Beauty or brain?

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What is important, beauty or brain?

  1. Beauty

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  2. Brain

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  1. Cessnavie

    Cessnavie Member

    This is to know what is important?
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  2. Judyjhong24

    Judyjhong24 New Member

    I will choose brain , because for me beauty is natural to a person , for me beauty doesn't mean you have a flawless skin or pleasing personally its the inner beauty like the attitude of a person .
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  3. schexy

    schexy New Member

    Each year, billions of pesos are spent on cosmetics, facial firming, bacterial injection, double eyelid surgery, and etc. All in the name of beauty. But what is beauty? What defines it? Is there a universal beauty? Can it be obtained?

    Beauty is a comparative idea. Someone may be exceptionally beautiful wouldn't last for a long time. One's physical beauty can easily be abated. So the stability of physical attraction is not getting guarantee for life-time. If a beautiful woman or a handsome man loses physical attraction, she or he would fail getting response from other people. Beauty would not do long. The appeal of beauty must fade by the course of time.

    Knowledge is power and brain is the container of knowledge. A man is different from a beast only for his brain that makes him learn to differentiate between good and evil. Physical beauty is an added quality. Life is enlighted for brains and not for beauty. A beautiful appearance with dull brains is of no use. On the other hand, a bugle appearance having a powerful brain can produce something for a human welfare. So brains have got prominence over beauty.
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  4. Jhana0814

    Jhana0814 New Member

    Brain of course. Brain is the most important because through this you can generate manners, right conduct and problem solving. Beauty is just a plus factor and nowadays you can make yourself beautiful through plastic surgery. Well as the saying says, What is beauty if the brain is empty.
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  5. wmeditz

    wmeditz Member

    Always Brain, like they said what is beauty if your brain is empty,...
  6. Pattybright12

    Pattybright12 New Member

    I`ll choose brain but wait let's talk first why people are comparing the physical Beauty to Brain (Intelligence). The sad reality of what we have right now is that if you are a good looking person you gain more attention and opportunities. Some other jobs are looking for their so called "With pleasing personality" then if the applicant are ugly or not that good looking SOME of the employers will probably says "We will call you" but the reality is they will not hire that applicant. Some example of this jobs are Promodizer/Sales associate in malls, Stewards, Frontdesk personnel, etc. Again, SOME are like that and SOME are not. Another aspect is finding someone to be with or intimate relationship some guys prefer beauty with low IQ rather than an ugly with high IQ. Yes! That's the sad reality of our society but then again I always says SOME of them because I believe they`re so may people are choosing Brain over Beauty.
    Physical beauty is just a temporary. What was the most important? The INNER BEAUTY of a a person and Intelligence thay they may nurture throught time and will keep them in a good path of life.
  7. Gerromico

    Gerromico New Member

    I will definitely choose brain. I know many people would too. But in reality most people would pick beauty no matter how you deny it. The reason for this is we always see beauty first before brains or the beauty of the person inside. Don't you agree? But surely after you knew the person you will choose brains right? In my case i would too but brains not in terms of academic or how much knowledge she has but the brains of experience like being street smart or being able to share with me the knowledge that we can both enjoy :)
  8. Kalelkent

    Kalelkent Member

    Brain of course, since it is also the one that defines beauty.
  9. Lyka zeel

    Lyka zeel New Member

    I choose brains because their is no way I would want to be beautiful and act like a dummy or my actions will not be matching my beauty .I saw a blog on YouTube a woman trying to turn herself like a doll and I thought her actions were damn she had the beauty but without brains if she underwent through that process how will she manage her finance or even do anything so I choose brain because with brain are be able to figure out how to make myself beautiful.
  10. Lost93

    Lost93 New Member

    You do not have to be beautiful, to be smart, and you do not have to be smart, to be a beauty. Both of them, as a rule, do not go together.

    My choice is always brain. In a relationship, I always choose the brain. What will a beautiful girl do to me if there is no brain? We have nothing to talk about, we probably will not have the same topic to talk about, then there is no future in that relationship. I'm telling this from personal experience, I know how the date with beautiful girls ended. I do not say that there are no beautiful and smart girls in one, but I simply did not come across such a girl during the search for a girl.

