Beauty or brain?

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What is important, beauty or brain?

  1. Beauty

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  2. Brain

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  1. beermoneyhunter

    beermoneyhunter New Member

    I would say brain because you'll continually stay smart, but being beautiful will simplest benefit you when you are younger. you could date many individual or be dealt with better at the same time as in your Twenties, however most will only date stunning people, and then pick to marry the smart ones. Additionally, you need to keep in mind the blessings that beautiful people get. All they genuinely get is more attention from the other sex, but would you really want to marry a person who values a person's beauty over all else.
  2. rose61

    rose61 New Member

    Brain of course. Brain is beautiful.One would rather lack beauty than brain.Brains will open doors of opportunity than beauty would.Besides, beauty can be bought.The last time I checked there was no single manufacturer of brain .Beauty products are all over.Give me brains.Beauty,I can buy.
  3. katarinamurtin

    katarinamurtin New Member

    I would really like to say just beauty, or just brain. But I think it depends.
    For a model the beauty is what matters, for a doctor it is a brain, for a doctor that is also a model it is both .
    It is relative!
  4. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    I prefer brain over beauty. In today's world, to be intelligent takes you far ahead in various matters like jobs and outsmarting rivals. If you are intelligent you can attract people towards you. You don't need to be beautiful for other people to admire you. Wherever you go, knowledge is the most important thing you need though still many women still value their appearance more than to have intelligence.
  5. jcmagpantay

    jcmagpantay New Member

    Beauty, because brain can be improve by teaching and love. But a broken face is literally hard to repair and can cost you a lot of money and effort.
  6. lotay

    lotay New Member

    In today's generation teenagers are arguing in the 21st centuries which is more important? a beauty or a brain? well if we talked about the experiences of every individuals living in the "techy" world or the teenager who born were the technology are advanced, more that 80% said it is more important to have them both, why? having a brain or being smart individuals are more easy to fibd what they want , jobs, businesses and many more and having a beauty is like an attractive one on order to be pleasant in the eye of others so if you can have them both, grab it , use it for your own innovation.
  7. gerlon

    gerlon New Member

    For me, I would choose "Brain" because we can be more active and technologically afloat with the current events, for this reasons people must be all brainy and smart as to how the way they handled things around them. Human as we are, experiencing natural beauty is one of a very exciting to see the beautiful creation of God. But somewhat more interesting and productive when the two(2) ; brain and beauty are joined together because many of us will be inspired of its kind of being natural. But nevertheless, brain is power than beauty, and nowadays, people are working very hard for money and security. But in the other side of a coin we cannot also set aside beauty because many of us are getting inspired our distinct personalities, and practically, people who are beautiful inside and out but limited capability they are inspired to get along with brainy individual.
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  8. Deadlywest

    Deadlywest New Member

    Brains for sure and in my opinion that is a no brainier :) haha. Having brains will get you further than any beauty can in life. Don't get me wrong beauty will take you pretty far down the path since humans naturally look at the outside, because it is the first thing we see. However know that being able to think and use your head will take you the full 100 yards to the goal much easier and faster than any pretty face can. Brains won't fade the same way a pretty face can.
  9. erialcalcantara

    erialcalcantara New Member

    I prefer brainy person. For me, a smart and intelligent person is much more beautiful in my eyes. They are beautiful inside generally speaking because they know about good manners and God fearing people. Brainy person is very attractive and an influence for me. A positive person that always knows what to do.
  10. askJo

    askJo New Member

    I prefer brain, because you have the power to achieve something I don't say that beauty can't achieve something it only depends how people will see you in personal. Nowadays people must not judge other person base on their appearance, action or anything that can hurt someone, that's why we have brain to think if our actions affect or hurt someone, analyze the situation in your surroundings that's why I prefer brain over beauty.
  11. julmcwave

    julmcwave New Member

    I choose brain over beauty, because brain has strong domination to rule over the world than beauty. If you believe that you're beautiful then you are. The beauty of a person is not only the outer look but can also be found inside.
  12. Giovanz

    Giovanz New Member

    For me brain is much important because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is beautiful because God created you base in His image. Just keep in mind that you are special and treat yourself as one. You have a brilliant mind. Use it to make everyone fell beautiful. God Bless :)
  13. mariatheresa29

    mariatheresa29 New Member

    Beauty over brain? I will definitely choose brain. Brain or intelligence is needed for us to survive in this world. This makes us understand life and a tool for us to live our life accordingly. Beauty alone will not guarantee our survival. You can be easily deceived, manipulated and and used by evil doers if beauty is only what you have. You do not have the ability to discern things that can harm you and it's difficult for you to create good decisions as well. Life will not be good to you just because you are beautiful. You need to be wise and handle things with intelligence in order to succeed and live a happy life. This is the reality of life. Brain is a must have. It comes with many advantages. Therefore brain weighs heavier than beauty.
  14. lilmshannah

    lilmshannah New Member

    For me having a brain is more important than being beautiful. Nowadays you can go anywhere to get your outer appearance fixed by having rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation and the likes. But come to think of it, not every beautiful face posses wisdom and knowledge. Beauty fades as time passes by but being brainy and having the wisdom will make you lead a successful and peaceful life even when you reach the age of 80.
  15. raquelbahian1

    raquelbahian1 New Member

    In modern days, people give more importance to beauty. Beauty is not very important. We should be intelligent enough to live. Beauty does not stay forever it fades but intelligence increases and it is virtual. When we are intelligent, the grace is seen in our face. So people who are intelligent will always look beautiful.
  16. erinjade

    erinjade New Member

    Brain is so much more important than beauty. Nowadays, they'll like you for your physical appearance but being smart and knowledgeable is something that I admire in a person. Being beautiful is just a bonus but having a creative mind will bring you the best things in life because it will help you create something unforgettable. Just simply one's sense of humor. Most people who can make you laugh are more likely the smart ones because they can bring out clever ideas out of different situations. They will grow old and still can do impressive things. Unlike the physical beauty, it will eventually change as we get older.
  17. luv2xacosta

    luv2xacosta New Member

    I would prefer brain. Beauty can be fixed because there are already surgery if you want to look more beautiful. But having a brain, or let's just say being smart, a plus factor for me as a person. If you are wise and brainy, it is easier for you to achieve things and successful. Beauty will just fade at the end of the day. Everybody can buy beauty but not everyone can afford to be smart.
  18. Monique Bakker

    Monique Bakker New Member

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as they say, sure do, who doesn't love anything and everything easy on the eye? If we see beauty, the way we perceive it, then I do believe we need to go beyond it because what our eyes see now will eventually fade.
    Though I'm a fan of beauty, there's nothing more invigorating conversing with someone with such intellect that represents their brain. I would really find someone with beauty boring if they don't have something to contribute other than looking good. The brain or presence of intellect will always win my vote.
    Like in the case of beauty pageants, each and every delegate there would definitely be beautiful , that is given. The x-factor of their beauties will get them to the finals but what would really seal the deal is the intelligent answer during Q and A. The crowned one's brain at work and at its best.
  19. Rjyu

    Rjyu New Member

    Beauty can attract humans heart while brain can control human decisions.

    Beauty is not only in face but also in heart, a heart that understand the situation in any circumstances
  20. heniagalvezjames

    heniagalvezjames New Member

    Better to be smart than to be beautiful without brain, the true beauty is not on how women looks, but true beauty is defined by intelligence. Women is already beautiful but not in looks or what they say, but beautiful just what they are.
    You will never lose you knowledge but beauty does, good looks fades in just moment of time but good personality won't.

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