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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by dakotalee, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. dakotalee

    dakotalee New Member

    What do you think is the best abdominal exercise? I think the bicycle exercise is a good all round abdominal exercise. It targets a range of muscles including the obliques and isn't overly strenuous.
  2. brandontnguyen

    brandontnguyen New Member

    I agree, the bicycle crunch is probably one of the best abdominal exercises you can do. It utilizes various muscles around your core, and is real simple to do. I read this study that compared dozens of abdominal exercises and the bicycle crunch was listed as the exercise that activated the most muscle fibers. When I workout my abs, I usually do Ab Ripper X and add in weighted bicycle crunches in the end just because they are that amazing.
  3. Megan Williams

    Megan Williams New Member

    The best abdominal exercise I see the most results with is the jacknife. It works the entire stomach and your legs and arms and your back. It's a full body exercise.
  4. KatieH

    KatieH New Member

    Has anyone ever tried the plank? It's a really tough exercise, though you wouldn't necessarily know it or think it on first thought. You get into a push-up sort of position on the ground, except you support yourself on your elbows. You then have to lock your body into that position and hold it. The trick is to keep your body as straight as possible - no arching your back or letting your belly sag (hence the name of the exercise). Try to hold for over a full minute and you'll feel it the next day for sure.
  5. scoveg13

    scoveg13 New Member

    To the original poster, you really should give weighted hanging leg raises a try next time you're in the gym. Weighted hanging leg raises target the desirable lower abs and will help make them pop out once you get your body-fat low enough. Remember, you can only see your six pack if you get your body-fat percentage low enough, you cannot spot reduce fat. Abs are made in the kitchen, and weighted hanging leg raises will help you strengthen and develop your upper and lower abs.
  6. lammy101

    lammy101 New Member

    It's important to remember that, while ab exercises
    won't get rid of fat from the belly, a strong core is
    important for keeping your body healthy and
    protecting your spine.

    The most effective ab exercises start with the
    bicycle, which is the best move for targeting the
    rectus abdominis (i.e., the 'six pack') and the
    obliques (the waist).
  7. Stitches

    Stitches New Member

    Most important thing to remember is that abs are made in the kitchen. Showing your abdominal muscles is more about cutting body-fat to see them, than building them up to see you. A lot of compound lifts such as the Squat or the Deadlift work out the abs in the process. And that is usually more than enough work for abs, as long as you are low enough in body-fat. If you were to work them directly however, I believe the best abdominal exercise is the weighted decline sit ups. Just make sure you use your abs to go up and down, and not momentum.
  8. Conor Fitzgerald

    Conor Fitzgerald New Member

    I agree with Stitches. The main three compound excercises, especially Squats and Deadlifting do wonders in building up your abdominals. Isolation excercises are mainly for defining the abs in my opinion.
    I will usually do isolation excercises 2-3 times a week. I usually do decline crunches and lying leg raises, 4 sets of 20 reps. In my opinion, this is more than enough work for abdominals. Some people often forget that they are like any other muscle. Progressive overload and sufficient recovery will best build your abs.
  9. Ellisha Mannering

    Ellisha Mannering New Member

    I like doing the bicycle crunch because i can feel it working and ive seen results!
  10. Rndm

    Rndm New Member

    Squats and Deadlifts are great for building your core, your abdominal being a part of it.

    However if you want to add more isolation work, I'd recommend Hanging Leg Raises and Weighted crunches/ Cable crunches.

