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    What are the best tourists Spots to travel in Philippines?
  2. Yanggi982

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  3. Meann

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    The most recommended tourist spot in the Philippines is Boracay Island because of its fine sand and new reopening.
    But if you want to try new places, try Kalangaman Island in Leyte.
    It offers white sand and Crystal like water and the most exciting part is the Sand bar.

    Also you can explore the other Island in Leyte like the Kuatro Islas and Canigao Island which also offers white sand beach.
  4. Kristine02

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    Some of the most beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines are Boracay Island, Puerto Princesa Palawan, Camiguin Island, Siargao Island, etc... These are just sneak peek of the real scenery of my beloved country, Philippines.
  5. carz07

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    The Philippines offers a variety of place for tourist. There are areas for beaches, and there are areas with historical value. It does not only offer beaches and white sand, a travel spot can also be historical places, and can also be a culinary exploration.
  6. Porps

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    There are plenty best places to travel in the Philippines depending on your likes. Because people have different likes in life, for example some tourist prefer history or hiking or beach. So if you want history you need to go to north of the Philippines and if you want to see plenty beautiful beaches, I would recommend you to go some where south because they are all connected almost nearby to each other. Hey! Its's 7641 islands in the Philippines and you need a lot of time if you want to enjoy all of it or let's say most of it.
  7. Porps

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    There are plenty best places to travel in the Philippines depending on your likes. Because people have different likes in life, for example some tourist prefer history or hiking or beach. So if you want history you need to go to north of the Philippines and if you want to see plenty beautiful beaches, I would recommend you to go some where south because they are all connected almost nearby to each other. Hey! Its's 7641 islands in the Philippines and you need a lot of time if you want to enjoy all of it or let's say most of it.
  8. keeshiabels

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    some of the beautiful spot here in philippines is coron palawan ,el nido palawan ,boracay and makes you relax and beautiful scenery..
  9. Remziel

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    The Philippines is a destination that is easy to visit multiple times due to its more than 7,000 islands. The most difficult decision you make as a traveler, is figuring out which island to visit first. The Philippines is divided into the three main island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, representing different regions in the country. The 12 best places to travel in the Philippines are; Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Banaue, Vigan, Manila, Davao City, Sagada, Coron island, Baguio, Puerto Princesa and lastly Samal island also known as Island Garden City of Samal.
  10. memalist01

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    Bicol province has a lot of white sand beaches, very few tourist knew those spots. If you like hiking, Sagada would be a beautiful destination. You can interact with the indigenous people and learn about their culture. The oldest tattoo artist of their tribe would give you unique tattoos if you're into it. However if your looking for a commercialize tourist spots, Cebu or Boracay would be a better option.
  11. CenterlessG

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    Maniwaya Island and Palad Sandbar in Marinduque Philippines

    If you can’t get enough of the beach or have already visited Marinduque but looking for something new, add Maniwaya Island and Palad Sandbar to your itinerary.

    Maniwaya is an idyllic destination with a long shoreline, swaying coconut trees and a rustic ambiance that will make you forget all your worries and stress. The waters are also inviting; enticing you to swim or just wade in it. You have the option to go to the island as a day trip or spend the night on it, either by setting up camp or staying in a resort.
  12. uyanna9

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    There are so many wonderful places in the Philippines. The Philippines always won the best island in the world. The problem is the money that you need to go those places. I am also from the Philippines. I am from the western part of the Visayas.

    In the Visayas, I am from the home of the masskara festival. Masskara festival is done every month of October. This February our city is going to celebrate the Chinese new year with Bacolaodiat festival. I am from the city of smiles, Bacolod City.

    Our city is a beautiful destination. It is also the home of chicken inasal. The Philippine football team, Azkals can be watched in Panaad stadium. This is also the home of Donnie "Ahas" Nietes, the four division world champion. Come to Bacolod City!
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    Coron, often revered as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines, is truly a spectacular tropical paradise that will wow you in a lot of different ways. Praised for its postcard-perfect scenery, this Philippine destination delights its visitors with its crystalline waters, pristine white-sand beaches, towering limestone cliffs, and picturesque remote islands. What’s more, Coron has decent and colorful corals, and has a host of underwater wrecks, making it one of the best places to visit in the Philippines for diving aficionados.
  14. John213

