But there are also cases that they got raped and pregnant, in this case the victim has to undergo a lot of therapy and consultations because a victim is might be under trauma and depression. She must understand what has happened and slowly accept the circumstance before she even decide whether to keep the baby or not. Anything we do will result to something, my grandmother used to abort babies when she can no longer afford to suffice all of her children, you will soon pay for anything you do to your body. She suffered with cancer and according to her doctor her previous abortion might be one of the reasons. Protect yourself girls to prevent unwanted pregnancy!
  20. knleeeeee

    knleeeeee Member

    I am pro-choice because this gives women the right to decide for their own body especially if they're raped or something because raising a child is expensive.
  21. eivonz

    eivonz New Member

    I'm pro life because every life have a bigger value and importance. Life is sacred that no one can decide to take it away except God. Don't let the child's life take it from him.
  22. Stephanieayungon

    Stephanieayungon New Member

    I am a Christian. I follow the Bible as a way of life. I don't know about others,but I grew up believing and knowing that we should not take away something if it is not ours. Life was never ours to take away. God is the author of life,our creator. Only God has the right to take away what he has given. In His time, In God's perfect time,we will all die. Death is inevitable. It is stated in the Bible that the wages of sin is death. Therefore,we will all die. But it is not us who will decide when to die nor do we have the right to take away what God has given.

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