Beauty or brain?

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What is important, beauty or brain?

  1. Beauty

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  2. Brain

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  1. billagbalog

    billagbalog New Member

    Of course they both are important. If I can only chose one of tem, I would like to choose over brain. As we all know the beauty will disappear with the times go by. With the over brain, I would know how to dress up, make up properly to make myself more beautiful. Also, over brain will take a lot of other advantages. Last but not the least, maybe without beauty we can find a true love.(may difficult then a beauty finding a lover but if there is one,he/she would be the person who love you instead of your beauty)
  2. mariaberry

    mariaberry New Member

    Nowadays that enhancing beauty is on trend and there are girls that really burning down money and dying hard just simply get the looks they wanted or to have the same features of the person they idolized, but for me beauty is not the real thing.

    Let us say you are indeed beautiful but the beauty you have does not buy you class, manners. etiquette and everything. Such for instance, you are the most attractive and alluring girl in your school but you cannot simply pass the examinations and unfortunately you fail consecutively. And that is very devastating knowing that you will never go places and the people that surrounds you will brand you "you are just beautiful" and not the way you thought.

    But when you are brainy, you can use it to pass the examinations at your school. And there will be tendency that you will become popular. Popular not just by being beautiful but being a brainy one and I think it is better.
  3. mrllevarita

    mrllevarita New Member

    What is beauty without brain?
  4. ronellreponte

    ronellreponte New Member

    Which is important Beauty or Brain?
    In modern days, people give more importance to beauty.Beauty is not very important. We should be intelligent enough to live. Beauty does not stay forever it fades but intelligence increases and it is virtual. When we are intelligent, the grace is seen in our face. So people who are intelligent will always look beautiful. Foe example, is Mahatma Gandhi really beautiful? but still we feel he is beautiful because the brightness of his intelligence is reflected in his face. According to me, cleanliness is beauty. So 'Brain' is important than 'Beauty'
  5. Chiniii

    Chiniii New Member

    For me it's brain. Why?

    We can use beauty in different ways such us in earning money, joining contest, being a model and an artist. But is it only enough in earning money? There are a lot of jobs that needs beauty but tested using brains. Like for example in modelling.

    Before you got passed and have the work, you need to passed into their interviews. They will ask different questions that may help them to evaluate you. This could be about how you answered, how fast you catch up, how fast you can learn and also knowledge about you work or the position you want in modelling. It's all about brain before it passed through the beauty.

    In contest, before you been called a beauty queen you need to answer the questions clearly, logically and confidently. How? It needs brain. Brain is the main source of knowledge that needs to answer the questions in that way.

    An artist are also beautiful girls but they also uses brain before they became remarkable to the people as beautiful, right? They are being evaluated and tested into different ways using their brains, so that the company or the management know how to work with you.
  6. mostafa1970

    mostafa1970 New Member

    No incentive for beauty without a brain.
    Beauty is relative, what a man sees as lovely isn't important to see you also and the other way around. Genuine beauty is the magnificence of the soul and psyche. Truly we are really managing the faculties first since we are overpowered and astonished by the magnificence of the external, yet when we wake up from anesthetizing that shallow excellence, we consider the attributes of that individual regarding getting the hang of, comprehension, and thankfulness for others.
  7. lyz07

    lyz07 Member

    i choose brain because if you have beauty without brain you cannot use that to your success in your life. not unlike the brain whenever you are you know how to teach your self and you have lots of things or work you can do. if you have a brain you can do all things easily,
  8. gilbertogo23

    gilbertogo23 New Member

    Brains. while it is true that nobody falls in love with brains a first sight, having a sharp wit and and wisdom will get you a relationship far more genuine than love at first sight. like all the other metaphors go, beauty is a rose, beautiful like youth, yet withers then dies. but we would be lying if we said beauty doesn't matter at all right? it normal for us to think that way, its in our human design, but what we need to work on is to mature, to the point that we would love someone for who they are rather than what they look like.

    Character, is the part of a person we can genuinely fall for, because it never withers, and it can even grow more beautifully. so for me, if you look for a love that will last, find someone of equal or greater wit.
  9. cjkia0277

    cjkia0277 New Member

    I personally think that brain matters the most than beauty. Simply because the intelligence of a person will not vanish unlike beauty. The brain can change the world, and there are tons of things that beauty cannot do.
  10. justmegwapo

    justmegwapo New Member

    brain as it available for you to work and it is also available for study to complete your studies
  11. I will choose beauty!

    It is the aesthetic that really attracts. Brain is deep in the body. You need to dig deep to get to it. Beauty just emanates to the beholder. I prefer beauty.

