Best movie ever ?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Tim Iliev, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. esmeralda

    esmeralda New Member

    For me the best movie ever is The Equalizer.
  2. Parathsharma

    Parathsharma New Member

    I have watched a lot of movies but my favorite is "If only". It is a love story and what I love about this movie is it teaches us to live every moment as one moment can change your whole life.
  3. ldk93

    ldk93 New Member

    Rocket Post (English) - (UK)


    Plot summary -

    This is a British Drama film set on a remote Scottish Island around second World War.

    A German Rocket scientist and his colleague arrive on the Island to conduct experiments of launching a Rocket that would provide postal service from Rocket mail.
    He falls in love with a local girl and what follows is a truly magnificent love story.
    The film is filled natural humour.

    This is one film where the dialogues are bare minimum and yet the viewer experience is impeccable.
    Take Away -

    The photography and the music. This film is the reason why I started digging deep into Scottish music! Where words are incomplete, music fills the void.

    This film is a perfect example!
  4. blindwitness90

    blindwitness90 New Member

    "Gladiator" must be my favorite movie by far! To this day, I believe that is the movie I have watched the most...
  5. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    I like action movies and especially war movies so my favorite of all time is Sahara with Humphrey Bogart.
    Bogart said it was the hardest film he ever made because of the harsh desert conditions they endured during
    the shoot. Plenty of drama and plenty of action with several other good actors. No women, no sexual
    distractions, just blood and guts and bombs and guns....actually there wasn't any of today's graphic
    explosions of bodies being hit by gunfire since back then directors were limited in what they could show.
  6. dzonyfox2

    dzonyfox2 New Member

    For me, it is ,,Legends of the fall''. I have watched this movie many, many times. And I always want to watch it again. It brings such a powerful emotions to me...
    This movie has everything that one great movie needs... Lovely music, beautiful nature scenes, great storyline, really good actors and acting... The storytelling of the movie is also great...
    What I personally find amazing in the movie, is that connection between man and wild, in which I believe, and which I admire.
    I am highly recommending everyone to watch this movie!
  7. Vincent254

    Vincent254 New Member

    It has to be the 'Back To The Future' series. The adventures of Marty and Doc are thoroughly entertaining. The mishaps and accidents that keep happening to the duo make the movie really funny. I was especially amazed by how the cast were able to portray their characters at different ages. This movie took my imagination to an adventure through time and space... It has to be the best movie ever.
  8. Litz

    Litz New Member

    I am most impressed by comic,adventurous and a little action movies........if i watch a movie and it makes me laugh,,well, that's a good one for me......but let us talk about THE KIDNAP by my favourite actress,Halle Berry. I love the way she protects her kid no matter what she has to go through,i love the determination to fight for her kid all alone

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