    The fact is that men are looking for beautiful girls and that some men do not care if they are smart, but it's only important for them to be beautiful. This is the same case with girls as they look for a boyfriend.
  11. shannettemc

    shannettemc Member

    Brain always... You can enjoy looking at a person, but if you cannot hold a conversation with them then it gets a little old to rely on looks alone. If someone is not physical attractive it is still easy to enjoy being around them if they are intelligent.:thumbsup:
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  12. nataliaedgar

    nataliaedgar New Member

    Beauty is a very relative term. I think comparing beauty to the brain is not fair, neither is it justifiable. Beauty is not only defined by physical appearance, rather it describes a combination of qualities that spark another person's senses, in a manner of speaking. When we think of beauty compared to brains, we are usually thinking of an individual who is either very attractive but educationally or mentally challenged, or an individual that aces every exam but is considered by society to be unattractive. this question really just depends on your point of view and personal preference, as well as the amount you judge someone based on their outward appearance.
  13. Bacon

    Bacon New Member

    Looks are deceitful but although we knew this we fell for it countless times because our eyes are captivated by the physical appearance. So for me I would take brain over beauty.
  14. annegabby22

    annegabby22 Member

    I think it is one of the main reason why our brain is on top of our head not below our feet. aside from medical explanations, it is believed that our brain is on top of our whole body is because it needed to be on top so we can be a rational person and think before we say anything, and I think it goes well with the saying for Beauty or brains.
  15. darkreds

    darkreds New Member

    Brain over beauty anytime. Our physical appearance changes constantly over time, beauty doesn't last forever, but what's inside will last longer and it's more useful. I'm not saying that beauty is completely useless, but in my honest opinion, I'd rather be with someone who is knowledgeable. I prefer to be with people who can teach many useful lessons that I can carry throughout my life.
  16. Swordx23

    Swordx23 New Member

    When a seeing a person, we see first their physical appearance or rather their beauty. People get attracted to them by their looks not what they can do. It is the inside that counts. The capabilities or knowledge of one person can do a lot and will lead to success. Of course if you are smart, you know what is right and how to have a good attitude. People just need see the beauty on the inside which is the brains not the outside.
  17. IvyKeith

    IvyKeith New Member

    Why does no one voted for beauty? does this show that people nowadays can really see true value in ones person or bacause it is a well know question with a well known prefered answer? anyhow, i voted for brain :D Becuase thats what i treasured the most. My beauty will just depend on how others see me. Whats important is i have brain that is so obvious in me that eventually thats all they can see. Hopefully :D
  18. Komokon03

    Komokon03 New Member

    For me is the brain. Because you can use the brain more than just a beauty. Though it's better if he/she has both :D:D:D
  19. jayB

    jayB New Member

    I've thought about this question multiple times, I believe it really depends on your goals in life. It seems that in todays society beauty is an absolute key point, however there are the geniuses who end up being famous. I personally would choose brains over beauty just due to the advantages of it.
  20. Euniceellice

    Euniceellice New Member

    We are all beautiful creatures here in Earth. So I still choose Brain is important. We have to learn and gain knowledge in order to have a stable life. So that everything around you be more beautiful.
  21. psykejam

    psykejam New Member

    Depends on what you want out of a person.
    1) Profession: Brains are better if you want someone for an analytical job say engineering ; business management. Similarly, if you are looking for someone for a glamour industy job like modelling , beauty rules.
    2) Relationships: "Inner beauty " definitely is above the other two but let's just consider physical beauty vs. brains.
  22. nano4mom

    nano4mom New Member

    Growing up, I always admire people with beautiful faces and nice outfits. I even idolized movie actresses, commercial models, and even Disney princesses. For me, that is what I wanted to be because that is what the world wanted me to be. The world gives you a set of standards of what beauty should be. We can see it all over the place especially on social media.