    If it is a lady to marry, I will not opt for brains. I would like a lady that when I walk with her, necks turn. Always I prefer a spectacular entrance into clubs and other areas of entertainment. What will scholars or brainy ladies give me! Nothing! I prefer beauty.
  12. Millen

    Millen New Member

    Life's more painless for the brainless, so what's the point of living without experiencing what truly life is. Having enough knowledge weighs more than beauty itself. You can't survive in this world full of opportunists who wanted to take advantage of you because you're too oblivious to notice. It's more important to be wise enough most especially in making decisions in life too. Well, it's true that having a beauty can take you to some places but imagine having a brain full of knowledge, you'll never be left behind. Humans nowadays tend to focus on the outside appearance of a person only which results to some people changing their selves for others which is not good. If you'll think properly, a change must be done if you wanted to do it for yourself because this is your life, not theirs to live. And also, being intelligent and thoughtful at the same time is considered beautiful enough in the eyes of others.
  13. a_jerobon

    a_jerobon New Member

    In my highschool days, I used to think that beauty is more valuable than the brain. This mindset changed when I grew up and learnt that beauty fades but the brain can be green forever. The brain, once well nourished and kept with good thoughts never grows old. Whereas beauty, grows old with time. Wrinkles are so common at old age and muscles stretch off.
  14. GGK

    GGK New Member

    I strongly believe that the world is a true reflection of our true selves and the way we see it.
    Of course, many among us will say inner beauty is priceless. And do not get me wrong, this is completely true. You can not put a price on someone's thruthfulness and kind spirituality. I do think that no matter how savage a person can be, there is always this bright side of them that shows if you treat them like you wish to be treated - there goes the reflection.
    Truth to be told, lots of us will say that having a brain is much more important than caring what are you wearing. Others will say that the more expensive your boots are, the more valuable you are as a human being and the rest of the population is no good. Stuff like that. There are all kinds of people.
    I do believe, though, that even with the smallest kindness and a little bit of attention you can turn around someone's point of view and maybe even their life.
    So keep doing good little by little and I believe you will notice a slightly change around you and within you. :)
  15. Wizzy6289

    Wizzy6289 New Member

    Id like to think it all depends on your occupation and the people around you. As much as brain should always be considered i'm made to believe that beauty takes one to many places as well.
  16. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    I believe it is not about the physical appearance instead it is about what's within you. I believe knowledge is more important than beauty because beauty is only temporary while the knowledge in your brain will always be there with you. A person's wit can also make a person look beautiful in the eyes of the one who appreciates him or her. I believe in the saying "Beauty is seen from the eyes of the beholder". It actually depends on the person who is looking at you. On how he/she sees you as person.
  17. Lovely001

    Lovely001 New Member

    It's very rare for a person to have both beauty and brains. If I am to choose between beauty and brain, I will definitely choose brain. As a teacher, I promote learning. Beauty alone cannot help you be successful in life. And as other people say, beauty fades away as time pass by but brain is eternal. So instead of dedicating your time to making you look more beautiful, spend your time honing your skills and knowledge and fill your brain with learnings.
  18. MirelaElena

    MirelaElena New Member

    In my opinion, brain is the one who is increasing beauty. Beauty comes from inside to outside and it is controlled by our brains. Yes, it is true that some people show us more handsomeness than intelligence. So I would likely choose the brain. In the end of the day, we are living with our soul and mind not with our body.
  19. cari

    cari New Member

    Always brains, there’s so much more to a good conversation than a pretty face. Plus, with all the cosmetics available today, you can create artificial beauty with ease! Beauty is often superficial and quite often fake, where as faking brains is a little more tricky:thumbsup:

    I would choose brains, Beauty is nice, but doesn’t last. Beauty without brains is shallow. As you can see from my photo, I would not be considered a natural beauty by most people, but I would be considered intelligent by most people. What is more important, the inside of a person or the outside? But, in the long run, in someone else, I would choose brains also, and more importantly, I would choose kindness and a good sense of humor:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. iob8888

    iob8888 New Member

    If I were to choose between the two I would choose brain, because beauty after sometime will fade but the knowledge and the learning won't. Some people look for a beauty but beauty without content is useless.
  21. beauty and brain what i choose and these so helpful for your future
  22. Lester S. Esmade

    Lester S. Esmade New Member

    Beauty can deceive a few, but the brain can convince the entire humanity.
    Someone can be popular with their looks, with their fancy beautiful faces, someone can earn money with looks but being brainy is still the best asset that you can offer to the world. However it is so sad to note that these day, brains without beauty is not that appreciated by the majority, they prefer beautiful faces over intellect. But I do still believe that the intellect is the most powerful weapon you can be able to use to change your life and to change the world. You can be as handsome as celebrities, you can be so popular with your faces but the greatest admiration that not even age can take over is the power of your intellect.
  23. Lester S. Esmade

    Lester S. Esmade New Member

    Beauty can deceive few eyes but intellect can convince the entire humanity. However it's so sad to note that in our society nowadays, we are giving so much emphasis on beauty rather than the intellect, the reason why our youths are much more preoccupied concerning how good they look outside rather on transforming themselves to become a successful individual. Beauty can take you to few beautiful places but your intellect will bring you everywhere into the realms of peace and the mysteries of the universe.
  24. OzachG

    OzachG New Member

    I think it depends on the person who the question is asked to. If you are asking what is more important, brains or beauty, to a model who uses her looks in her career, she will probably tell you beauty. Opposed to the professor who would tell you brains are way more important.
  25. blackpastel

    blackpastel New Member

    Can I say personality instead?

