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  1. ruthland

    ruthland New Member

    Personally , I would choose an automatic car. Some drivers have difficulty in the coordination of clutch and accelerator and so are not suited to a manual gearbox. Using a manual gearbox gives more flexibilty whilst driving.In order to accelerate past slower vehicles with the manual you just select a lower gear.With an automatic you have to use a kick down which has a natural delay. Having an automatic has an advantage when doing a hill start, in that the torque converter will prevent the car from rolling backwards down the hill. Repairs to automatic gearboxes generally more expensive than manual gearboxes due to their complexity. Manual gearboxes requires clutch changes as and when required. Generally ,an automatic uses more fuel than the manual variant.
  2. Dida

    Dida New Member

    That depends on the vehicle you are driving and your personal preferences.

    If you are driving a big truck with lots of weight, then a manual gearbox is better. It gives you more options for the varying weights between loads and varying driving conditions. Auto shifts are available and they work with compromises, but just aren’t quite there with the technology for our biggest trucks carrying the biggest loads quite yet.
    For small cars, especially the small diesels most common in Europe, manual transmission are usually best. They often offer the best compromises between gear ratios for those small engines with lots of torque, but little horsepower.
  3. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    Automatic transmissions for me because you don't need to worry about changing shifts and drive casually without any worry but it depends on the terrain of your daily cruising paths. If you live in a more off-road environment I suggest going to Manual transmission as it gives more power in acceleration and you can adjust the shift of the car matching the prevailing situations.
  4. andalocjn12

    andalocjn12 New Member

    In my own opinion Manual cars are the best. Full control with the engine and transmission and not that hard or expensive for repairs. But manufacturers nowadays planning to phase-out Manual cars because of sales statistics. Most people nowadays tend to choose Automatic for comfort but for car guys and car enthusiast Manual is always the best deal. I hope manufacturers will consider the complaint of car guys and car enthusiast.
  5. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    In the Philippines, best to opt for automatic. Given the density of the cities, it is very convenient to just sit back and not push extra effort on stepping on that clutch and stick up to the next gear. This is all for the reason of convenience.
  6. prexv

    prexv Member

    I went to a driving school before and took a manual transmission lesson. Slowly and surely, I got used to it especially on gear change. Driving through ascending roads then full stopping in the middle of the road due to traffic jams is what made it difficult for me to control a manual car because there can be a possibility that the car would randomly die due to my wrong use of clutch when trying to go forward and when it does shutdown on me, the car is idle and it may move backwards if you don't step on the brake pedal during ascending inclined roads. Learning how to drive manual is good but my own mentor told me and suggested me to also learn how to drive automatic transmission. Its easy to drive around and less hassle.
  7. SkierBear

    SkierBear New Member

    I always prefer manual transmission it makes me feel like I'm doing something plus its fun to drive, has better fuel efficiency and you can drive better on ice.
  8. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    automatic i prefer to have since im just a beginner and its easy to learn and drive.
  9. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    I prefer automatic car
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  10. jm32913

    jm32913 New Member

    I prefer to drive a manual transmission than automatic
  11. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    First, just want to welcome everyone in the forum.

    I Guess it depends on the situation. Manual transmission is good when it comes to control of your vehicle especially long drives. and worst comes to worst when your car stop due to engine problem you can ask to push your car and still drive you home or at least to the nearest car shop. Unlike automatic transmission you will wait until your rescue team comes into the picture. Although on the other side Automatic cars is better when you are driving in a city specially during heavy traffic. less hassle, less focal points, less worry about the gears.

