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Discussion in 'Music' started by bairesgirl, May 7, 2017.

  1. bairesgirl

    bairesgirl New Member

    Hello everyone!!
    I would like to know what music ( artists or songs) do you listen to when you need to relax and chill out.
    I love listening to Norah Jones or Jack Johnson for example, their lyrics relax me and help me clear my mind :)
    What are your favorite songs/ artists when you need some relaxation and forget about daily life's problems?
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Jewel Bray

    Jewel Bray New Member

    When I need to relax or chill out, the first artist that comes to my mind is Engima. The New Age music relaxes me & puts me in a "zone out" frame of mind. The second artist that comes to mind for relaxing my mind is Mandisa, because she is a spiritually uplifting type of artist. This artist, connects me to God, & has an upbeat type of music, but also at the same time, has my mind connected to the lyrics of the song as well.
  3. vrenelli

    vrenelli New Member

    Enya is my first pick especially the albums "The Celts" and "Watermark". Enya’s clear, steady and moving voice helps me relax at times when I feel stressed. If you're the kind that likes instrumental music that takes to a whole new level, Yanni is the best. Try his album "Acropolis".

    The third the comes to mind is Relaxing Dog Music (Dogs and Cats Sleep Chillout Music). I have 8 fur-babies and when I try to calm them down on New Year's Eve (because of the fireworks), it works. I tried cuddling with one of my fur-babies while the music was playing and I ended sleeping LOL. There's a lot you can download on Youtube.
  4. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    I like soft guitar instrumentals and chillstep for relaxing music, it's not too hard on the ears.
  5. mula30

    mula30 New Member

    When I need to relax I listen to Amy Winehouse, Adele or Sam Smith, there's something about their voices that soothe me.
  6. izacuson

    izacuson New Member

    My personal best album to relax on was the new Childish Gambino album, “Awaken My Love”. You should listen to it. Childish Gambino is by far one of my top 5 favorite rappers of all time. In the album, it will give you that 1970’s-1980’s feel. It takes the listener back to the good old days of R&B and Blues.
  7. krishna khot

    krishna khot New Member

    My favourite music composer is A.R. Rehman. so when i'm bored of my daily routine i just listen to his 90's songs. songs from movies like Roja, Dil se, Bandhan, Guru, are my all time favourite. but i do love western songs as well. especially German artist ATB. when im bored I listen to his albums. Contact, Seven years, are my all time favourites.
  8. Zacchaeus Knight

    Zacchaeus Knight New Member

    Kenny G always seems to relax me. No matter if it is day or night, rain or shine. Something about his music is like two loving thumbs massaging a pair of overworked shoulders.
  9. Tanner Kozlowski

    Tanner Kozlowski New Member

    Music that I always find myself laying back and relaxing to is defiantly downtempo songs from bassnectar and downtempo songs from tipper as well. Best way to relax after a long day is putting on a hour long mix of some downtempo bassnectar to ease all the stress away.
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  10. ZR17

    ZR17 New Member

    Personally, when I want to relax, the music I go for are usually calm soundtrack songs or just some piano tunes such as Yiruma's 'River Flows in You'.

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