    To be honest, I'm attracted to both beauty and brain but what attracts me the most is the personality. In this stage of my life, right now, I don't see people as they are based on their beauty or brain but on their attitude. Attitude is the number one thing of my concern because I don't get to live with the person by her beauty or brain in my life but by his/her attitude. A person may have beauty and brain at the same time which is great. But what if he/she lacks the attitude? Is it still great if the person has beauty and brain but lacks respect, manners, and virtue? Is it still attractive if the person treat others bad and only think about themselves? I really highly recommend to include 'personality' in the choices.
  26. Trvl420

    Trvl420 Member

    For me, I will choose brain than beauty. Having beauty without brain is kinda messed up what would you do with beauty without brain? No one will take you seriously with that I rather have beauty even though I don't look good because I know that people is real with me and I know the person loves me for who I am. If people can see souls maybe we will have a different definition with beauty but unfortunately, we don't so let's just be kind to one another.
  27. Xhainelarjie

    Xhainelarjie New Member

    Definitely BRAIN! It's important that we must not focus on physical beauty, however, we know beauty comes in many definitions it will depend on the person state of mind and what he/she believes in. For me, beauty comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes but a brainy person always got something to say or always excel and earn respect from others because of their wit and guts. Brainy doesn't need to be knowledgeable in all things! Being brainy is simply being able to express once thoughts correctly with the proper set of reasons and supporting details. Brainy for me is always more attractive than Beauty.
  28. patrickcruz

    patrickcruz New Member

    I really think that brain is better than beauty, it is much more important in my opinion. I'm not saying that beauty is not important, but compared to brain, in this case it has less value for me. I can assume that the beauty being referred to here is the physical appearance, it is the first thing that we'll notice, when a person walks in, when a person passes by us, when we meet someone for the first time, beauty comes first. Attractions start with what can be seen outside, and as we get to know someone, then comes the brain. Having said that, beauty is not something that only comes at the start, it is also ongoing but as we spend more time with someone, brain takes over. It's essential for the foundation, chemistry, and everyday conversations, it is a requirement to stay operational, physically, mentally, and romantically.

    Physical beauty is admirable but it I don't think I would be able to stand someone that only has that, there will be no chemistry, and it'll be harder to understand each other. For me brain will always prevail, it is where we will truly connect with someone, how we can maintain and improve relationships. Of course I will not reject beauty, it is something that is very nice to have as well, I just prefer brain over it, and having both is a bonus that we can be lucky to have. I have nothing against beauty, in fact beauty can be classified to different types, but being physically beautiful can fade... and it will... So I guess brain :)
  29. Nikko0209

    Nikko0209 New Member

    Beauty. I'll go to the lease number of voters. Honestly, It is a cliche for people always go to what they think is better than the other. I guess we should really weigh things because not all the time, majority really wins and right. The sense of beauty has been very broad. Beauty of the face, physique and features are superficial if we would define beauty in that way. Beauty is everyone. Beauty is relative. Beauty can be seen in every aspect of humanity. Beauty can be seen inside. Beauty is what we need in this works full of brains without goodness. I guess beauty stands out every time. People shine because of beauty. And everyone is beautiful.
  30. Jenniferdainty

    Jenniferdainty New Member

    Definitely, Brain! If your brain is nourished and bright, you will have the ability to find varied ways to enhance your aesthetic beauty. Aside from that, you could also improve and enrich your lifestyle and status in life. A lot of people nowadays are using their wit to learn variety of skills that they could use to upgrade their quality of life. For example, learning how to apply make-up. Undoubtedly, this skill would boost anyone's self- confidence because cosmetics could really make as beautiful. Plus it will unleash the artist in us.

    As the famous saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", for me, it means that beauty has different standard and some people might find you beautiful and some might not. In this sense, let us not waste our time to please all people because that's impossible to happen. We may be naturally beautiful in general standard but there are still people out there who will not consider us beautiful. On the other hand, if you're brainy, people will have a hard time to take advantage of you because you're smart enough to handle and deal with them without the feeling of inferiority. :)

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