Best places to read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by ryankhamlet, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. ryankhamlet

    ryankhamlet New Member

    Where do you like to read books? At the cafe? In bed? Outside under a tree on a warm spring day?

    What do you like best about your favorite reading nook?
  2. promise

    promise New Member

    The best place to read is in the library or at home probably at midnight or when alone in order to gain an understanding and to be able to mediate on what you're reading, you need a cool and quite environment. Reading in the library enables you make use of different textbooks.
  3. Jirah Castañeda

    Jirah Castañeda New Member

    For me, my favorite reading place would be somewhere private. Whenever I read it just feels like I am entering a different world, and the presence of another human being does not only distracts my concentration and connection to that world, it also makes me feel like I am revealing a very deep secret about me! So I read on my bed, and usually late into the night.
  4. Ravenclaw22

    Ravenclaw22 New Member

    I enjoy reading in natural light. Usually I read on the front Porch, but since it's so hot outside ice been reading more indoors.
  5. Vicksan

    Vicksan New Member

    In summer, I love reading a book in a park. Otherwise, sometimes I also like reading books in a library
  6. asavannah7

    asavannah7 New Member

    I like to read books outside under a tree. It helps me focus better on what I am reading. The book style I adore most certainly speaks a high degree relating to the individual you are.
  7. Lyudmilka7

    Lyudmilka7 New Member

    My favorite place to read is in my recliner, with a fire flickering across my living room walls, and my favorite blanket pulled all the way to my chin, with a steaming cup of chai next to my side table.
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  8. takaludo

    takaludo New Member

    Je n'aime pas les lieux en particulier, sauf dans mon expérience, je trouve que dans sa chambre il y a promesse de non-dérangement
  9. takaludo

    takaludo New Member

    I do not like places in particular except with my experience I find that in his room is pledge of non-disruption
  10. jax3810

    jax3810 New Member

    In summer, my favorite place to read is out in my yard underneath the oak tree. I love reading in the warmth of the sun with the soothing sound of the creek in the background. In the cold of winter, I like to bundle up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate or warm cider and read in the recline.
  11. Mendihandia

    Mendihandia New Member

    I find it very difficult to stay in one place when reading. Back home, I used to have a circuit I'd walk through the rooms of my house. My brother wouldn't bat an eyelid whenever he found me hunched up in the corner of his bedroom with my nose in a book. Perhaps it had something to do with feeling more comfortable if the scenery outside my head was changing along with what was going on inside?

    My favorite thing in the whole entire world, however, is to download an audiobook and go for a long walk through the forest and along the beach, pausing every couple of benches to roll a cigarette and look out across the waves, coming back home along the high street, sheltering beneath shop fronts and watching it rain. I'm not religious, but these are the most sublime memories I have, of crisscrossing my hometown on drizzly winter's evenings with classical literature and 12.5g of Virginia tobacco.
  12. Lyudmilka7

    Lyudmilka7 New Member

    My favorite place to read is in my recliner, with a fire flickering across my living room walls, and my favorite blanket pulled all the way to my chin, with a steaming cup of chai next to my side table.
  13. Anywhere peaceful and quiet.
  14. Aml

    Aml New Member

    Any quiet place :thumbsup:
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  15. robinsonjosh

    robinsonjosh New Member

    reading books matters because reading books in the quiet place will you pleasant felling and can get the full content of the book with out any mistake ...its nice to read books
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  16. John Woodard

    John Woodard New Member

    My personal preference is to take a good audio book on a walk with the dog, during commutes or even whilst taking a nice hot bath, you could even throw in a glass of wine for good measure.
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  17. Toomuchbottlev2.0

    Toomuchbottlev2.0 New Member

    I can read better when I'm in the toilet. I don't know why but my concentration is better when I'm doing the deed.
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  18. roseline

    roseline New Member

    I was told the best place to read is the library but have come to realize that one can create a serene environment to study. I think reading at midnight is the best time because everywhere is calm, quiet and cold and there are no distractions.
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  19. Postrboi

    Postrboi New Member

    I love reading in my living room. My livingrooom provides a place of tranquility, thus making it an ideal spot for reading or studying, this tranquil environment allow me to better concentrate so I can retain much of the info im reading. It also depends where I am. If im somewhere other than home. I will look for the most secluded location to immerse myself in the fine lines of a book.
  20. Chai

    Chai New Member

    The best time to read is at night in my room when everyone is asleep. I love how quiet it is and I'm the only one up living this adventure.
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  21. Tanyi

    Tanyi New Member

    I'm a diverse person when it comes to the kind of places I read in. I read all over the city. There are so many great places to read... I read in local bookstores, the cafe, the park, the subway, the library, the beach and so on.

    And when I'm home, I read on the couch, the bathroom, on my bed, in the garage and anywhere when I put my mind to it. I can read while standing, lying, sitting or walking.

