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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Tim Iliev, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Tim Iliev

    Tim Iliev New Member

    What is the best movie you have ever seen ? For example the best movie I have ever seen is "I am number four" . I have watched this movie over and over again and it never gets boring. It has an outstanding story and it's a movie that has so many elements which I love. It has action, mystery, romance, heroism and so much more. It's a movie that when I watch it, it feels like it's made for me. So which movie do you think it's made for you ?
  2. Westerosi

    Westerosi New Member

    The best movie I have ever seen has to be "The Shawshank Redemption". It told such a brilliant story with amazing acting which sets such a high standard which I haven't seen any other film since match. They chose the perfect actors for the various roles and the narration by Morgan Freeman improves it so much.

    "The Godfather" gets an honorable mention as second place, however. :)
  3. Charlotte Reneti

    Charlotte Reneti New Member

    Honestly, my favorite movies tend to change a lot. For example, it used to be "Whale Rider" because it's about my culture and I just really loved it. Then, it went on to be "Iron Man" because Robert Downey Jr. just doesn't disappoint. My favorite movie, currently, is "Frozen". I'm in love with the soundtrack and animation for this movie. The story was also amazing, it had gasping at every turn of the story line. Overall, it was beautiful.
  4. vlastren

    vlastren New Member

    Pulp Fiction with maybe best screenplay and dialogue ever made for low budget movie , great acting and when we put great soundtrack and John Travolta who came on top again after this movie , this would be best movie in modern cinema.
  5. Jenstermusic

    Jenstermusic New Member

    I think that my favorite movie so far has to be The Avengers. The storyline, music, characters, and graphics were phenomenal! It kept me spellbound throughout and the cast was appropriate for the characters. I enjoyed the ending and it of course,it left it open for a sequel.
  6. DanielG

    DanielG New Member

    My favorite movie is a french movie call Le mèpris of the film makers Jean-Luc Godard. It's a story based on a very good novel. It is about that story of a writer and his new young woman. We is ask by an american filmaker to re write the classic book "The Odissey" of Homero for make some money to buy a house for his woman. In a scene this writer let her go in the car with the american, and she starts feeling this sentiment of betrayal so she gets confused, and she doesn't love anymore, she feels lonely. The man all the movie ask himself what was the problem and why is she gone....
  7. leesclub

    leesclub New Member

    My all time favorite would have to be "Jaws". The acting, story, cinematography. and suspense were blended to perfection. Spielberg created characters you cared about. I related mostly to Brodie the chief of Police. His iconic line "we need to get a bigger boat" not only became a classic line but when I first heard it, wholeheartedly agreed with.
  8. Cameron Tork

    Cameron Tork New Member

    My all-time favorite has to be Saving Private Ryan. Others probably disagree but the cinematography and setting is just stunning to me. Also I have always been one to be interested in history so the fact that it is entirely based on WW2 is just appealing to me.
  9. AnaLara

    AnaLara New Member

    Maybe a little bit cheesy, but my favorite movie of all time is definitely Three Steps Above Heaven , originally Tres metros sobre el cielo which was filmed back in 2010. It's really a teenage-girl kind of movie and I firstly didn't even want to watch it. Finally, after a few months of getting my whole facebook page full of '3msc' status updates, I decided to watch it. Right at the beginning, it was quite a surprise because I never thought it would be so much action. Of course, during the movie I fell in love with the beautiful and muscular main character Hugo (typically) and have been jelaous at Babi, his love. To sum it all up, I really enjoyed every minute of the movie, it has a lot of teenage-dream scenes and of course some fighting and motorcycle action. It's still in my mind very often and I definitely recommend it to everyone
  10. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper New Member

    The best movie of all times.Gone With The Wind,I have watched it countless times. Being from Georgia I count Scarlet as a role model. The case of cartacters are amazing. There is Rhett Butler the handsome devil, that spoke those unforgettable words" frankly Scarlet I don't give a damn." To me it's a treasure.Past down from my mama. She is the one that loved it so much that she, hoped I would too.
  11. Mirjana86

    Mirjana86 New Member

    Tres metros sobre il cielo. But Italian version. And Italian actors. Not Spanish because its different from the book.
  12. akiyo00000

    akiyo00000 New Member

    My favorite movie of all is READY PLAYER ONE i love the graphics and the gameplay it look likes real world i know that game will come up in time
  13. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    I've seen a lot of great movies both old and new, I really can't pick one because for I have favorites in every genre. Here's a partial list:

    Action: John Wick Movie Series
    Action Comedy: Rush Hour Movie Series
    Romantic Comedy: Pretty Woman
    Science Fiction: Star Trek Original Movie Series
    Fantasy: Lords of the Ring and The Hobbit Movie Series
    Vietnam War: Full Metal Jacket
    World War II: Flags of Our Fathers
    Western: Tombstone
    Biopic: Patton
    Drama: The Notebook
    Musical: Mama Mia
    Medieval: A Knights Tale
    Super Hero DC: Dark Knight Trilogy
    Super Hero Marvel: Avengers Movie Series.
    Horror: Constantine
  14. Deadlegs

