Benefits of regular exercise

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  1. meekhil

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    We've all heard about the physical benefits of exercise. But what I've recently discovered personally the mental and psychological benefits of regularly working out.
    I had a very hectic work schedule these past couple of months, causing me to skip my regularly exercise routine. Little by little, I found that I became grumpier, more exhausted, and generally less productive. I actually felt depressed. Luckily, I was able to tweak my work schedule and get back on my regular workout routine. Now, I definitely feel lighter, more relaxed, and happier! With that in mind, I will never sacrifice working out for work again.
  2. travelingfortwo

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    Exercise has long term benefits into your body, it helps your immune system and makes you feel great. It is one way to make you perform in daily activities and stay active for the rest of the day.
    When I started to exercise I loose weight and I become healthy again. Today, I often exercise 3 times a week. You do not need to exercise with longer hours. Atleast 10 to 15 minutes is okay just make it as a daily routine.
  3. vheeno

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    It's nice to have a regular exercise to prevent having serious heart problems, especially Hypertension. Full body physical movement enables your blood circulation to have a good flow. Exercising helps to rejuvenate.

    One of the common causes of depression is lack of sleep and exercise. You must not try doing exercise late at night as you are about to sleep. If your blood circulation is not at the peak rate, you will be able to have a wonderful eight hours sleep. This will give you enough strength to do the exercise the next morning ahead.
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    Benefits of regular exercise are a lot for specially in our time now where everything is instant. A regular exercise will keep you body functional. And who doesn't want to be in a good shape? well regular exercise may took too long for others to see the results but believe me I'm doing a daily workout and it helps me to look good in my clothes. Changing your exercise may help you avoid from being bored. You may get tired a long the way of doing the same exercises but always look for the bigger picture about your health.
  5. Marian0302

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    Regular exercise has a lot of health benefits, it will clears out the toxins inside your body as the oil are coming out from your body. The sweat that is coming out when you are exercising is the oil you eat everyday. This oil causes fat that will lead you to obesity and unhealthy body. Through regular exercise you will maintain your body weight and health, you will also prevent your body from having a high blood pressure and diabetes.
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    We can get alot of benefits when we are working out our body and the main reason is for us to be Physically Fit and stay with a good shape. We can also maintain our young looks by having a good body figure even if you are age 50 above. Exercise is very important to everyone, it also help to avoid getting sick.

    "No Pain No Gain" this is true, you can't gain anything without giving any effort. You have to work for it, not to work hard but to work harder to achieve our desire goal in having a good body.
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    Regular Exercise or Physical Activity can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life. A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits. ;)
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    First and foremost benefit of regular exercise is it teaches me to keep discipline. It makes me strong and active all day long. It helps me to finish my daily task. Regular exercise reduce my illness and lazyness, makes my skin glowing and wrinkle free, reduce my age and makes me young and attractive.
  9. johnbatan

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    There is many benefits for exercising. It will lower the blood pressure on your body. It can also help you control your weight more. You will also look good when you start exercising. You will feel confident when you start exercising.
  10. I love yoga in the morning.
    They have been used as an alternative form of exercise to keep the mind and body healthy and happy. Practicing yoga improves balance, endurance,flexibility, and strength, while meditation helps keep the mind sharp, relieves stress and anxiety, and can strengthen your immune system.
  11. snesz08

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    Benefits of regular exercise for me my body becomes healthy and physically fit. It feels like I am so active and I am not easy to get tired. It gives me more energy everyday and productive to my work also gives me happiness. It helps you to loss wight and keep you healthy and strong.

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