beer or wine?

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  1. aycee21

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    A 2012 study review found that people who drank moderate amounts of wine or beer had a 42% lower risk of heart disease than non-drinkers. ... Beer contains B-vitamins, including vitamin B12, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B6. These brain-boosting nutrients mean beer provides more than just carbs and calories. Beer is conspicuously absent from these health bulletins, but it too contains a fair share of polyphenols and seems to offer modest benefits, akin to white wine but less than red wine. Clearly, none of this gives you a free pass to binge drink, but if drank in moderation, a glass a day really may keep the doctor away.
  2. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    For me both. I love drinking wine and beer it has a lot of benefits. has antioxidant and good for the heart. it lower the risk of heart disease. it boost energy and mood. remember that drink moderately. too much drinking of these has bad effect in our health.
  3. fcaramihan

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    Although they have same health benefits,I rather choose wine,because wine made by fruits through fermentation so i believe that wine when it becomes for heath benefits i think wine is quite more than the beer.
  4. nhotykeith

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    any occasions, i prefer beer!
  5. XCROW

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    I prefer beer than the wine. I just dont like the taste of it that I like to puke it than to drink it. I guest if I grow maybe older I might like it but now definitely NO
  6. masterryan31

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    If your goal is to enjoy the night with spice and fun, then you should rather go for beer. Meanwhile, if you're just for pleasure and quite time, then better settle for wine.
  7. Warren1967

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    Both. I take wine when I want to unwind and relax to some good music as I watch the sunset. That bright ball of yellow turning orange is a sight I never tire off. When I am with my friends, I take a swig of beer. As we drink, we talk about the past and all the good times that we had. Either way, I have good time.
  8. Isakft

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    I prefer beer over wine... I like wine, but not as much as a cold beer.
  9. mimie125

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    i prefer wine! although i am not a frequent drinker.
    and surely my husband will get mad at me if i drink a lot of wine.
  10. yacinezahi

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    no beer no wine because i am muslim
  11. wkndroyal

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    Wine. It's great for just chilling at home after a long day at work, or while watching movies on a weekend or to accompany a nice steak dinner, seafood or pasta depending on your preference of red or white. Just a glass is enough to give you that relaxed feeling plus it has great health benefits. As health experts say, it's good for the heart, and ageing too, but always drink in moderation, as overdoing the recommended amount will eventually bring on some other health risks.
  12. Rengo

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    I prefer beer. I can drink a lot of beer but not wine. The effects of bear on me our alot different specialy if I'm drunk. And beer is more good to drink specially if you are with friends.
  13. danzkie

    danzkie New Member

    I love both beer and wine because I drink it. This two liquor had a good contribution to our body, but in moderation. So what every you like in this two it is good.

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