Best PC games under 4gb ram

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by pMarcos10, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. pMarcos10

    pMarcos10 New Member

    Well we all know that not all of us has high end specs computer that's why I've been researching of games that can be played at 4GB RAM

    1)Half life , episode 1 and two (60 fps)

    2)Mafia 2 more than 30 on high (best game)

    3)call of duty(modern warfare-mw3) 30 fps high

    4) battlefield (bad company 2–battlefield 3) bf4 lags halfway through the game

    5)portal 1 and 2 60 fps

    6)max payne 3 , GTA IV dont play it you wont have good experience as it is not well optimised (70 fps indoors 23 fps outdoor , on lowest setting) and heavy stutter.

    7)gta 5 if you have processor above 2.3ghz

    8)hitman blood money 60 fps high,Hitman absolution above 30 on medium

    9)cod black ops 1,2,3 medium 30,27,24 fps

    10)Elder scrolls 5 skyrim 30+fps on medium 768p

    11)fallout 3 ,new vegas 35+ on max

    12)borderlands 1,2 30+medium

    13) just cause 2 30+ high

    14) medal of Honor warfighter 27 fps

    15)Rocket league 40 fps medium

    16)tomb raider (cant play any)

    17)watchdogs 1 serious lag on any settings

    18)witcher 2 30fps, witcher 3 no chance

    19)batman any game sucks dont play it

    20)titanfall 30 fps low

    21)outlast 1 35 fps ultra , outlast 2 23 fps low and serious stutter.

    22) Minecraft (1–150)fps depending on map

    23)dead island 1,2 above 30fps

    24)crysis 1 still cant play at ultra but at medium 30 fps

    Crysis 2 27 fps

    25)farcry 3 25–30fps medium

    26) farcry 4 heavy stutter even on low

    27) Bioshock 1 30fps ,bioshock 2 30fps low

    28) Overwatch 30+ on medium

    29) Abzu low 20–30fps

    30) Madmax 720 low 30 fps

    31) Sleeping dogs 30 fps high(don’t play it)

    32) Saints row 3,4 30 fps medium

    33) Fortnite will burn your laptop.

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  2. MomciloMilic

    MomciloMilic New Member

    Why is Half Life number one? xD
  3. Franco22

    Franco22 New Member

    The Awesome Isometric RPGs of the 90s! Those are a must playsfor anyone who like great dialogue, plot, and storytelling.
    A few games that come to mind are...

    1.)Fallout 1, 2
    2.)Baldurs Gate 1, 2
    3.)Planescape Torment.
    These games all play under 4gb of Ram and IMO a great gaming experience. Because they are not all Flash and is usually filled with substance. These games stories Rival great literature and movies.
    So I highly recommend playing these games.
  4. einar

    einar New Member

    Fallout 1, 2 is a very good choice of games.

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  5. mrezaba

    mrezaba Member

    Here is my list :

    1. GTA San Andreas (Deserves a standing ovation, fantastic game)
    2. GTA Vice City (Anybody who has played it knows that it’s not bad, other than the graphics)
    3. Far Cry 1 (Don’t belittle this one, the tropical paradise is a treat)
    4. Far Cry 2 (It’s sequel is just as awesome)
    5. Quake 3 (Many of my friends have played it, the reviews are very positive)
    6. Fallout 1 (The Pipboy UI is difficult to grasp, but the game is pretty good)
    7.Fallout 2 (It’s sequel is also good)

    I think that would be enough to play for a while. There are others, but you can start with these and then try them
  6. Ganoke

    Ganoke New Member

    For me the best PC game under 4GB ram is GTA vice city and is practically the most played game on PC. I even still play the game till today .it has good reviews
  7. AliceB13

    AliceB13 New Member

    The Forest-I found this game 2 years ago and play it with friends ever since. You can find it on Steam mainly. It`s super relaxing and a tad scary, if you play it alone (you have to fight some cannibals from time to time). Right now I like building and there are a lot of caves and secret spots from where you can collect different weapons and survival items.
  8. Blu3lava

    Blu3lava New Member

    4gb is enough for Skyrim without mods with maybe some performance boosting ones. The rest of the specs are really important but if everything else is fine, 4gb would be more than enough. I agree with Alice813, The Forest is a pretty sweet game.

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