    Keep in mind that when you progressively overload you will make your abs grow further and further. Try to keep your chest in proportion or just try not to do too many weighted ab exercises and focus on the compounds.
  11. ryanj

    ryanj New Member

    I find kettlebell swings to be a great core building activity that also works the rest of your body and gives you a great cardio workout at the same time.
  12. DRDGlobal

    DRDGlobal New Member

    The best abs exercise in my opinion is the squats and deadlifts. Also, agree with using the kettlebells as well. If not only for abs but for the whole body workout. Check out the Mandatory 100's workout as well by Mike Chang. Do a search for 'M100's' or 'Mike Chang' on youtube. Only takes 3 minutes to do and I guarantee you will be sore at the end.
  13. KRoberts351

    KRoberts351 New Member

    My favorite ab exercise is the plank. It is great for stabilization which will translate into better squat numbers. Squatting will also strengthen your core and should be done too.
  14. BArmy

    BArmy New Member

    Squats and deadlifts are ideal for working your core but if you're seeking a six-pack, remember that abs are made in the kitchen. You could have huge, rippling strong abs but if you want them to be visible you'll need to shed the fat that's hiding them, and that is mainly done through a proper diet.

    That said, I think abs should be trained the same way as any other muscle. You don't do 100 bicep curls to get more muscular arms; you lift heavy with lower reps. I prefer to treat abs the same way and do hanging leg raises or weighted decline situps, with a high enough weight where I can only get about 10 reps in per set.
  15. KamiKappa

    KamiKappa New Member

    In my opinion one of the best abdominal exercises is laughing. It can't just be me that when laughing so hard at something my abs feel like they're getting a workout. I recommend watching a few episodes of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. This guy will have me with washboard abs in no time! I believe laughing's a good lung exercise too, but be careful, it's contagious.
  16. astroweasel

    astroweasel New Member

    Hanging knee lifts is probably the best. You can add twists and variations to the exercise. You will build strength and muscle throughout your core BUT you won't see it unless you get rid of the fat.
  17. pcdoc

    pcdoc New Member

    Here's a list of top abdominal exercise which are most effective
    * Bicycle Exercise
    * Captain's Chair Leg Raise
    * Exercise Ball Crunch
    * Vertical Leg Crunch
    * Torso Track
    * Long Arm Crunch
    * Reverse Crunch
    * Crunch With Heel Push
    * Ab Roller
    * Plank on Elbows and Toes
  18. Kogola2

    Kogola2 New Member

    The use of a roller can really be the best for you if you need a wonderful abdominal exercise!
  19. ade67

    ade67 New Member

    I think the best abdominal exercise is a combination of push-ups, plank, and sit-ups. These exercises really target and strengthen your abs and if you want to have better results, you have to apply the concept of muscle confusion.
  20. Castor87

    Castor87 New Member

    I solely agree with this post! Very good information. Your body will however not let itself get too out of proportion, so that will not be an issue. One thing I would add is to make sure you train your transverse abdominis. This is a muscle that sits deeper than the rectus abdominis (your "abs") and is very important for maintain correct posture and a tight core. Prone holds and stomach vacuums are a great way to target this.
  21. JimmyR

    JimmyR New Member

    Avoid crunches, in fact, avoid all exercises that make you round your back. You build your abs with leg movements. Lying leg raises with bent legs, then with extended legs. After a little while you can progress to hanging leg raises. When you can do 3x10, add weights (ankle weights for example). Big compound movements like squats and deadlifts also work your abs.

    But in order for your abs to show you have to lose fat too! No matter how big your abdominals are, if there is a big layer of fat covering them, they will never be seen... (although you will feel their strengthening effect but I suppose your main goal is aesthetics)
  22. hatemefreak

    hatemefreak New Member

    Everyone has their own opinions about the best abdominal exercises :) .I think the best abdominal exercise is Towel slide, For this exercise you need a smooth surface that will allow a piece of cloth, like a towel or old shirt, to slide freely. In other words, a tiled floor will work, a carpet won't.
  23. Bobbo

    Bobbo New Member

    A good range of exercises are recommended above. Just bear one thing in mind. If you want six pack abs you won't get them with any of the exercises above if you're carrying belly fat. You must get rid of that first. And the way to do that starts in the kitchen, not in the gym.
  24. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    The best combo of abdominal exercise is probably leg raises, crunches, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, Russian twists, and v-ups. Do a couple of repetitions of those, and feel those abs.

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