Asus or Lenovo?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Alpha7king, Jun 30, 2017.


Asus or Lenovo

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  1. Alpha7king

    Alpha7king New Member

    I'm going to buy a laptop and I was hesitant between buying an Asus or a Lenovo. The specifications are practically the same, but I wanted to know your opinion on what my decision should be.
  2. francis22

    francis22 New Member

    My decision is Asus.I have compared the both,it's quite confusing but I noticed some advantages of ASUS over LENOVO.
    1Asus is the best battery life I have seen,even compared to other companies.You can use ur Asus laptop all through a 10 hours journey depending on the model.Asus battery is worth depending on than lenovo.
    2.Asus has a cooling my laps are a bit safe using an Asus product.
    3.Fromresearch, Asus has more experienced in production of hardware's than lenovo
    4.once you encounter any problems using Asus,there customer care is as fast as the F.B.I unlike lenovo.
    5.Asus display is the bomb including HDMI.
    6.If your the gaming type then go for Asus,there processor's are high with amazing ram storage.
    7.Asus gives you value for your money, and its more reliable compared to lenovo.
    I would suggest you go for,
    Asus X550Jx. Its cheap and it specifications are mind blowing.
  3. mccpcs

    mccpcs New Member

    Lenovo is by far better. Asus is just a small little company compared to Lenovo, so no wonder. I mean Lenovo is managed and owned by IBM.

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