Are you too old to watch children's shows?

Discussion in 'Television' started by ChildishGirl, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. hanylen

    hanylen New Member

    I'm 27 years old and I find myself watching cartoons like spongebob. I still I don't figure it out, the only thing is that I am so satisfied and happy watching it. Even Mr. Bean in animated series makes me laugh hard. Reminding me of my childhood days, those cartoon already exist in my childhood days. So happy!
  2. rene143

    rene143 New Member

    You're never too old to watch cartoons. My mum is 70 and she doesn't mind watching cartoons. She actually used to stop what she was doing and watch a series right up to the last episode. You should watch what you want and not what your friend thinks you should. Personaly, i think he's trying to act call and tough. I bet he loves cartoons but is forcing himself not to watch them ;).
  3. princewill

    princewill New Member

    Never.....its in my bloodline
  4. Dafina

    Dafina New Member

    No.. not for me. I can watch Tom and Jerry till am 95. Though I'd be worried to laugh and spit my teeth out
  5. ronneldash

    ronneldash New Member

    I am 2o and I think no one's ever too old for anything, especially, TV shows. We all were children before and I guess it doesn't ever leave. I love watching Tom & Jerry, SpongeBob with my cousins that are toddlers.
  6. chdz42

    chdz42 New Member

    I'm still pretty young (18) so I don't think I'm too old to watch children's shows. There are some shows that I personally wouldn't watch on my free times, such as the really young children's shows but I'd be willing to watch them with a younger kid. Other cartoons, like Adventure Time or Regular Show, -which are two of my favorites- I'll watch.
  7. neliesweet

    neliesweet Member

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    Watching the children's shows in television is a fun not only for the children but the old people. It is the entertaining activity that the kids and the old people surely enjoy.The older people can discuss and explain to the children what lessons that they learn from their favourite characters and programs, so children watching the cartoons characters should be guided by the old ones or parents because not all cartoons characters have the good lessons.
  8. neliesweet

    neliesweet Member

    I am 52 years old but I'm not too old watching children's show or cartoon characters.I love to watch cartoons characters with my children its fun and we're enjoyed to watch it but the most important was I need to explain them what we watching about.
  9. Juls29

    Juls29 New Member

    Hi guys, I'am Juliet. I've been an on and off UFC fan for quite some time. And I just managed to afford cable again, so I finally get to watch it some more! :)

    Anybody catching the fight tonight?

    Anyways, I'll see you around forums! Later!
  10. yssachwan

    yssachwan Member

    Who's too old for what? Not me! Well to be honest most cartoons nowadays should be rated 13+. The producers are actually inserting 'adult' humors on those shows. It's just that kids who mostly watch it either doesn't really focuses on what the characters say or they're too young to understand it.
  11. rickyfax

    rickyfax Member

    Definitely not. I enjoy watching cartoons with my younger siblings. It just that, it builds connection between me and them. It's like our quality time watching cartoons. And also the animation is cute and fun to watch!
  12. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    No one is too old to watch children's shows, anyone can watch what they want and the problem is the society that jugdes people who watch such shows as "childish". Me as a full-grown adult still enjoys watching shows like SpongeBob Squarepants and Adventure time because what's more important to me is the nostalgia and my own entertainment and I don't care what other people think.
  13. Makinaru

    Makinaru New Member

    I think there is no age limit when watching children shows like cartoon movies. Sometimes I watch cartoon movies to feel fun, to remive stress and to think positive because for me children movies provide lots and lots of positivities.
  14. JELLYb

    JELLYb New Member

    Nope, I don't think you will ever be too old to watch children shows. Some shows actually carry good messages as well.
  15. AlienOcean

    AlienOcean New Member

    No, I really don't think so, plus if you enjoy them why would you even consider this?
    If it feels right just enjoy your cartoons!
    (My father always makes fun of me and my brother because we watch anime, and he says cartoons are for children... well dad... I don't think Attack on Titan would be a nice cartoon for 5-year-olds to watch)
  16. stoxinc

    stoxinc New Member

    Children shows are quite fun to watch, some of them are quite interesting and usually remins us of some morals that we forget as adults.
  17. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    NO! Watching children movies brings me back to my childhood days, my innocence, and happiness just by receiving candies, Its makes me want to be a child ahead simple life simple happiness, too innocent on how life should be.
  18. Venchy

    Venchy New Member

    There's no such thing like that. You can watch cartoon/anime anytime and whatever your age is. It is sometimes fun to feel what it's like to be a kid again.
  19. Seriphif

