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  1. Mando

    Mando New Member

    What car do you prefer automatic or manual cars ?!!
  2. Cai1228

    Cai1228 New Member

    I prefer automatic transmission but only if it is a 4 by 2 car. Automatic transmission is much more easier to drive. I live in a country where slow traffic is a daily burden to both commuters and drivers. I have experienced driving an automatic car and it is much easier to drive. In a heavy traffic, you just have to step on the brakes to stop and then release it to go, unlike manual transmission cars that you have to step into another pedal and another hand on the camber stick to just make it go or stop. For me, manual cars are just complicated.
  3. Peztana

    Peztana New Member

    I prefer manual. From my point of view, it seems funny, but I am sleepyhead, in an automatic car I could fall asleep. In addition, they are better than automatic in case of low battery, you can turn it on by pushing. (Automatic no way)

    BATINGAL New Member

    For me, I prefer manual cars because it gives the driver a feeling of being control of the vehicle. Manual drivers use the momentum of the engine to slow the vehicle down and brake more easily. Manual transmissions also improved gas mileage.
  5. RDM1015

    RDM1015 New Member

    Personally for me it depends on the individual vehicle and how strong the engine is. I own both automatic and manual vehicles and the automatics are easier and more convenient. I also own a vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine that I definitely prefer a manual. I feel that I can get better performance from a 4 cylinder with a. manual because I have control of the shift points.
  6. writemebackrightnow

    writemebackrightnow New Member

    I prefer automatic car for summer and manual car for winter.
    With the automatic car it's easier to drive inside a city because you do not always have to press the clutch pedal and change gear. Just put your car in drive mode and drive.
    If you get out of the city, in winter, where you can get snow and ice, with the automatic car, it is possible to stay snowy.
    With the manual car in winter if you stay snowy, with easy movements back and front you will be able to get out of the troubled area.
    It does not matter what kind of car you have, if you are stuck in snow or in mud, you do not have to accelerate fast the car because the wheels will enter in snow or in mud and you will get out of that area just trailed by another car.
    If you stayed with a car suspended on snow or mud, also you have to be trailed by another car, because your car wheels are no longer in contact with the ground.

  7. zupbuddy

    zupbuddy New Member

    Automatic. Common its safe and less stress
  8. Charlotte03

    Charlotte03 New Member

    For a lady like me I prefer automatic specially for beginners. :)
  9. kathcv910

    kathcv910 New Member

    I am a beginner when it comes to driving. My father always insisted to drive on a manual transmission for beginners, it really is hard but you are able to become much knowledgeable when you are driving one. And it is safer rather than automatic. You will learn on how to become best buddies with the clutch pedal and much more with 1,2,3,4,5 and the reverse gear. It will take some time but I can tell using a manual vehicle really gives you the thrilling experience of driving.
  10. arthenian19

    arthenian19 New Member

    I prefer manual for beginners cause it's too hard to drive in manual if you start in automatic.
  11. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    I used to drive a manual in my old car. A car I purchased back in 2016 is automatic. I can honestly say I miss driving a manual car. I felt as if I was a safer driver with a manual. To me I seemed to pay attention more when I was in a manual vs automatic.
  12. Lee298

    Lee298 New Member

    I prefer a manual transmission in my experience manual transmission is more reliable than an automatic transmission. Manual transmission gets better fuel economy and you can shift for power or fuel economy. Plus manual transmission is more simple than automatic transmission. In my own experience, manual transmission needs less repair than automatic transmission.
  13. Uncleclem

    Uncleclem New Member

    Depends which kind of car I'm driving personally, for a weekend/fun sports car I strongly prefer a manual as you're much more connected to the experience. However if I'm just commuting to work or around town automatic takes the cake for me as sitting in stop and go traffic with a manual doesn't float my boat.
  14. cDada

    cDada New Member

    Automatic Transmissions easier to use, less manual restrictive, better for hilly areas. Greatly reduced risk of stalling, easier to use in heavy traffic.
    Manual Transmissions Less expensive to purchase, cheaper to maintain, better fuel efficiency. Less likely to be stolen, better control.

    Basically Automatic Transmissions are easier to use and more comfortable for driver, while manual Transmissions vehicle are less expensive.
  15. pereztoday15

    pereztoday15 New Member

    I would like to have an automatic transmission vehicle because it is very easy to use and comfortable for the driver like me. Even though it is expensive but the money is worth spending. Manual transmission vehicles are less expensive and better control. We couldn't deny the fact that we need to adapt the new generations of transmission vehicle. Therefore, Automatic is way better and in time type of transmission vehicles. Let's admit it. Common...
  16. Writerbgsmith

    Writerbgsmith New Member

    I have an nostalgic affection for a manual transmission: I learned how to drive and took my driver's test in a 1986 Chevy Blazer with a stick shift. Although the first car I ever purchased had an automatic transmission, the first brand new car I purchased at the dealership was a 1990 Honda Civic with a manual transmission. I purchased my second brand new car in 2009 – a 2010 Mazda 3 – also with a stick shift. After nearly ten years together, I recently sold my Mazda 3 and am experiencing serious withdrawal. I have no doubt nostalgia will have me shifting gears again soon.

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