benefits of starting your own business

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  1. Brokenhollow

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    For me the best benefit of a business is you being completely independent and dependable. You decide what will happena and how your business will earn and your people are your responsibility. Both are a great challenge and a stressful toil on you. Better prepare and have a good risk assessment for it
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    At the age of 13 to 14 i'm already earning a little money to buy the things that I want and that is because of my little business every summer. I used to open our gate and sell our old clothes, old shoes, old books and some old DVD or VCD. Sometimes I will make cube ice, ice pop and have it for sale. I also sell refreshment or juices as well as fried banana for snack. During does times all I think is to earn money for me to buy toys or food that I like. Little did I know that having your own business is more than earning money. It's about having freedom. Take it from me because I have experience being an employee and now having my own business.

    After Graduating in college I applied for a job as a researcher in a known Fast Food chain here in the Philippines. I love what i'm doing back then, but believe it or not I resigned after three months. I'm just not happy with what my daily routine turned out. I started noticing that it is consuming so much of my time everyday that I don't have time for my family, friends and even for my self anymore. That's when I think that I should have the freedom of time which I can only get if I will have my own business.
  3. IvanLim25

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    Starting your own business or being employed has pros and cons, both will surely give you benefits and will also give you disadvantages, so it depends what are your priorities and opportunities in life, analyze and think which one will really give a better position in life. Having your own business will surely give you freedom of time, you will have control over your workmates, financial opportunity is not limited, but are you prepared if everything will go south?, are you ready to adopt the ever changing nature of the business world?. Being employed is what most people chose as a way of life, the school system was designed for us to be employed, but at least we were given the freedom in college to choose the field we want to work in, that is one advantage of being employed, if you really love what you are doing, then most likely you will be satisfied, plus being employed will somehow give you the sense of financial security, because most likely you will do that job until you are retired, but then again being employed will give you limited financial opportunities and you will not have total control over your time and the people you work with. But I think for me, I’ll take the chance of starting my own business, work hard and learn from it, and if I won’t succeed as an entrepreneur then at least I tried something new and I will always learn something out from it.
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    Starting your own business taught us a lot of things but doesn't mean it's already beneficial. Because benefit means gaining of something. I may say that starting a business is more of struggle because when you are starting to own a business, we will encounter a lot of bad or good things to happen. There is a need of strategies to pass through it. And after all of those struggler, there we have the benefit of success.
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    Starting your own business have benefits on your side.. But before doing so you have to have an extra effort to know what business you want, know your capacity to open and maintain it , where to get your funds , how far your capital can sustain your business. Give time to assess your self if your are physically and emotionally ready to have it .. asked yourself if will make you happy with your decision with your choosen one. If your are ready and happy the chances of a succesful business in the future. Your family and life will improved and with your business you can help other people by giving them job to augment their family and financial need. Every hardwork paids off for you,family,other people and your community..
  6. Aleyaaahh

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    Starting a business is really a pain for your mental state, physical, and also your pocket. It is not easy to start a business specially when you are new to it. However, when you own a business, you can control it in all aspects from planning the business, organizing it, hiring staffs, leading and directing them, and controlling the whole business. You are the boss in your here. You have the control over your time and work. You can also use your business to apply for a loan. Most specially, businesses carry responsibilities and it is no joke. It counts as one of your accomplishments in your work life!
  7. waelmanz

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    Starting your own business is an adventure but is risky at the same time. Starting your own business is accompanied with endless dreams. Dreaming and acting for your dreams is what gives life value. The growth of your business is the prize that you are working for.

    But there are many risks. I think that the best way to decrease the risks is to establish a sincere team of experts around you.
  8. ritaflorence

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    Starting your own business doesn't mean you are unemployed. That is a misnomer. When you start your own business you act the roles of a administration, finance, marketing, and production. That is a whole lot of things to do for one person but an entrepreneur does the impossible. There are tons of benefits of being an entrepreneur because of the endless possibilities you can do to make your business grow without having to answer to anyone. You are your own boss and work at your own time. Unemployment is out of the question.

