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    The best companies to invest in are those companies which have intention for long run business, So far there is none of online investment company which can stay for long ( I meant the standing period as least 20 years). None of them have the long term concept about the longer of staying the bigger the profit gained in future. A company which can have intention for long run is a company which can produce loyalty sales-marketer who can focus and pay full energy on it. The companies stay long till now are and, they are no fully investment company but are advertisement get paid to surf and get paid to promote. Thus, the companies best to be invested in must meet the requirement as below: (1) must always pay earning to members on time and in full amount. (2)must have experienced marketers work on promoting the company's investing plan which is good for members' return and company's survival. Tiszakeszi, Hungary .
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    I have always dreamed of investing in Football clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester United or Arsenal, or Social Media companies like Instagram and Facebook. But I don't know if they allow the public to invest.
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    Crypto mining platform without doubt is the safest. It can last for a very long period and your income will be steady.
    The weakness of mining is low return on investment.
    But if you are not a greedy type and you want peace of mind in this business the low return will not be anything to you.
    If you want to enjoy mining, you have to invest higher so that you will be getting impressive returns.
    The falling and rising of bitcoin don't affect bitcoin mining companies.
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    I'm using Crpytotab brower for BTC mining but it depends on your gpu or pc build :)
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