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    When your planning to visit the philippines , I would highly recommend you to go to the Ilocos region there are many great places to see and wonder and a lot of stories to discover. And if you want to see the oldest and beautiful place since the spanish period I would recommend you to Vigan, A place stuck in time, and will make you feel like your back to the spanish era. Well If you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beaches here in the Philippines I would highly recommend these places. Boracay which you can party till you drop or enjoy the white sands and relaxing blue sea. The second one is Pagudpod which you can enjoy the natural marine life and see different kinds of fishes in the sea. The 3rd and last one is palawan this place will gurantee you adventures and wonders that you will enjoy and never forget. There are a lot of wonders that can be found here in the Philippines and I know that all of you will enjoy it to the fullest.
  15. Joyce1231234

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    I think, the best place to travel in the Philippines is the places where nature is at it's best. One of those to mention is in Sagada, the people are very accomodating, the place is so natural for me, this is a place where you can reaveal your most adventurous side and I think every penny you spend is all worth it, the hardships you experienced travelling and all the effort will be paid off when you see the beauty and extraordinariness of the tourist attractions there. Of course, the environment, the air and the mountain gives you a very refreshing taste of life and it can help you take a break from all of your problems, it will be a great experience.
  16. rdezjoyce

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    Come to Cebu.
    It's Sinulog time, week long activities and endless street parties.
  17. tianzon89

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    One of the best place I would love to travel in my country is Batanes. The scenery is perfect and the ambiance is great.
  18. dawnsison

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    There are so many beautiful places to visit here in the Philippines like the Boracay Island that was recently put under rehabilitation. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in Palawan, the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan and the beautiful scenery in Batanes. My team and I recently visited Hundred Islands in Pangasinan for a team building.
  19. cula

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    Philippines is rich in beaches because it has more 7000 islands. If you like surfing, swimming, discovering new and extraordinary beaches, then Philippines is a great place to visit with. Plus, all the commodities there is not expensive. In addition, most of the people there are friendly,hospitable and thoughtful. So, I think any where in the Philippines you can enjoy your travel because of the people. I consider all places there are great.
  20. Jerald2019

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    I would say one of the best places to visit in the Philippines is Cebu. It is known to be as the Queen City of the South situated at the center of the country. The country is divided into 3 major regions that is Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Cebu is in the Visayas region. It is now one of the known place to visit in the Philippines. Why is that so? Cebu has a lot of things to offer. If you are an outdoor type of person then you'll get loads of adventure since this place has a lot of beaches to swim, mountains to climb, and waterfalls to see. Being in Cebu is like being close to nature. Not only that you'll experience the beauty of nature but you'll also get to be with the creatures in nature like swimming with the gentle giants (blue whale sharks) in Oslob, get engulfed by millions of sardines in Moalboal and do meet and greet with wild animals in newly opened Cebu Safari in Carmen. If your not in to outdoor adventures, then why not try doing food escapades. Cebu is well known for its juicy and crispy lechon (roasted pig) and dried mangoes. Cebu city to be exact has a lot of restaurants to go to and not only that they are also cheap and affordable. There are a ton of things to say about Cebu but the best experience that you would have is the people in the place. Cebuanos, the people that lives in Ceb, are caring and hospitable.
  21. joshy404

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    I don't know why this is posted in Music category but I'll still reply anyway. :D
    I am from the Philippines and to tell you honestly. I haven't been to all the beautiful places in my country. So I will just recommend some places I've already been to.
    MINDANAO has a lot of places to present in terms of adventures and culture.
    Siargao: One of the famous island traveled by most Filipinos from Luzon and Visayas. Also by, foreigners. It is known for surfing hotspot.
    Enchanted River: You'll feel enchanted in this magical place.
    Delta Discovery Park: Where you can ride exciting zip-line and enjoy yourself in its amusement park.
    And there's a lot of other places to go. Beautiful beaches, mountains, and its people.
  22. pandadedidodu13

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    I'm from Philippines, and I can proudly say that there's many beautiful places to visit in Philippines. To be specific, I'm from Zambales. In Zambales there is Mango Festival in the capital of Zambales, Iba. If you love hiking, there are mountains such as Mount Pinatubo, Mount Tapulao, and Mount Pundaquit. You can also visit a cultural heritage church - The San Andreas Church. If you love beach, you will certainly love Zambales, there are lots of beaches in Zambales like Anawangin Cove, Liwliwa Beach, Potipot Island, and Nagasasa Cove.
  23. Robby76

