As a writer, can you rate how good your output?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Daemon245, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Daemon245

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    I am always wondering if people who are into writing were able to rate the output themselves. Just like after making a clay pot. The maker itself can say that it is a good and quality based output. I know you are the one who wrote it but how will you say it is a good one? How will you know that it is good and pleasant to the readers. I know as they say "A good writer is a good reader" but does that mean you have to re-read and re-read your output until your satisfaction? Will that make changes or will that affects the ways how should readers read the context of your output? It is a big big question for me if you writers were really the one rating your own outputs.
  2. akp555

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    Personally I don't think it's possible for a writer to rate their own writing accurately. For me, at least, the more I read over something I've written, the more I dislike it, and it doesn't help that I tend to have a bit of a perfectionist streak. So, while I might rate a piece I've written a 2/10, someone else reading it for the first time might rate it an 8/10. It's really rare that I continue to enjoy something I've written after I've read it over several times for proofreading.

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