    But as you age, beauty becomes subjective. Inner beauty becomes more important than the outside. People that seem to be focused on the superficial aspect of beauty tends to shift to the powerful traits of a person - kindness, truthfulness, integrity, loyalty, and intelligence. Particularly, those with genius minds were given more respect than those with good looks.

    Today, we can see that the meaning of beauty is changing drastically. Because having beauty is not enough, you must also have a functioning brain to go with it. Beauty pageants are the best example of this shift on what is important. These pageants show us that we can be beautiful and at the same time be intelligent and have a purpose.
  23. gawis

    gawis New Member

    A lot has been said on this thread so I'll just make mine simple. We are all beautiful creatures and we all have brains. The most important for me would be our attitude, our inner being. We could be beautiful and very intellectual but without care to others would put us nowhere. I say let us be beautiful in what we do not just to ourselves, our family members, friends, but also to our neighbors, community and to anyone that would need us. Let us be smart by giving part of ourselves to the needy and to our country.
  24. Brain is the most important. When you have brain, you can think better, and when do think better ,you can do better things, and if you do better things, you can be a good and beautiful as what people see about you.
  25. chiquinatera

    chiquinatera New Member

    I really prefer 'brain' because of intelligent people can change the world and stupid people cannot do that.
  26. raymart.marfil

    raymart.marfil New Member

    I would say that brain is more important than beauty. You know, you can find smart people attractive too and not only in their appearance but also in their intellectual skills. We tend to look at the appearance of other people. But that's not all. Beauty fade some other times.

    Brain on the other hand may be used to bring back beauty. With your skills and life hacks, you may be able to use your brain and your knowledge on how to stay beautiful. Other people may also be attracted to intelligent people which can be another aspect of how people define beauty.

    Let us not go straight and jump to conclusion. It really doesn't matter if you're beautiful or intelligent, but it matters in your attitude and how you treat others. If you have at least one of them (brain or beauty) why not try to use it that will contribute to the world and see to yourself what really meant you to be you. In the end of the day, it depends on how you seem to give essence of the two God-given blessings.
  27. denmark21

    denmark21 New Member

    a brain or beauty? different needs, might answer this in different views. so for me, a brain is what i choose from beauty for brain cannot be subjugated or transplanted and as for now, no one does. If you have brain, you have beauty, not in physical but to the aspects of life. Having a brain is an edge. you can have it anywhere and anytime and so useful in everytime and having brain is a help to a society andto the economics for a certain country needs engineer, scientists, technologist to have a productive country not a beauty queens just to wear a crown and get to forget along the way.
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  28. michael16

    michael16 Member

    Nowadays, if you are not beautiful then you will not be noticed and you will just be bullied with others. If I am going to choose it would be wisdom/knowledge and with good personality. Beauty can make a person popular, always notify with others, always monitored with other people, and loved with many people. But it is just their physical appearance that makes them well known. But if you were that kind of knowledge that can invent and built things that are not been seen yet, so why not? You will not just popular but you may become wealthy.
  29. Trisha23

    Trisha23 New Member

    When i was a teenager. I preferred beauty over brain. Beauty is all that matters when i was in high school. I would wake up in the morning thinking of what look i should get, what dress i should wear, what bag i should use. Even when i go home in the afternoon. I still think of those. I don't spare time reading my lessons. I am a science high school student not to brag but i always rely on my stock knowledge as they say. I trust it because it always works. So back to my beauty discussion. I do't do assignments. I just copy from my classmates. I do good in exams. I don't fail but all that really matters to me is how i look in the eyes of others.

    But then i started college, on my first year on my new school, i became so popular becauae of my looks. Same routine. Playing happy go lucky with my studies. Then came the second year. I had 2 failed subjects in first year. So i have to take it all up again on the second year. That moment i realized, i should never play with my studies. I must put studies first before anything else. I am currently on the last year ogf my college school and about to march the stage this June. From all the things i experienced. It is better to use your brain first. Because beauty is always with us no matter what. But the brain won't be there for long. Remember, nerve cells don't replicate! Use it wisely!
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  30. navaneethbojan

    navaneethbojan New Member

    As per my opinion brain is much more important then beauty .

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