    Even though I can read anywhere when I put my mind to it, I do have some favorite places :)

    Cafes: Cafés are sweet places to read: hot chocolate, cortado, and — if it’s a good café — wide windows through which to watch passing pedestrians.

    Park: Sitting in the park with a good book on a spring day is one of life’s great joys.

    The Subway: When reading on the train or the subway, one’s stop always seems to come too soon.

    The Couch: Now my preferred indoor space for reading, I can sit back and relax without the same level of fear that I will doze off if I were reading on the bed. To give this cousin to the bed a bit more of its own aura/identity, I’ve chosen to try reading out loud. It’s proven to be incredibly fun, finding the personality of the characters, the narrator, the cadence and flow of the words in one’s own voice. It has also proven to be an excellent exercise in becoming a better writer as there are plenty of words I read but rarely say out loud. Flexing them across my tongue seems to get the kinks out and creates a deeper understanding of their usage.
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  22. New Member

    Anywhere peaceful and quiet. And I like read book in my room where no one is there to disturb me. Also library is the best place to read book
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  23. Aniel1089

    Aniel1089 New Member

    It is a well known fact that reading require 100% concentration, as you not just need to read, but to be able to comprehend as well.
    One may tend to say that an environment devoid from noise is the best place to read, well for peeps like me our reading environment depends on our mood and the book we are reading. Sometimes I do prefer to read in a quiet place like the library/graveyard, mostly if am reading an epic book, (game of thrones), but some other times I do enjoy reading at noisy environment, eg.parks, mostly with hot metal music on as that will give me maximum concentration.
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  24. zappd

    zappd New Member

    One of the best places to read would be a bedroom. Another place would be a long train or bus ride with a window view. This would differ of course from individual to individual based on personal preferences. The bedroom space makes a lot of sense because reading is supposed to be a rewarding, relaxing activity and this can be best achieved within a serene environment. Long train trips or bus trips are also perfect for settling down to enjoy a great book especially if you have a window seat.

    Personally, I get distracted by noise, sound and movement if I want to read. I would never enjoy reading in a public spot like a park or a cafe. I would enjoy a casual read like a magazine flip in a public spot but for enjoyable reading, my bedroom takes the trump.
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  25. Infinitaire

    Infinitaire New Member

    I believe the best place to read is sitting through an airplane ride. There are little disturbances and it makes the ride go by so much faster. The quiet also helps with comprehending what I am reading. I would say the beach as a close 2nd, depending on the crowd.
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  26. mrselsa970

    mrselsa970 New Member

    In a bookstore. or in your house if its clean, and peaceful. But not in school cause its wild and destructive.
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  27. Maxthewriter

    Maxthewriter New Member

    During my highschool days, I used to savour reading in my room. I remember how I will often read the words out loud, and when I stop, I soliloquize -- explaining concepts to myself. This always made studying lively for me.

    Sadly, those days are gone. These days, i make use of my university's library because my hostel is definitely not suitable for studying. I have a spot in there which almost suits all my studying needs. I don't soliloquize in there though, because obviously there are other readers around.

    So, the Best place to read has to be somewhere where you'll get all the freedom you require: freedom from noise, freedom from people's interference, freedom from distractions, freedom to do whatever helps you assimilate, and so on. This could be in your room, library, etc.
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  28. lawal

    lawal New Member

    The time to read depend on the type and purpose of reading. We may read for the following purposes:
    -to obtain the overall understanding of the main ideas presented in a material.
    -to find specific pieces of information such as name, place or key points in a work.
    -to obtaon such an understanding of the material that it can be recalled.
    -to evaluate and criticize.
    The various purposes will determine the type of reading whichay be any of the following:
    -SKIMMING: A quick look to have a general idea.
    -SCANNING: A rapid and efficient location of specific words, facts or details.
    STUDY READING: This is the most important type of reading which the student is required to undertake during training. The aim is to master qht is being read and is therefore slow and repetitive. This requires maximum concentration and should be done at that time when one can put every other thing aside. For some, noght reading does the wonder. Some peolpe however find it easy to concentrate during the day so far the environment is quiet. Whether in the library, home or park, it depends on the individual.
    While one can skim, scan at any where, study reading needs a sort of preparation and mind set.
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  29. 0011keen

    0011keen New Member


    The best place to read is somewhere comfortable to ease concentration on the actual book itself. such as a sofa or a chair. I don't recommend reading in bed personally, as I think it breeds laziness. In all cases though, you should be able to read in most places. You don't need an ideal or special place to read. The most important thing as you begin to read is just to be comfortable enough.
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  30. Valeriup9

    Valeriup9 New Member

    A good place to read should be quiet and comfortable.
    In my particular case, I like to read to distract me, to relax me or to disconnect me from all things, so I like to read in my room, when everything is quiet, sitting in a chair very comfortable.
    I do not like to read on bed because it gives me sleep and I end up asleep.
    I also like to read in the morning, when I wake up or at night, before bed.
    During the day it is difficult to read for me because I am very busy.
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