Beauty or brain?

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What is important, beauty or brain?

  1. Beauty

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  2. Brain

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  1. renics24

    renics24 New Member

    I prefer brains anytime cause what's the use of your beauty when your brain is empty. You will have a hilarious reaction to people when they ask you some question and you don't answer or in the worst possible scenario you answer a wrong answer and you thought you had it with A SMILE. But when you have brains you will be a powerful independent woman you will be an equal to any guy that you meet and they will respect you for what you are not what you look like. That's why brains is always the first choice for me.
  2. Markjim

    Markjim Member

    For me the important is brain because if you have beauty but you dont have a brain your beauty will became useless unlike brain can do anything and easily to control your self
  3. james.duran

    james.duran New Member

    Everyone has its own beauty inside out. So I will choose brain. For me brain is not only about being intelligent or being on top of the class, brain for me is more about discipline. A discipline to know what is right and what is wrong. Beauty as well is more about attitude. So I might consider Beauty if you are speaking the deeper meaning of it. However for the sake of this discussion. I will to more brain.
  4. Rehiya Cruz

    Rehiya Cruz New Member

    When I was younger, my principle is " I'd rather be beautiful than smart" because honestly, that's all matters. Let's admit it that we judge the person first by their physical appearance. Even in job interviews, they prefer the prettier one.
    But as I get older, realization struck me that beauty is no use if you don't have a brain. We used to think, solve, and decide every day. Always remember that beauty will make us popular, but knowledge will lead us to success
  5. Rochie

    Rochie New Member

    It is better to have brain than beauty , this is the story of two laddies boasting of what they have ,other one said I'm beautiful i have all attention i need in the world , the other one said I'm somehow not good looking but i have all i desire in the world .you might be beautiful but still seeking and stressed about life ,sometimes beauty doesn't grant us anything ,lets clean up the inner person and strive for knowledge .:thumbsup:
  6. Coherence24

    Coherence24 New Member

    Many people are being mesmerized by beauty, beauty is something seen from the outside, it is something that can be changed and can be faked. however brain, is what keeps us through the years. without the brain there wouldn't be new inventions nor new knowledge for the human beings, though knowledge can be faked through cheating, one cannot be considered knowledgeable not unless they can apply what they have learned so for me brains above beauty.
  7. Ivy07

    Ivy07 New Member

    Brain. Your beauty can fade away but what's on your beain cannot get by anybody.
  8. For me both brain and beauty but enough. its good to hear if a beautiful person can do smart things.
  9. asuncionrea

    asuncionrea New Member

    Brain is more important than beauty. The reason is that brain has more functions than having a beautiful face, body, etc. Brain is one of the most important organ in our bodies. It plays a major role in our body system, like thinking, sensing, signaling and many more. It also one of the reason why we have what we have today, like the advanced technologies and the internet that I'm using now. In short, brain has much more importance than beauty because if without it, we are not alive today and using all of the things we already have right now.
  10. eegee88

    eegee88 New Member

    The saying goes, " What is beauty if the Brain is Empty?" I guess sometimes common sense is hard to find. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone can be beautiful in its own way but not everyone has the same level of thinking and perception. Although we can be intelligent by being so persistent to study many things but still brain is on top of it.
  11. Besa

    Besa New Member

    I choose the brain because it's what we usewhen we think of the right or wrong because the beuaty is in that outward form.the brain is that when you're using it you get an exam or if you have an interview and above all else it's all about.
  12. Divine68

    Divine68 New Member

    Beauty fades with time. The brain is creative. The brain can also create and enhance beauty. I, therefore, put the brain over beauty any day.
  13. Jeff Zod

    Jeff Zod New Member

    Beauty fades while the brain continues to function efficiently.
  14. Mirodge

    Mirodge New Member

    I am to choose between Beauty or Brain?

    For me I choose beauty, if you have that beauty you can set the world on fire. You don't need to speak or prove something by instantly making people look at you. All you need to do is to stand out and surely people will look at you because of how stunning are. Certainly brain will be developed in due time. That is why, we go to school and read books, so that we can learn a lot. I don't need a brain like a scientist I am happy to have be look like Mother Mary.
  15. Ritch84

    Ritch84 New Member

    Brain because beauty can be develop or how can you handle yourself a beauty is a choice but to be brainy is inherited to our parents or you are born with it.
  16. Lhea932

    Lhea932 New Member

    Definitely i prefer to be a genius than the other. I don't know why others tend to overlook what is necessary and important. In time of crisis, you cant use your beauty to sustain your everyday needs. Your beauty can't give you successful career at least no for all. Your beauty can't give you high grades until you word hard for it. Your beauty can't pleases everyone. Your beauty can't be with you forever. Whether you like it or not, it fades so fast when you least expected it. You can't have everything out of beauty but with brains well, with a pleasant personality .. You can be beauty and brain.
    Being beautiful doesn't mean everything . But in our world right now which revolves out in social media and such. A lot of people can judge you, say bad and negativity which literally hit others people self confidence thats why they were given and practiced a wrong thought that wherever you are you have to fit in and be as the same level as your co worker or peers are discarding and totally left out theor own self and just pretending just to accept by the society.
    No matter how calculate it, beauty fades and can become your liabilty while your brain and wisdom you learn through reading duplicates and an assets better for investments. So let choose brain so we can be a worthful youth who could contribute a valuable decision that our nation needed most especially this days.
  17. coltasheilamay

    coltasheilamay New Member

    Both BEAUTY and BRAIN.

