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Discussion in 'Music' started by jetc56311, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. jetc56311

    jetc56311 New Member

    I have a lot of best song in my list, first is Im not afraid by Eminem.
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  2. Joyce1231234

    Joyce1231234 New Member

    "Still" by Hillsong. When I am listening to it, I always feels hope, I always feel that I am not alone and I am very blessed having a life. Merely waking up in the morning is a blessing enough to be thankful for, beig able to eat the food you need everyday is a blessing, having a family, friends and loved ones is also a great blessing. When I am listening to this song, I am always reminded that there is so much to be thakful for. We don't need to brag or to envy anyone because we have our own blessings around us, we just need to open our eyes and let it see the beauty of life the Lord has given us.
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  3. Powitsebony

    Powitsebony New Member

    I don't think I can choose only one favourite song but Beyonce 'Halo' is one of my favourites for sure! Such a beautiful song. I remember when it was first released I listened to it on loop all the time. Any ballad that can make me cry by evoking emotional memories or reminding me of my husband of family is special to me.
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  4. Casper19

    Casper19 New Member

    Best song for me is the music that would make you calm and happy but will still rock you. Im a fan of different genre of music depends on my mood. Most of my choices of music genre really depends on my mood, and Rock + hiphop/pop is my usual choice for everyday!
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  5. OxyChan

    OxyChan New Member

    My favorite songs are by Chinese artist Hua chenyu,he is very unique writer and his every song gives you a different feel.A lot of angsty music as well for releasing those pent up feelings :)
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  6. yojojo

    yojojo New Member

    Best song is Heal the world by Michael Jackson. The song motivates me and give people a reason who we should help together to make a better society for the future generations to come. The song is also a good song to listen when traveling. The song is also good to listen for any kind of purpose.
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  7. joanar23

    joanar23 New Member

    I love listening hillsong music and one of my favorite is Oceans by Hillsong UNITED.The song makes me emotional not physically but emotionally too.It makes my faith stronger and strengthens me.The song influence us to surrender our life and soul to our Jesus Christ, because He said to John 14:6 "Jesus Answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.No one comes to the Father except through me".

    Listening hillsong music makes you have a peace of mind and we worshiping our God.Let encourage every one and share this song to our family,friends and neighbors.Listening music, lowers your stress and improves your health condition.
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  8. chrvkee

    chrvkee New Member

    I'm into Pop Punk, so my favourite song right now is "From The Outside by Real Friends", it has really good tune and instrumentals, like if you hear it, its hard not to nod your head while listening to this. The lyrics are great too, the song is about how the vocalist dealt with the Bipolar Disorder and his experience to it. It is rare to find a song that is tackling with this kind of issue because most of the songs nowadays are about love, money,girls etc.
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  9. yojojo

    yojojo New Member

    The best song for me is September. The song is a bop and when you listen to it, it just gets you dancing and humming to the beat. I listen when I'm feeling down and it's a great song to listen when you're going through a to right now. Although it from the 80, it's still one of the greatest and best songs that was ever composed.

    Even now, people still listen to this amazing song, especially on the month of September. I definitely recommend you to listen it for yourself so that you feel the artistic intention and the efforts of the band that created the song.
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  10. Lhang

    Lhang New Member

    The best song for me is What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong. Aside from it is one of the most popular song, the chorus of the song says it all. It is a reminder of how blessed we are to have Jesus Christ in our lives. We always sang this song at my church and it was powerful and a great worship song.
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  11. Herbz

    Herbz Member

    Bohemian rhapsody. Its a classic!
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  12. thehazel

    thehazel New Member

    I got a bunch of list of the best song. But the best song for me will always be depend with the lyrics of a song
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  13. chimmy26

    chimmy26 New Member

    I'm currently into K-Pop and the best song for me is Tomorrow by BTS. An really inspiring song for me. Whenever I'm going through a bad moment in life, the song inspires me with it's lyrics. The part that hits me the most is:
    "I have a long way to go but why am I running in place?
    I scream out of frustration but the empty air echoes
    I hope tomorrow will be different from today
    I’m just wishing"
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  14. Angieya

    Angieya New Member

    Ed Sheeran is my favourite singer and I guess almost 90% of his songs are my favourite simply because I love his genra and I’m really into love songa. The best of his hits for me are “Perfect” and “Happier”
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  15. Stitch

    Stitch New Member

    My best song in my playlist is "Our song" by Taylor swift, actually there's a lot of songs of Taylor swift in my playlist. I love this song because it reminds me of someone.
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  16. BudDudeman

    BudDudeman New Member

    "Lippincott" by Animals as Leaders. There are other songs I may like more, but Lippincott is my number 1 all the same because it has everything I love to hear in music, all in one track - playful time signatures, harmonic intrigue, impressive musicianship, heavy riffs, it's just without flaw.
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  17. dessdlmm

    dessdlmm Member

    The best song for me was the one who always relate to my entire experience. A song that express real meaning of life.
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  18. dessdlmm

    dessdlmm Member

    Best song for me is the God's words that translate into melody which people sing to worship. That is the best lyrics made to be a song.
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  19. Lanz86

    Lanz86 New Member

    Right here waiting by richard marx, because it's the song that I always sing for my wife the time that she is in another country for work. Such a nice song, every word in the lyrics , every sentense and the story of the song really hit me in the heart.
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  20. mia13

    mia13 New Member

    I am very fond of listening to music. I have diverse taste in music. I like Taylor's reputation album to Kpop Blackpink Jennie's Solo. The phrase 'best song' varies depending on the experience and music taste of the listener. A lot of artist had created wonderful songs. I have a lot of favorite songs from different genres so all I can say is that the best song isnt created yet. It can always get better. Every time an artist releases an album it's always better than the previous one. You can feel the artist's soul poured in every song that he/she creates. It's a beautiful thing, really.
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  21. VainMortal

    VainMortal New Member

    The 80's is the Golden Age of Music. New Wave, Punk Rock and Metal! Nothing beats the 80's music!
  22. onlinejb2019

    onlinejb2019 New Member

    We always have a lot of best songs in our lives, that will depend on what season we are in life right now.
    this season of my life right now is from Jason Mraz "Live High", it reminds me of living life the best as you can
    because we sometimes people do not appreciate the what we have in the present because we are occupied of things or problems.
  23. papsipogi

    papsipogi New Member

    My best song "Born for You" by David Pomeranz. The message of the song has so much impact to me and it has a strong connection to all the people who were devotedly inlove to someone. Where all your dream is to be with that person every single moment of your life and to love her for the rest of your life.
  24. dawnsison

    dawnsison New Member

    My best song I think would be "Sometimes" by Britney Spears. The reason is that me and my classmates used that song in our school program when we're just elementary students. I love Britney Spears songs.

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