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    1. Bersantai selama beberapa hari di Boracay

    tempat wisata boracay di Filipina
    Pulau Boracay di Filipina telah menjadi terkenal di seluruh dunia sebagai salah satu tempat wisata di Filipina karena pantainya yang putih indah. Pulau ini hanya 7 km panjangnya dan lebarnya hanya 500m, tetapi orang-orang datang ke sini untuk melihat keindahan luar biasa yang ditawarkan pulau itu. Daya tarik utama adalah Pantai Putih yang memiliki hamparan pasir putih sepanjang 4 km yang dikelilingi oleh restoran, hotel, dan toko selam. Selalu ada pesta yang diadakan di pulau itu dengan pertunjukan api dan musik live yang menyediakan hiburan malam tanpa akhir. Selama bertahun-tahun perkembangan pulau ini terus berlanjut tetapi masih ada banyak tempat untuk bersantai dan menikmati diri sendiri.

    2. Lihat Keindahan Sawah Beras Banaue

    teras sawah banaue adalah tempat wisata di Filipina
    Jika Anda telah melihat film Avengers: Infinity War, ada sebuah adegan di mana Thanos santai sejenak di akhir film. Adegan itu diambil di Banaue Rice Terraces.

    Banyak orang menganggap Banaue Rice Terraces sebagai "Keajaiban Dunia Kedelapan" dan mudah untuk memahami alasan mengapa ada satu daftar ember dari 25 tempat wisata di Filipina yang kami rekomendasikan. Keindahan alami Banaue Rice Terraces, yang berusia sekitar 2.000 tahun dan diukir indah di pegunungan Ifugao, menggunakan alat yang sangat tradisional. Teras masih digunakan sampai sekarang oleh penduduk setempat yang menanam sayuran dan padi di sana, dan secara alami diirigasi oleh hutan hujan di sekitarnya.

    3. See Mayon Volcano with Perfect Peak

    mountain mayon tourist spot in the Philippines
    On Luzon Island there is an active volcano called Mayon Volcano aka Mount Mayon. This volcano gets the nickname Perfect Cone aka Perfect Cone because the cone shape of this mountain is symmetrical. This mountain is quite often erupted so that people around it must be evacuated to neighboring cities when ash and mud rained down on the people below the mountain slopes. The most serious eruption recorded was in 1814, causing more than 1,200 people to lose their lives. Mayon Volcano and its surroundings are part of a national park which is one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines that you must visit.
  24. vangiecarino04

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    I think the best places to travel in the Philippines is Cebu City,because they have a lots of events in that place and people in that place are very hospitable and very kind to the other people or visitors.This place have a lots of foods that makes you crave.
  25. jaytthrow

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    I am not familiar with some places in the Philippines but the one that I already visited was Sipalay City, Negros Occidental. The place was good and they have a lot of beaches. Their coastal areas were secured and well maintained. I can say that Sipalay City is clean in terms of coastal area. You will enjoy their beaches and there are caves also if you want adventures. Philippines have so many tourist spot and I want to there too but as of now Sipalay City was the best of all I visited.
  26. Thorn18

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    I will suggest my province Marinduque. Not only it is a quite and peaceful place it is also a majestic one. Marinduque is a small island province located at the center of the Philippines and also dubbed as the Heart of the Philippines.
    If the tourist spots are concerned Marinduque has lots in it. There is the Poctoy Beach reason that has white sands and the Palad Sand Bar at Maniwaya. If you are tired of going to the beach? Try hiking on its Mt. Malindig. Marinduque also has caves that has been a tourist attraction. You can also visit the heritage churches around the province just within a day. You can enjoy the seaside view while traveling the island.
    Marinduque also has the sulfuric hot spring that is natural and not just man mad. A natural spring flowing down the Mt. Malindig. The place is also known because of the celebration of Mahal na Araw or Holy Week by reenactment of how the roman soldiers or morions as they call it here in the province crucified and torture Jesus.
    As for the delicacies, it is good here at our province. Making the watery mouth Pinoy food cultures still.
    I may also add that the residence here at Marinduque are kind, hospitable and helpful.
    What can I say more, come and visit the province and experience it first hand. There are more to see in this small but wonderful island.
  27. ROTSEN12

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    I think, the best place to travel in the Philippines are the different mountains in Tanay, Rizal.
    Like Mt. Daraitan, Mt. Batolusong, Nagpatong rock formation. etc. This place is for the people who loves adventures.

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