    A person can't be called a person unless they have "brain" and "beauty" in their heart and soul. ;)
  18. RizaReese

    RizaReese New Member

    I would rather be brainy than pretty. A beautiful mind is always more attractive than aesthetic beauty without substance. In additon, the concept of beauty is appreciated depending on certain aspects such as culture or personal taste. Meanwhile, if you have the brains, being attrative or charismatic will be your statemind. Needless to say, there are so many ways to be beautiful nowadays and ones physical appearance will not hinder him/her to feel beautiful within.
  19. bethmallorca

    bethmallorca New Member

    Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind,pretty heart and pretty soul..
  20. John0520

    John0520 Member

    I choose brain because what is the use of beauty if your brain is empty? Beauty is just a compliment in characterestic. But knowledge is hard earned, you need to build it bit by bit. Beauty is pain and beauty will just bring you into trouble nowadays. It is better to be intellegent and you can just use your knowledge to create wonderful things and even improve the lives of people.
  21. Heln

    Heln New Member

    a shallow relation is never strong
  22. Heide017

    Heide017 New Member

    Beauty is natural and being brainy could be learned from school and to your experiences.
  23. ahdseghir

    ahdseghir New Member

    Beauty is inherited. So peaple can't judge us on something natural that we can't change . In the other hand brain is a gift but we can develop brain potential. You need brain in your life as important as your beauty . in my opinion
    ‘Beauty captures the attention but personality captures the heart.’ beauty or brain both goes hand in hand !!
  24. elsenbetingue

    elsenbetingue New Member

    I choose beauty over brain anytime. Well, before you start judging me for my choice, let me explain it to you first. I chose beauty mainly because I do not think that we should just limit the word "beauty" in a single meaning, that is, "socially-accepted physical appearance". We should also remember that there is another meaning of beauty; the beauty that is reflected in one's soul. The kind of beauty that comes from within, and radiates out into the world. The kind of beauty that uplifts others, and the beauty that is everlasting.
    A person can have all the knowledge and wisdom in the world but will not be called a desirable person if that person doesn't have the heart for God, the world, and humanity.
  25. 0strich0377

    0strich0377 New Member

    Both brains and beauty lapse and fades overtime. But to choose which I would prefer to have, that would be to be brainy. Only a few percent of the entire population have been blessed with such. More so to be innately brainy. To be intelligent can take you anywhere. It will enable you to work with the brightest minds in the world which I think is very challenging. It will help you develop technology and breakthroughs that will help not only yourself but it will transcend to the betterment of other people's lives. Even though you are just a dot in the universe, to be able to make a difference positively will get you a mark in the world. A name in the history. A legend.

    How do you define beauty? There is beauty for being brainy.
  26. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    brain because you can have a better life when you thinks brilliant what will you do to your beauty if you dont know what to do with your life
  27. KIRZZ

    KIRZZ New Member

    In today's world having brains can take you far ahead in various matters like jobs, outsmarting rivals. Most intelligent people are attractive in some way or another. And there are cases where attractive person can become unattractive based on their lack of intelligence. Beauty is fleeting, it is temporary. How long can aesthetic beauty last? Wrinkles will start to set in, you may be beautiful but will others see it that way because you have laughter lines and grey hair? Your intelligence doesn't have definite expiry date. It is a big part of your personality that can be felt and seen by everyone around you. Intelligence includes the capacity for logic, understanding, problem solving, creativity, planning and reasoning. Being intellectually advanced I can say that you have a choice to what your personality is, but if you are very intelligent your personality will be influenced greatly.
  28. arekneel70

    arekneel70 New Member

    Beauty, of course, could easily be seen, but what if after a couple of hours or days knowing this beauty. It's not what you expect her/him to be? then you realized there's something missing. There's a lot of definition of beauty, but what really is beautiful. As one says "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", every one of us has their own definition of beauty I presume.
    As for me, "Beauty is just not just another external admiration or physical appearance", there's always or should always be a catch to these flaws. I prefer the smart ones that never rely on others but rather can adapt easily to a situation. Beauty is not always on the outside, but I prefer the one on the inside. As the phrase, I reckon "there's more than meets the eye".
  29. ambitchious

    ambitchious New Member

    It's not a dichotomy.
    Beauty or brains? I'll take both, thank you.
  30. Fayye

    Fayye New Member

    Beauty can be bought, now that plastic surgery exists. That's not the case for brains, unluckily.

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