    Seriphif Member

    You are never too old to do what makes you happy. I for one love a good show and I don't care what age group it is aimed at. In fact I don't believe that cartoons are made for children anyway. When most kid programing is put under a microscope you can see how the creators influenced it and all the double meanings. There is not a lot of children shows made for children by children. Aren't we all just big kids anyway?
    I don't have kids but I love a good cartoon movie. I always keep up with what new in movies and my nieces and nephews keep me aware of the best new shows and old ones, after my time as a kid.
  20. Mhirem

    Mhirem New Member

    There's no such thing as being too old for TV shows or movies aimed at kids. They're cute, animation and voice acting has come a long way since I was a kid, and the good ones don't make you (or kids!) feel like you're being talked down to and are just something wholesome you can watch. Besides, if you enjoy something harmless like kids' TV, why worry about whether you're the target audience or not? Just enjoy it!
  21. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    I really believe with the common sayings "Age doesn't matter" because I am living with it. We all know that it is really awkward to see adults watching cartoon movies or children's shows but as I experienced that moment as an adult I really felt the innocence and calmness of living. Children's generation is the most innocent and calm moment because they do not think too much, they do not have a lot of problems and what they do is just to enjoy life while they are still young. So, as I watch children's shows I feel like all of my problems and stress go away, I feel free and enjoy and I feel innocent and calm.

    It doesn't mean that we are adults we cannot enjoy the things that we experienced before, but to be honest we miss them and want to go back to that moment. Considering our conditions as adult, we can really say that we are so busy and stress, we have no enough time for ourselves, so what I can advise let us try to do the simple things we did before. Those simple things that made us happy can make us happier all over again.
  22. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    Yes, I'm old enough but children's shows never gets old. I still love to watch Disney movies and cartoons. As long as you are happy, age will never be a barrier for you to not watch children's movie or shows. All of us have freedom to do what we love to do, to love what our hearts want, and to kiss who we want.
  23. CJPQ

    CJPQ New Member

    No, because there is no such thing as an age bracket for watching children's shows. I believe that even as teenagers or adults, there's a kid deep within our hearts who finds joy in watching such shows. And maybe we adults watch it because it brings back so many memories, the nostalgia. When I watch Disney Channel or Cartoon Network, I remember what it was like as a kid to imitate the characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. To be honest, some of the cartoons are better than what could be watched on other channels advertised towards grownups.
  24. JMae372

    JMae372 Member

    You can never be too old to watch cartoon. Cartoons can also be considered as our memories from our childhood, well of course if that cartoon is still on the run these days, but still it's not bad watching cartoons even if you're old. Watching cartoons can also be a stress reliever, instead of watching things that would require you to think and stress yourself more, it's better to watch cartoons.
  25. lilshasha

    lilshasha New Member

    I still enjoy watching children's show even if I am already 23 years of age. There is no age limit in terms of watching children's show. Like my mom she is really fond watching fairytales. She said princess are cute and the view as well. Cartoon has a lot of good effects, animation, background music and most importantly has a moral lesson. For me, as long as I am happy and satisfied with the movie I watch, I don't care whatever other people would say.
  26. eyahserrano

    eyahserrano New Member

    I still love watching cartoons even at my age. Aside from it reminds me of my childhood for the same anime released in the past were the same anime that is still showing on the television. I don't think that age matters when it comes to watching anime for even our grandparents are still enjoying cartoons, especially the comedy ones. I also observed that anime nowadays are also millennial or updated so that children can relate to them. Even when I get older, I will still watch anime/cartoons for it is more entertaining than drama series on the television.
  27. claraysabel

    claraysabel New Member

    No, I don't think that there's an age limit when it comes to watching children's shows. Both adults and children can learn by watching them.

    There are always certain humorous scenes in children's shows that appeal to adults as well. I think everyone can enjoy watching them, and noone should be judged for it.
  28. jm32913

    jm32913 New Member

    I dont think im not old to watch classic cartoons, somehow im watching cartoons, It felt goods when im watching it.
  29. Fontez

    Fontez New Member

    You are never too old to watch kids shows, Gravity Falls is a kids show but it's still one of my favorite shows to date, the humor in the shows are really good and they're just really well animated.

    Although there are some alternatives like Rick and Morty these kids shows are still the most fun in my opinion and rewatching some shows from your childhood is one of the most fun things to do!
  30. aycee21

    aycee21 New Member

    Nope. Watching children's shows makes you feel young. I always watch together with my kids and I love them.

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