    Always remember you have greater advantage if you know how to drive manual transmission.
  12. Joel2019

    Joel2019 Member

    I am already comfortable with manual cars. We men love manual driving, it gives us a more thrilling experience than using an automatic one. But it still depends on the user's perception or let us say their comfort. Automatic cars were normally effective in cities because of traffic issues. It's very uncomfortable for you to shift gears from time to time. Manuals are great in terrain areas and overtaking actions.
  13. spiderplant

    spiderplant New Member

    I don't know how to drive a car with a manual transmission, so I prefer automatic by default. I never learned to drive manual, and neither did a lot of people I know. I have heard that there aren't actually many driving situations where manual is noticeably better.
  14. Apotter84

    Apotter84 New Member

    I grew up in Europe where manual cars were the norm. I passed my driver's license with a manual car. When I moved to the United States automatic is the norm but you can still find manual cars if you really want one. I drive both and enjoy both but I would probably prefer a stick shift (manual) if I got myself a fast sports car. I would have more fun changing the gears manually like on a race track! Automatic cars are better for city driving. It's less tiring than the manual where you have to keep changing gears every time you hit a traffic light.
  15. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    I prefer manual. at first it is not easy to learn, but if you learn it is easy to use manual and automatic. you can play all kind of vehicles. you will enjoy and have fun doing these things.
  16. zoemarie123

    zoemarie123 New Member

    I personally don't know how to drive manual so I really have to pick automatic. But I really would and think theres a big benefit to being able to drive manual. It opens it up so you can drive more types of cars. But automatic is definitely way easier to drive and much better for beginners learning to drive.
  17. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Manual, automatic cars are for dweebs.
  18. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    I like automatic cars because gives me comfort.
  19. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    Manual is better because it's a common belief that automatic cars aren't as good on fuel economy as manual cars. This is large because automatic cars shift gears depending on what it thinks is appropriate for the road and speed. On the flip-side, having more nuanced control of a manual car means you can better adapt to the road.

    but i do not know the drive manual
  20. klynne18

    klynne18 New Member

    I prefer automatic, because it's easy to use, instructions are easy to understand.
  21. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I prefer manual. If your battery gives out, there is still a chance to start your car, if you give it a good push. If you master how to drive a manual car, it makes you a better driver. Only thing I like about the automatic transmission is that it is easy to drive. Still, I feel more safe in a manual vehicle for the reasons I stated earlier.
  22. Prince98

    Prince98 New Member

    I prefer automatic,easy to operate.
    Less work in changings giving more focus on the road.
  23. Jonk22

    Jonk22 New Member

    I think that everyone should be able to drive a manual. For an everyday car, an auto is the way forward. Its easier to drive and more comfortable especially in traffic. But for a weekend car, a manual is way better because its so much for fun.
  24. Fernandorom890

    Fernandorom890 New Member

    i prefer automatic is more practical and easy to use I love it when I have to pass a lot of time in the traffic. but you have to learn how to drive manual because is the base.
  25. Emoad

    Emoad New Member

    I Hello my fellow postloopers I am of the opinion that is better Manual than Automatic for the following points
    Better fuel efficiency. Overall, manual transmission engines are less complex, weigh less, and have more gears than automatics. The end result is that you'll end up getting more kilometres out of the petrol you pump in than you would with an automatic. ... Manual transmissions give drivers
    greater control over the vehicle but the disadvantage of Manual is that It's stressful than Automatic
  26. vms1370

    vms1370 New Member

    Considering the fact that i live in a big city with heavy traffic everywhere, i would definitely choose an automatic transmission. But i have to confess, an AT gearbox has it downsides too, for example the cost of services and components are too high, another problem is fuel efficiency. Right now the average fuel consumption of my car is 11/100km which is too high for a 1.6L engine.
  27. lynsana

    lynsana New Member

    automatic u don't have to change gear all the time. but there's a pros and con's about automatic if your a new driver its better you star with manual transmission because most of new driver they are prone in accidents.
  28. emax2000

    emax2000 Member

    I would say it really matters on the distance of your journey. If you are driving on a long stretch of road lets say about 300 miles,you probably wouldn't shift your gears that much and it would almost feel like you are driving an automatic car.However with a fully automatic car the engine and transmission are always connected, leading to a more efficient use of engine power and fuel, thus providing faster acceleration and improved productivity as compared to a manual car.
  29. zLex1

    zLex1 New Member

    Definitely manual transmission, offers more control over the car, more reliable and definitely more exciting, shifting those gears- keeps you alert and interested in the journey ahead :cool:
  30. Slasher

    Slasher New Member

    I prefer Manual, Because it keeps you attention while you are in the road by shifting gear any time .

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