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  1. Mando

    Mando New Member

    What car do you prefer automatic or manual cars ?!!
  2. Cai1228

    Cai1228 New Member

    I prefer automatic transmission but only if it is a 4 by 2 car. Automatic transmission is much more easier to drive. I live in a country where slow traffic is a daily burden to both commuters and drivers. I have experienced driving an automatic car and it is much easier to drive. In a heavy traffic, you just have to step on the brakes to stop and then release it to go, unlike manual transmission cars that you have to step into another pedal and another hand on the camber stick to just make it go or stop. For me, manual cars are just complicated.
  3. Peztana

    Peztana New Member

    I prefer manual. From my point of view, it seems funny, but I am sleepyhead, in an automatic car I could fall asleep. In addition, they are better than automatic in case of low battery, you can turn it on by pushing. (Automatic no way)

    BATINGAL New Member

    For me, I prefer manual cars because it gives the driver a feeling of being control of the vehicle. Manual drivers use the momentum of the engine to slow the vehicle down and brake more easily. Manual transmissions also improved gas mileage.
  5. RDM1015

    RDM1015 New Member

    Personally for me it depends on the individual vehicle and how strong the engine is. I own both automatic and manual vehicles and the automatics are easier and more convenient. I also own a vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine that I definitely prefer a manual. I feel that I can get better performance from a 4 cylinder with a. manual because I have control of the shift points.

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