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Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Roselyn, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Roselyn

    Roselyn Member

    As a newbie in freelance writing, what are the basic steps to kick start because I found my self developing interest in it. Please I need suggestions.
  2. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    If you get any valid and practical suggestions, then I would love to have access to them too... Until now, all I have read is a huge lot of useless words...
  3. OneTimeMan

    OneTimeMan New Member

    Start at the beginning and work your way up till the end.

    It's simple as that. You just have to start writing, start applying, start researching. Sooner or later, somebody will notice your quality and you will be given a chance. The world (internet) is your oyster. Use it. Google it.
  4. Reese K

    Reese K New Member

    Hi, Roselyn!

    The first step is to build a portfolio. You can achieve this by creating your blog, website, or by using a third party service. I've seen freelancers be successful on You can view client jobs and make proposals. A description of the work you complete is displayed on your project along with reviews. You may also include examples of your work on your profile, regardless of their origin.

    I became a member only a week and a half ago, and I have already earned $50! However, I do not expect that to be typical in the beginning.

    Best of luck!
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  5. ahmedabderrazak

    ahmedabderrazak New Member

    Hi Roselyn !
    You might take some online courses if you were interrested in graphics design / Coding / Apps Developping because peoples and companys already needs these kind of gigs nowadays .
  6. Mah2938

    Mah2938 New Member

    Thank you for this reply! I'm too trying to start as a freelancer and hope to do well, while having quality content.
  7. Jasper Gillespie

    Jasper Gillespie New Member

    There's a massive demand for original content on the web today - everyone has to start somewhere. Establish your reputation as a writer, curate original content & get it seen. Views are value in the digital age, once you establish views you can worry about monetization. You can also offer your skills as a freelancer to other established networks - most popular blogs have a "write for us" page - There's also third-party platforms built for freelancers, however competition for these gigs can be fierce. Like I originally stated though, establish your reputation & before too long you'll have endless writing endeavors to complete.
  8. Aflowers13

    Aflowers13 New Member

    To answer your question, personally I don't feel like there is a set order of steps to take when beginning as a freelance writer. But there certainly are important steps!
    The 3 most important steps I believe will lead you to success are:
    1. Research! You cannot grow as a writer of you do not continue to learn!
    2. Find your niche. What interests you? What are you passionate about? These topics will be the easiest to run with. Use your best subjects to show your talent.
    3. Gain references, put together a portfolio. People want to see the quality they are paying for!

    (I fibbed, there's a 4th, absolutely necessary, step!!)

    4. Don't limit yourself out of fear or you will not get very far. Be honest with people, tell them when you're just trying a new thing and usually they are VERY understanding!
  9. Daffodilia

    Daffodilia New Member

    This is a great thread and I'm so glad I found it. I'm really interested in becoming a freelance writer, but I'm still wondering about the "how" part of it. It's good to know I'm not the only one!
  10. Georgia_ONeill

    Georgia_ONeill New Member

    Do you have any recommendations for sites with good entry-level freelancing jobs? I'm really struggling starting out. Thanks!
  11. vienne

    vienne New Member

    To start, you can ask around, read some great articles, attend free webinars, find people who are already VAs and ask about their job. Connect with them. There are forums for VAs, and many VAs are more than willing to share their work experience.

    Find out the PROs and CONs to becoming a virtual assistant. You must understand them in order to keep moving forward.

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