Best places to read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by ryankhamlet, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. nesty

    nesty New Member

    For me, I guess anywhere will do, as long as it's calm,peace and quiet. There are no distractions that will interfere with your reading, because being focused on what you are reading, and not letting anything to disturb you will enhance your learning capacity.
  2. Best place to read is somewhere we can feel the peace, specially in the quite places like open field. It's better to read in our own room too if it's a silent place and for me I think it does not depend on a place where we want to read books because it is always depends on our time and mood.
  3. writershan

    writershan New Member

    The best place to read depends on the reader. We all have our own habits in reading. In my case, I want to read while eating or listening to music because it relaxed me more. I read in a quiet place where people wouldn't dare to disturb me. And of course, we should be comfortable to our place so we can feel more the story we are reading. Also, it works when I read on midnight because everyone in the house is already sleep so I can focus on the text I am reading. It should be quiet and no one will disturb you while reading books. Try to plug in your earphone and listen to classical music, a wonderful and relaxing sensation will come to you.
  4. Michjoy22

    Michjoy22 New Member

    A good place for me to read a book is in the Library and my room.because I want a place that I can feel comfortable and relax.because I don't a want a place that can distract me from what I'm doing. and also I can do what I want to do while I'm reading in the library I can borrow more books there to read and in my room, I can eat while I'm reading.
  5. msdecstro11

    msdecstro11 New Member

    It's such a nice question.:) hmmmm best place to read a book. Well for me there are so many place to read a book. Depends to your reference and mood. It could be in your room so you have your private time. To a coffee shop so you could feel cozy. To your garden so it can be refreshing and for me literally the best place to read book is at the beach. Because for me it's the most relaxing and peaceful place to read a book. I can go more focus in the beach hearing only the wind and waves of the oceans.:)
  6. JayianRhy2829

    JayianRhy2829 New Member

    Seriously? The best place for me to read can be anywhere! As long as the area is a convenient place to read - it might be on the park, high-rise building or anything. It's because whenever I read books that I like, the surrounding just fade away in an instant. Especially when I'm too focus on what I read and the scenarios are intensely devised by the author, it doesn't matter where I am. Oh, and I really love to listen to instrumentals too while reading...
    As I pointed out on the thread about "the reason why you read the book" in one of this forum, reading a book enables me to be in two places at the same time, so it doesn't matter for me. Except if I have to read a book for my exam or anything that involves intricate and thorough memorization of subject.
  7. Genelyn Garcia

    Genelyn Garcia New Member

    The best place to read is where you are comfortable. For example, in a study room,in a study table or even in the garden as long as there is no distractions. I also advice that you must read in a quiet place so that you can focus on what you are reading without any disturbances.
  8. alaminhossain

    alaminhossain New Member

    Reading in silent place is always give many good experiences of reading. But the silent place doesn't mean to read all time in the library. you can read in a park with a nice wind of air and feel the book is talking with you.
  9. Dark_Prince

    Dark_Prince New Member

    I think the best place to read is where you feel being comfortable. So to be specific, it is best to read in library because there's no one that may disturb you and it is the one of the peaceful place to read. Reading in parks are also nice because of the fresh air and good views. I also love reading inside my room while I'm lying in the couch and I’ve chosen to try reading out loud. I prefer to read while sitting in sofa rather than reading while lying in my bed because it makes me feel focus on what I'm reading.
  10. nhel

    nhel New Member

    it depends on the time of day. i have my own spot on the couch for daytime reading and i love to read in bed before i go to sleep. It 's wat makes my mind slow down so that i can sleep to do it all over again the next day.
  11. Arun Joy

    Arun Joy New Member

    Best place to read is in place of ambience to read :)

    ARTBOBARRON New Member

    What is the strangest place you've read a book?

    The strangest place I've read a book is at an amusement park. All the people that were in line was asking "how could i do that" It's easy. While standing in those long lines I use the book as an escape away from those long boring waits. I lean against the rail and read. When the line moves I pause continue forward and resume my reading. It is great way to pass the time. Also keeps you relaxed for the exciting experience that awaits you.
  13. ministerofbadness

    ministerofbadness New Member

    Best places to read are mostly the quiet places like coffee shops and libraries
  14. marvz0101

    marvz0101 New Member

    The best places to read is on the beach. Imagine the sound of the waves while reading. It will keep you relax to understand whatever you're reading may it be fictional or educational.
    Some people enjoy reading in a café because it's cozy and relaxing, they played instrumental music and the store was filled with coffee aroma. The only thing that I don't like about cafés is you have to spend money just to read.
    Library is the place to be. But I would rather be in my room. It's relaxing, cozy, and the best of all, it's free.
  15. Karvae