    But an entrepreneur I believe is someone who has a constant drive to succeed. To be successful you have to think ahead and be always on top of your game. Finding success in business is your job and you should be good at it or you will be fired by your boss, yourself. That is the time you become unemployed
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    Starting your own business is like taking your passion into the next level. It would be very beneficial if you love what you do because you won't mind all the sacrifices if you are happy with waht you are doing. Having your own business gives you a sense of fulfillment and success even though how big or small your business is. You will be able to share your products or services to other people. This will also hone you to become more responsible and to be an effective problem solver. Since you are the boss of your own business, you will be more disciplined in following the schedules that you set in every day. You can also help people who need a job by employing them. You can also find ways to increase your income by expanding your business.
  10. abby002

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    Starting a business is practical and risky. You need to have a knowledge before taking chances. You must be determined, you need to ready yourself for the positive and the negative outcome. Positve thinking is one of the best attitude for having a business. Being employed is not a lifetime way of living, you need to be more practical that's why you need to invest so that when you have your retirement you have your money and spent more time to yourself and family. Business is the key to spent more time on yourself and to live financial stable. We need to save while we are young because time is important.
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    The primary benefit of being a business owner is that you control your own financial destiny. The more effort you put into your business, the more rewards you’ll receive. Unlike an employee who is dependent on their employer for an income, a business owner is only dependent on their own capabilities.

    The flip side is that you have no income security. If you poorly plan your venture or are unable to adjust to market conditions, your business may fail and, as a result, you may lose both your income and your savings.

    I personally believe that starting your own business is worth the risk. I’ve been a business owner for over 3 years and I can never image working for someone else again. It’s hard work, but I love having control over my own future.
  12. TenshiGinkin

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    Well ill prefer running my own business soon. i'm currently working as CSR one of the call center company. there's a lot of causing you stress. your boss, your customers,your colleagues and even thought work schedules. owning a Company or business gives you a freeway on you can manage own profit.
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    I have been employed for most of my adult life, I enjoyed my career but it was time for me to start my own business at the start of this year. Running your own business is very stressful at times and the main reason is the unpredictability of funds coming in.
    The benefits outweigh the negatives for me though, I have a sense of freedom that I never had before, I get to choose what I focus on in the work week. The best part of working for yourself is not have to apply for leave days.
    I can go on vacation or take a break when I choose to.
  14. josefina

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    The idea of having their own business, is something that most dream, but as everything to become a reality is necessary, get your hand on, there are many factors that must be taken into account, since having a business prosperous is the result of hard work and dedication , so cannot be taken up at the first obstacle that arise. It is also necessary to have personal qualities that are needed to become a leader in your company since reaching the success is the result of good decisions to take, this requires that you have personal qualities that help it understand when it is important Act.

    Really this is the part which in my opinion, is where you have to work for the awaited goal of having their own business, see opportunities and act at the time indicated in a positive way, I have seen that many times it does not matter of knowledge ENTO or experience is also about instinct, there are people who know how to understand when certain time or investment must act at the indicated time, the results are positive since they arrive do merchant of success, it is not a bad idea for anyone We want to have our business, make an investigation of people who have had success in life, what has been his secret.
  15. Shaynako

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    Some people know from an early age they were meant to own their own business. Others find themselves starting a business due to life changes (parenthood, retirement, losing a job, etc.). Others may be employed, but are wondering whether the role of business owner/entrepreneur is right for them. There are a number of benefits to starting a business, but there are also risks that should be evaluated.
  16. Claudiu2018

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    The benefits of starting your own business are many. I will list a few here for you:
    1. Become independent, you have the feeling of control over your own destiny
    2. You have a flexible schedule. You decide how much and how you work.
    3. You can earn more money. If you have involvement and abilities your earnings are theoretically unlimited.
    5. You learn new things and you have the possibility to develop yourself .
    6. You do what you love and you will enjoy every moment of the day.
  17. Jenyagrant

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    Benefits of starting your own business are huge!

    Depending on a type of business you start, you will immediately feel more relaxed and happy, because there was a reason you have started this business and followed you passion. A lot of times we find ourselves working for uncle Steve, and dedicating all this years towards something that we don't necessary love. Your own business will give you uncapped potential with your finances and life once it is developed properly.

    Good luck to all and lets make it happen!

    Thank you!
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  19. Matilac

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    It takes a LOT of resources, specifically work and money to get a business up and running. ... Therefore, owning a profitable business, or at least one that generates enough money to pay you is superior to a job.

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