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    Technology can be a writer's best friend. In addition to the internet and a computer which have made writing a very viable business opportunity, there are some fantastic gadgets.

    Here are three little gadgets for writers;

    1. Myscribe

    The real benefit comes from the MyScribe software that users can download. The MyScribe software translates your handwriting into text. This gadget then offers writers the ability to write from anywhere without having to haul their computer with them. You no longer have to spend hours typing your work longhand either. It is a fantastic gadget for writers.

    2. Notebooks

    Those tiny little laptops are seriously handy. Smaller than a standard laptop, you can fit one in a small bag or purse. They are much easier to carry around. You can write from a coffee shop while waiting at the doctor's office just about anywhere. With a notebook, you are no longer chained to your desk or forced to haul around a giant laptop.

    3. Smart Phones

    Smartphones offer a number of writer-friendly applications. In addition to being able to record dictation, where you can record writing ideas and plans, you can also schedule projects and answer emails while on the go. And many smartphones now have a number of applications that aid writers, For example, you can search online on your smartphone, and you can write or create documents. You can also download documents on 'nany smartphones. Finally, many smartphones offer time management tools. A smartphone can be a writer's best friend.
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    Hi! I'm really interested in this topic. I am an online job newbie. I've been trying to find a home-based data encoding job for my portfolio and I am having a hard time using my laptop for hardcore typing tests. I was wondering, is having a desktop computer more reliable in writing/typing online content? or adding an external keyboard to my laptop can do the job?

    I would really love some responses from more users. Please help me and share your thoughts.
  3. samklink

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    Scrivner is a program, rather than a "gadget." But I'd say it still counts since it's basically the Swiss Army knife of writing programs. For me, one of the hardest parts of dealing with a large writing project is wrangling my sources, and my virtual mountain of drafts. Scrivner's system for sorting through it all is an absolute life-saver.

    In response to this: if you're able to get a desktop, I would say do that. If not, I would invest in an external keyboard, mouse, and a second monitor. The external keyboard is going to cut down on your typing errors and save your wrists a lot of pain from being so scrunched together on the tiny laptop keyboard, and the mouse is simply less prone to mis-clicks in my experience. The monitor is not only going to save your eyes, it's also going to double your desktop space. Not having to tab between open windows every 2 seconds is also a huge help.

    On a different but related note, I highly suggest you set aside a separate space for work. I'm not sure what your set-up is, but when I was first starting I thought it was cool to be able to work on my laptop on the couch with the t.v. on. This is bad! Set aside a space that is for work only mode. It will be another huge boon to your efficiency.
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    personally, I love and adore Grammarly its spot on most of the time and its compatible with most programs and chrome which is a bonus.
  5. lmbasacta

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    Hey! Thanks for the insights! Yes, I also thought having a separate work-room would really work. My first week working from home makes me lazy when I see my bed. And I think investing in a good desktop computer would not hurt at all.
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    Hello! I read a book about creativity that suggested how creative work and logistic work should be done on separate tables. It suggested that creative work (or in this case, maybe leisure work) should be done without any technology: When we have a keyboard, we have the option to delete easily, which can create a lot of backtracking. This helped me be more productive, so it might help you.

    Also, working while standing helps keep me awake.
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    For me Computer because I always use computer for daily job.My advice for writers use computer because you can type good and fast you can write easy
    Because me I use computer to find jobs then one day I found this website and I try it and postloop is the best I found I think I find more jobs but when I still find new job I will use it for extra
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    There are lot of emerging technologies nowaday. And this technologies made our life easier. Like for example, in our study we often use notebooks and write down notes. And after we use it we need to buy anothee one. However because of technology advancement. Lots of useful technologies can be use in our study.

    One of the best technologies used in writings are,

    Laptop, is a gadget which we can bring it anywhere. It is accessible and yet very friendly. It allows is to multi task.

    Notepad, has a similar feature of laptop but it is more adfordable with its quality.

    These are the examples of technologies which is very useful in writing any content.
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    After reading a lot of the posts on this topic I would like to contribute the following points.
    • Your best gadget is the one that gets the work done without having issues, whether it is a really nice pen, an ergonomic keyboard or other gadget.
    • Fast internet access is very helpful for research, software updates and looking for work
    • As mentioned in other posts having a dedicated writing workspace is almost essential for ongoing productivity
    • Having a routine for writing will ensure you get more done even when you don't feel like it
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    For those writers on the go with a bit more wiggle room in their writing tool budget, The QWERKYWRITER keyboard is worth consideration. It’s a typewriter inspired wireless keyboard for your mobile devices. Available in two options, the refurbished Qwerkywriter at just under $200 or the newly designed Qwerkywriter S, available as a Pre-Order for just under $300. There have been some cool upgrades to the Qwerkywriter S, including the ability to connect to up to 3 devices rather than just one and redesigned angle on the tablet holder.Writer’s Dice
    When you feel like your story or article writing is stuck, a roll of the writer’s dice can help inspire your next move. There are just six words etched into these dice: But, And, So, Or, If, As. You’ll be surprised at how just these words can help propel your story forward when you’re stuck as to what comes next...
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    I'd recommend getting a good mechanical keyboard from brands like Filco or Ducky. It makes typing an absolute bliss.
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    Interesting and informative post for beginners and those trying to familiarize themselves with some helpful tools. I have all the tools mentioned except the grammar helping software. I plan to shop around to see if i can get some deals or possible find alternatives if it's out of my current budget and price range.

    Thank a lot,
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    The best gadgets for writers are smart phone, compuer, scanner,etc. All the gadgets are very helpful to writers.

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