    Deadlegs New Member

    Dances with Wolves was released in 1990 and is one of my favourite movies because both the cinematography and action were on point great scenery, great action, not overdone and very realistic. The five main actors Kevin Costner (Lieutenant Dunbar), Mary McDonnell (Stands with Fists), Graham Greene (Kicking Bird), Rodney a Grant (Wind in His Hair), Tantoo Cardinal (Black Shawl) and of course the legendary Floyd Red Crow Westerman (10 Bears) worked perfectly together to make Dances with Wolves believable and gives you a realistic glimpse into the historical past of the Great Western Plains.
  15. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    If you haven't watched Legends of the Fall, it's a very good film which covers pre and post WW1 era. It stars Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn and the beautiful Julia Ormond.
  16. Deadlegs

    Deadlegs New Member

    Right on Noel, I have watched legends of the fall several times the heartbreaking site of Anthony Hopkins partly paralysed staggering through the door with his blackboard in hand and scratching am happy then gesturing to have a drink the whole time muttering screw em screw em, meanwhile Brad Pitt is trying to take in what has happened to his father during his extended absence, definitely up there with the best of them.
  17. Tctim101

    Tctim101 New Member

    We cannot go wrong with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I think this movie has to be one of the greatest film of all time. Epic cinematography and battle scene, we could say that the movie is the perfect example of a great movie adaptation.
  18. Pusya

    Pusya New Member

    Best movie ever is a movie not seen... Joking, haha.
    It's hard to tell, there's a lot of good movies out there. At least give us a genre to pick from exactly. :)
  19. clydeterence

    clydeterence New Member

    The best movie for me is called Everyday, Is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Rhiannon who fall in love with A, a mysterious spirit who inhabits a different body every day. Feeling an unmatched connection, Rhiannon and A try to find each other on a daily basis, always unsure of what or who the next day will bring. Soon, the realities of loving someone who is a different person every 24 hours starts to take its toll, leaving Rhiannon and A to face the hardest decision either has ever had to make.
  20. aiz00v

    aiz00v New Member

    "A Prayer Before Dawn" Tracing Moore’s rocky path from wanton self destruction to uneasy transcendence, the film is as unsentimental as it is brutal, especially in its pugilistic sequences, which the director shoots with an astounding measure of up close and personal viciousness and an apparent lack of choreography, as combatants wail on each other with reckless abandon. Cole’s go for broke performance as this out of control man all crazy eyed desolation and battering-ram physicality is the stuff that turns actors into stars.
  21. Jersy

    Jersy New Member

    My favorite movie is miracle from heaven, I'm melting to this movie. try to watch, your heart melting and the story is true to life, there family have more challenges for her daughter and her daughter has a sick. She has a possibility to die so that's why they pray and god guide them and protect them. God bless them family and they go back to the days that they happy. No one possible by god.
  22. katarinamurtin

    katarinamurtin New Member

    You haven`t watched movie called "Belle" ?
    Me: *dies of envy*
    I wish there is a way to go back in time and watch this movie for the first time AGAIN... But there isn`t and I am not letting that stop me from watching this awesome film over and over and over. This movie is a biographical drama with a spark of romance, and the best part is... IT HAS SAM REID! :love::love: and let`s not forget Gugu Mbatha-Raw (she`s okay too I guess) :D
    The movie has a great plot, actors and IMDB rating, so why are you still here?
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  23. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    The best movie that I've seen is " HACKSAW RIDGE". At first I didn't like specially the beginning because I found it boring. But as I continued watching the whole film I realized the message itself. It was heart warming and really great. It shows how a person can be a hero in his own way, shows the importance of friendship. The main actor portrays the character of real life hero.
  24. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    Titanic and The Notebook are the 2 best movies I have seen. I have never seen movies that entertained me while crying not knowing. Both are the best so it's a tie for me.
  25. Segal

    Segal Member

    the film patriot was extraordinary. I like it and I watch the file more than 3 times.
  26. sandipghosh1988

    sandipghosh1988 New Member

    The wolf of wall Street.
  27. dandybratz

    dandybratz New Member

    The best movie I've ever seen was SPLASH! Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah
  28. ramsvu

    ramsvu New Member

    The Shawshank Redemption, This movie change my entire perspective of movies in general. It's about hope and the will to keep living. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman gave their best performances in this, especially Morgan Freeman's narration. A simple idea developed into an extraordinary plot. A definite must watch.
  29. Yanggi982

    Yanggi982 New Member

    The most funny movie I've seen was the scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse it's really funny humurous movie
  30. Mimi25

    Mimi25 New Member

    My favorite movie is white chicks and 3 idiots. Both movies are funny, while three idiots shows the real life of a college student and it also shows humanity and forgiveness. While White chicks was so funny as you can see the bad girl being roasted by the 2 male detectives who dressed-up as twin sisters.

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