    Karvae New Member

    The best places to read are highly dependent on the person, I've been told reading in a parked car can be very relaxing, to reading on the beach. While I enjoy the sound of waves and the salt in the air, in California it's hard to fine a somewhat secluded place to read, as i don't enjoy too much distraction. Honestly, I really enjoy adding specific things to my room to help me when I read, like a cup of Coffee or even a coffee-caramel candle to help give me the environment of a Cafe. Also, there are plenty of music choices and sound mp3's to add whatever audio-environment you could be wanting.
  16. Anastasija

    Anastasija New Member

    My favorite place to read is on the beach. I can relax there and enjoy.
  17. morecules

    morecules New Member

    Finding a place where you can read and relaxe is very important to a reader. As for me I always read books in a private and quite places, like my room. I enjoyed reading books while im at my bed. I also read on our sofa near the window. Breathing the fresh air help me concentrate and relax more. Drinking coffee or milkshake while reading is my favorite thats why I also read book at coffee shops. Being in a place where you can see green plants motivate me to read books that why I also read books near the garden.
  18. jusumortal

    jusumortal New Member

    Me, I like reading in a quiet area. Like my bedroom or library. I even read books inside a bathroom! I don't like places that the lights are very bright or very dark. It's best for me to avoid reading in places that play music, even those with no lyrics.
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  19. daryll06

    daryll06 New Member

    I always read book in a quiet place like in my backyard, park, or in my bedroom. For me to absorb ideas or to reflect, just a place without any noise or distraction is very suitable to read.
  20. Alina D.

    Alina D. New Member

    I love reading in my room because is where i can hear my thoughts and comprehend better what i read about. If the book is about fiction or adventure i like to read outside in a beautiful green park during the summer where i can be more relaxed and enjoy reading my book.
  21. jaja

    jaja New Member

    In my opinion the best place to read books depends on what kind of books you are reading or what is your purpose in reading the specific book. If your reading novels or stories for entertainment you can read anywhere you are comfortable in the bus, in your school, in the park, beach or restaurant while waiting your order. But if you are reading books to study the best place is in your room, in the beach or in a quiet place that wont distract your focus in what you reading. But if you read because you want to sleep the good place is in your bed. Reading in bed is one of the best way to help you sleep.
  22. SurreTina

    SurreTina Member

    School, bus, train or any time that I'm traveling. It just helps me to relax and feel like I'm relaxed and comfy even though I'm not at home.
  23. Joanncali

    Joanncali New Member

    The best place to read book is in my room because it's cozy and quiet. I like to read book where I can concentrate effectively. In my room, I have a small table with comfortable chair where I can enjoy to read. It's best to read books in a comfortable place to make it relaxing. If I'm not at home, I read book on coffee shops.
  24. chalom

    chalom New Member

    Most days I read in the kitchen because it's very accessible whenever I get hungry and I can easily make coffee there. I also find it quite peaceful and calming when I am reading while swinging in a hammock. But the most odd place I like is in the toilet area, so in that way no one can disturb me.
  25. Johan Samson

    Johan Samson New Member

    I like to read in my couch or bed. Especially when its cold and im reading while my body is covered by blanket. It's the best place to read. Try Doing this with classical music background.
  26. chichard

    chichard New Member

    I usually read at the corner of my room -- yeah, I know I feel like a weirdo but that's my favourite spot in reading. People don't bother me when I sat at the corner reading because they know that I am in a deep trance with the book I am reading. lol

    Another place where I read is under a tree (any tree, sunrise or sunset, as long as I can feel the air breeze).
  27. Thelma Lanto

    Thelma Lanto New Member

    For me, the best place to read books is on my bedroom because I actually understand what I am reading and it is absolutely quiet, No distraction.
    I do not like to read books in the library because even though it is a observed silence room there is lightly distraction cause by other people.
  28. Jemalyn Rosero

    Jemalyn Rosero New Member

    The best place where I can read books depends on my mood. Sometimes I do read in a crowded area, I mean with someone else around murmuring and chatting it's easy to enjoy fiction books. If I do read technical books I do read in quite place and find it early in the morning. If I do review, its best for me to read in quite place with my headphone listening to a music. I do read in the city library, for me its easy to read a hard copy of the books.
  29. Pradhan

    Pradhan New Member

    Reading room is the best place to read.Do not be bothered.Once I read the book,I entered the world the world of imagination.What I am reading becomes a real character in front of my eyes.I spent a lot of time reading this book.One day I started reading books in the morning and I finished reading the book in the night.It's really fun to read books.
  30. chanyeol

    chanyeol Member

    The best place for me is the place where the library is especially the most important of all the quietest of all the second is your home. That house is so quiet that when there is no noise or noisy inside your home it is better if you are not really home at home so you can not be disturbed or madistruct when you read. third is in the garden because it's cold because there are lots of plants and trees and one that is nice to relax while you're reading under the tree

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