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    and why?
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    When discussing sex positions, I think people have a huge mistake by assuming that a variety of positions can spice up their sex relationship, but way before you decide on differnet positions their is a very crucial point that can take your sexual relationship to the next level by all means.
    What I am reffering too, is, knowing your partner, the desires, the points that arrouse them, the touches, hugs or certain kisses that enhance the passion. Once you have a pretty good knowledge on them you will find that your intimacy will become superb. When knowing what causes your spouse to get arroused will allow the both of you to get a much better orgasm almost like a volcano, and it will be much easier to reach the G-Spot for both partners.

    If you think this advice can help you, please like the post and comment below so I will know that you are interested in this topic and I will open a thread discussing my theory, which has actually been proven by people coached about sexuallity.

    Peace out!
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    When you want to climax, the simplest positions are often also the best positions." To help you get there, here are the example sex positions recommended by the expert
    Pushin’ the Cushion,
    The Up and Over and many more.

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    Mr. Bnjgzmn

    I will open a new thread specifically on this topic,

    thanks for your feedback.
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    Before I start playing naked twister with any partner, I first have to make sure I am with the person who can turn me on before we ever take our clothes off and vice versa. The position is not just the scissors or doggy style per se, it is more like the connection, rhythm, eye contact and the intensity you allow to build up to release. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have a few that drive me wild, but that happens more intensely when all the other factors come into play first. I have two that I enjoy with my love, outside bent over whatever is available or in the shower/pool, back against the wall, standing up. Communication and exploration are important in relationships.
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    The cowboy position. Girl on top, boy under.
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    Do you know doggy style, if you don't know go and learn it because if you've try it you will enjoy, I swear
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    Doggy while in front of the mirror? :p
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    Definitely cowboy style and doggy. I really can't think of any other better positions than these. The missionary style is my worst, it's like I ain't doing nothing.
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    I think the girls like missionary especially when their legs are up.
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    Any, as long as you are both enjoying it and making love not just having sex. :)

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