Best Bad Movie You've Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Lilchids, Mar 13, 2018.

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    You know how sometimes some things can be so bad that it's good? Maybe it's got to do with the double negative rule... Bad joke, sorry. :rolling: Anyhow, so far for me it's "Zombeavers". I've forgotten most of it but I do recall it as being so utterly ridiculous to the point that you can't help but admire the sheer shamelessness of it all. One scene I can never forget that attests to this is when the "zombeavers" actually chewed off the right wires that would trap their human prey in the house in total darkness or something like that. Like beavers, let alone zombie beavers should already know the sophistication of electrical engineering! :rolling:
    How about you guys, what's your favourite bad movie?

    P.S. Should I have captioned "Spoiler Alert" before I wrote out the scene?
  2. O Empreendedor

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    The very worst movie I ever saw was "500 Days of Summer".

    Plot: Guy falls in love with a girl named Summer, cries the entire movie, and then feels better once he meets another girl named Autumn.

    There is literally no excuse for being older than 11 years old, and not thinking this is the worst movie ever.
    The double negative rule DOES NOT apply here.

    "The Room" and "Bad Taste" are good examples of movies where it does apply.

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